How to Choose the Best Tent for All Season?

How to Choose the Best Tent for All Season?

August 01, 2019

Avid campers that are looking for a unique camping tent that can be used all year long and is ideal for all kinds of weather should consider buying an all-season tent. Also known as 4 season tent, all-season tents can be used for spring, summer, autumn, and winter. This sort of tents has heavier & stronger poles than a typical tent to withstand ice or snow. Most importantly, these tents are built with sturdy fabrics that stand up against the heavy wind and keeps out heavy rain. These tents are made to be airtight and provide excellent protection from the winter cold. Anyone that wishes a camping tent which is competent in handling all season of the year and unfavorable weather condition will be interested in all-season tents.

If you are wondering how to buy best all-season tents for your camping purpose, you’re in luck. Here at RBM Trading LLC, we are proud to present our UP series tents that are the best in class all season tents. Here is a brief look at the variety of all-season tents we feature in our catalog:

Bereg Universal Tent "Hexagon":

Ideal for 3 to 8 people – Hexagon is one of our latest all-season tent models. At 135.63 square feet, this tent is equal to the size of a standard apartment room. Like all of our UP-series tents, installing this hexagonal shaped tent is pretty straightforward. Whether you are going to camp with a group of friends or only two people, this all-season tent offers the comforts of home.

Bereg Universal Tent "UP-2":

This two-layer, quick-setup tent has been already popular in the United States & Canada due to its proven durability, reliability, and functionality. The umbrella-type frame design lets you set up a camping tent on any kind of terrain in just two minutes.

Bereg Universal Tent "UP-5":

Campers, hunters, and fishermen that are looking for a spacious tent will find out UP-5 suitable. It can comfortably accommodate up to four people on camp-beds or up to eight people in sleeping bags. This premium all-season tent offers absolute comfortable shelter from the summer heat and winter cold.

Bereg Universal Tent “UP-2-mini”:

This small yet spacious all-season tent is tailor-made for fishermen, campers, hunters, and anyone else who loves spending time outdoors. The tent can easily accommodate 2 people with a stove or up to 3 people without a stove. This tent has significantly low weight, so you can carry it easily and set up in inaccessible areas.

Bereg Universal 2-Room Tent "Сuboid 4.40":

This is our flagship model all-season tent which can accommodate up to 8 people in any weather condition. At 104.41 square feet, you can create two separate rooms inside this tent – one room can be used as a kitchen, whereas the other as a sleeping area.

We hope you will find the above-mentioned all-season tents useful to heighten your camping experience. Feel free to contact us if you’re not sure which tent to choose. We’d love to help you!

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