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Heat-Resistant Stove Mat

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    A heat-resistant mat is used to protect the tent floor from heat and falling sparks when installing heaters in the tent. The mat is made of fiberglass. For better insulation, the mat can be folded in half.

- Dimensions - 30 x 19 in

- Weight - 1.5 lbs

The heat-reistant mat is made of fiberglass with double-sided silicone impregnation. It has water-resistant, heat-resistant characteristics.

                                           Fiberglass properties:

- Non-flammable. Fiberglass can withstand exposure to open fire.

- Environmental friendliness and absolute non-toxicity.

- Chemical and biological inertness. Products withstand treatment with alkalis and acids, they do not rot and are not a nutrient substrate for microorganisms.

- Wear-resistant 

- Electrical insulating properties. The fabric is not subject to magnetic influences.

- Heat resistance. Some types of matter can withstand temperatures up to 1200 ° C.

- Wide operating temperature range. The fabric does not lose its quality when used at both - 200 and + 600 ° С.

- Moisture resistance. The fabric does not absorb moisture, does not stretch or collapse under the influence of liquids.