Large Wood Stove With Fire-Resistant Glass "Caminus L".

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  • Package dimensions: Width 15.75”; Length 28.35"; Height 18.11"

  • Assembled dimensions: Width 15.75"; Length 26”; Height 23.62"

  • Firebox size: Width 11.81”; Length 19.7”; Height 13.78"

  • Smoke pipe diameter: 3.15”

  • Length of one smoke pipe segment: 19.09”

  • Production materials: Stainless steel AISI 430, fire-resistant glass - 0.16" thickness

  • Gross/Net weight: 38.58/48.5 lbs


 Introducing our large stove "Caminus L" for heating winter camping tents and cooking. The main feature of the "Caminus L" stove is that the side walls are made from heat-resistant ceramic glass. This glass offers superior heat emission compared to conventional steel and also serves as an additional light source inside the tent. The working temperature of the glass reaches up to 1382° F. The transparent glass stove walls are convenient to maintain adequate levels of wood or briquettes inside the firebox.

The burning wood provides a pleasant, soft golden light. If you enjoy spending evenings sitting by a crackling fireplace in your home, you’ll love the cozy warmth and cheerful glow of the “Caminus L” stove.

 The “Caminus" tent wood stove is the new way to camp.

Large Wood Stove With Fire-Resistant Glass


1. Safety.

Safety first

The “Caminus L" stoves are equipped with 4 protective metal shields. These shields protect users from accidentally touching hot surfaces. The lower shield protects the tent floor from heat, the side shields protect the tent wall behind stove from heat, and they also protect the ceramic plates  during transportation and storage.

The coil type spark arrestor is built in the upper side of firebox. It splits the firebox into two areas. In the lower main section, there are burning and heat emission processes. The upper section is where the after-burning process occurs. The spark arrestor increases the efficiency of the stove, evenly heats the cooking surface, and protects the outer layer of the tent from sparks.

What happens if the stove is used without a spark arrestor? Sparks can fly out of the smoke pipe, fall onto the tent, and burn holes in it, so the tent can no longer keep the interior warm or protect you from the rain. Unfortunately, many stove manufacturers don’t take this into consideration. We manufacture our stoves using the safest and latest safety standards. 

The lower side of the firebox contains two stainless steel plates. These plates are welded at a 45° angle alongside the walls. They act as additional stiffening ribs and also direct wood inside the stove toward the center for full burning.

The stove package includes 2 additional metal plates of the same size as ceramic plates. These plates can be used instead of glass in case the glass is accidentally broken.

Removable aluminum legs are designed for stable and safe positioning of the stove.

The deflector helps protect the smoke pipe from rain and improves smoke ventilation.

The air damper regulator of the firebox cap regulates the intensity of burning and regulates the temperature inside the tent.

Carrier handles are located on the end walls, which make cleaning ash from the stove easier.

A smoke detector included in the package will sound an alarm if smoke gets inside the tent.

2. Manufacturing materials.

Stove Manufacturing Materials

The “Caminus L" stove is manufactured from several materials. The stove body is made from 0.04” thick high-tech stainless steel AISI 430.

The heat-resistant glass is 0.16” thick and made in Germany. Areas of contact between the glass and metal are equipped with heat-resistant sealing. Sealing prevents smoke from getting inside the tent and prevents damage to the glass.

Stove integrity is enhanced by argon welding on the bottom side. We also offer a three-year warranty on our "Caminus L" stove.


  • Stove

  • Smoke pipe segments - 7 pieces

  • Stove legs case - 1 piece

  • Removable metal shields - 2 pieces

  • Spare metal shields - 2 pieces

  • Smoke detector - 1 piece

  • Pair of gloves - 1 piece

  • Carrier bag - 1 piece

  • User manual - 1 piece

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I used it for the first time and got hot quick. Great for keeping warm wasn't that cold but felt the deference when I walked away. I would definitely recommend this product to friends and family.