Camping folding bed

$339.00 $315.27

The folding bed with dimensions 75 inches long and 26 inches wide is a perfect solution for fishing, hunting or camping. The height of 15 inches makes it possible to install a folding bed in a winter tent at a sufficient distance from a cold surface. 

The weight of the folding bed is 13 lbs.

The frame is an aluminum pipe with a cross section of 25 x 25 mm and a wall thickness of 1.5 mm. All connecting elements are made of metal 3 mm thick, and withstand a load of up to 220 kg. 

The tent of a tourist folding bed is made of a double layer of fabric that does it steady against long operation and attrition of a material.


The folding bed comes with a headrest and organizer. It will make your time on the folding bed even more comfortable.


Dimensions :

Length:  75''
Width:  26''
Height:  15''
Weight : 13 lbs.

Paccage dimensions :

Length:  42''
Width:  9''
Height:  9''
Weight : 16 lbs.