Choose the Best Winter Tent – Stay Warm and Enjoy Winter Camping to the Fullest

Hot Tent for Cold Weather

November 01, 2019

Are you a mountaineer or a snowboarder looking to experience the winter camping this year? So you must be looking for the best winter tent for your adventure! But the question here arises is how to choose a winter tent that is best for your snow-laden adventure? What things do you need to consider while buying a winter tent? Fortunately, you have us, RBM Trading LLC, your ultimate premium-quality, Russian-made winter tent manufacturer.

There goes a lot behind making the final purchase. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while choosing a warm winter tent for your snowy adventure.

  • Space in the tent -

Although you are on an adventure trip, you will spend the maximum of your time within your tent to stay warm and safe from the wintery elements. Therefore, while buying a winter tent make sure to check the inside space. Check if you can sit up, breathe and move around comfortably. Sleeping and relaxing within the tent must be comfortable enough to withstand the tough weather. The best winter tent is the one that comes with a vestibule attached to it as it helps in keeping the snow out of the entrance of the tent; hence keeping you and your gear safe!

  • Weight –

As you are on a snowy adventure, you will need to walk or hike often. Therefore, while buying your winter tent, ensure that the weight is on the lighter side. The tent should be light enough to carry it. We would suggest you buy our UP-2-mini winter tent that is a small but roomy tent suitable for campers like you. It is easy to carry and can accommodate up to two people in sleeping bags with a stove or up to three people without a stove.

  • Protection –

The best winter tent is the one that is rugged and strong even when it is easy and light to carry. To judge if your winter tent offers the required protection you must keep in mind a few features such as:

  • The winter tent should have multiple poles for sturdy support.
  • It must be made of waterproof materials.
  • A double-walled tent is the best bet as it provides required ventilation and has a breathable inner tent fabric allowing moisture to pass through and an outer fly that is waterproof.

At Russian Bear LLC we proudly present our UP series tents that are renowned for the proven reliability, durability and functionality. Have a look at the five UP series tents we possess below –

1.Bereg Universal Tent "UP-2-mini"

The UP-2-mini tent is small in size yet spacious enough for campers, hunters, fishermen and those who love spending time outdoors. Comfortably accommodates up to 2 people in sleeping bags with a stove and up to 3 people without a stove.

2.Bereg Universal Tent "UP-2"

It is a medium-sized tent that is suitable for all who love outdoor stays. Up to three people on camp beds or up to five people in sleeping bags on the floor can be comfortably accommodated in UP-2. It is ideal for family camping!

3.Bereg Universal Tent "UP-5"

UP-5 is a spacious tent that can accommodate up to 4 people on camp-beds or up to 8 people in sleeping-bags.

4.Bereg Universal 2-Room Tent "Сuboid 4.40"

The Cuboid 4.40 tent is the new addition to our UP series. It can accommodate up to 2-8 people in any weather conditions comfortably. At 104.41 square feet, the area of this tent is comparable to a small apartment room. It also has a removable wall that separates two rooms. You can use one room for cooking and the other for sleeping.

5.Bereg Universal Tent "Hexagon"


The newest of all, the “Hexagon”, is an all-weather comfortable living module for 3-8 people. At 135.63 square feet, the tent is comparable to an apartment room. In this tent, one of its walls can be opened up to a roof in front of the tent with mosquito nets which can be used as a dining room or terrace.

How to stay warm when winter camping?

We have brought you six essential tips that will help you stay warm when the temperature drop takes place overnight.

1.Make sure to pack a hot water bottle

2.Keep yourself thermal ready with decent pairs of long-johns and a long-sleeved thermal top

3.Do not go to the bed cold; be warm by having a warm drink or brisk walk or jumps

4.Bring proper bedding that helps in trapping the heat to keep you warm whole night

5.Insulate your tent with tent carpets and rugs

Happy Winter Camping to You!

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