9 best winter camping essentials for 2022: survive the cold season with ease

9 best winter camping essentials for 2022: survive the cold season with ease
Pavlo Lysyy May 02, 2022 4 mins read time

Winter camping: how to prepare for a trip?

The onset of cold weather does not oblige you to spend time within four walls. You can go on a little trip and enjoy the beauty of nature. For your plans to turn into reality, you need to prepare carefully for the trip, because it is definitely not worth joking around with the winter weather. 

Packing things begins long before you go out, so it is recommended to pay attention to the advice of experienced hikers. The trip will be comfortable and enjoyable, if you have proper preparation. Remember that camping in winter acquires new colors, despite the snow around.

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Sleeping bag with extra insulation

Holidays outdoors in sub-zero temperature will leave good memories, if you use quality insulation. Pitching your tent on a layer of snow is probably the only way to camp, but you need to take care of extra insulation. A sleeping bag with quality protection gives you the opportunity to keep warm and stay overnight in comfort.

Insulated lining

Use familiar gear with the addition of an insulating liner. There are two common options (rectangular liners, bag mumijo), so you can easily choose the right one. Note that using a liner allows you to keep your body warm and provide uniform warming while you are sleeping.

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Basic clothing

The ability to not feel cold is a rare skill, which makes it necessary to choose layered clothing to dissipate moisture. So you can feel comfortable and avoid hypothermia. Prepare a few sets for a change, because the wet bottom layer will cause discomfort. 

The choice of materials is quite diverse. Manufacturers offer products made of:

  • natural wool;
  • synthetic polyester;
  • silk;

It is worth making the right choice based on personal preference and the ability to tolerate cold. Synthetic fabrics provide comfort and effectively combat unpleasant odors. As for wool, you will not find a better insulating material.

Warm headwear

Travelling in winter time requires the use of headwear. You should choose a suitable hat taking into account the material of the hat. Leaders are wool and sheepskin. Warm headwear allows you to reduce heat loss, protect the neck and cheeks from frostbite and keep warm while sleeping.

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Compression hipbands

Compression hipbands are a must-have item during winter camping. Leg warmers allow you to keep warmth and provide the necessary comfort. In addition, hipbands protect you from moisture, which is sure to spoil your vacation in the fresh air. Remember to shake off the snow as often as possible, because evaporation takes a long time.

Glove sets

Keeping heat in tent is your first priority, so it's important to follow a few rules.  First and foremost, take several pairs of gloves with you and change them from time to time. Pay attention to products with an extra insulating liner: this will keep heat in and help to avoid frostbite.

It is recommended to prefer gloves, because it is the only way you can keep dexterity and quickly put up a tent. Camping in the winter is difficult, so the opportunity to warm your hands will come in handy. While moving you can wear a few liners to keep the heat.

Warm socks

During the hike, you also need to take care of the warmth of your feet. The first thing to do is to get a pair of waterproof boots with a high cuff. Getting snow on your skin in winter is fraught with consequences in the form of frostbite.

Several sets of socks made of wool will be useful to fans of winter camping.  Frequent changes help prevent the evaporation of moisture and protect sensitive fingers from cold. For better protection use special pads worn over shoes or socks.

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Thermos for water

Fans of camping should not only take care of the availability of necessary clothing, but also to keep water and food supplies in good condition. A special insulator is used for this purpose. Liquids will also stay warm thanks to some tricks. 

Prepare special pockets to hold water bottles on the inside of your jacket. This way you'll heat water while you're on the move, and you won't have to heat bottles for cooking at the camping site.

Stakes with wind protection

When planning a trip, it is worth making sure that you do not have to sleep under the starry sky. Need a tent. To this end, it is recommended to purchase special stakes that are strong enough to withstand strong gusts of wind.

There are ways to make your own, but RBM recommends using quality products. You can find a place for the stakes in your bag despite the size of your sleeping gear.



🏕  How to prepare for camping winter?

Frosts and cold temperatures do not harm your vacation if you prepare properly for the trip. Take care of sleeping bag insulation and change outfit sets (socks, hipbands, layered clothing). Gloves and a hat are also included in the list of essentials.

📦  Cold night: how to keep warm in camping?

It is recommended to use special liner to create comfortable conditions in winter. The liners provide the necessary insulation and help keep you warm. In addition, you should not sleep in wet or damp base layers of clothing.

💡  Is it necessary to use a liner?

A special insulating layer keeps you warm and comfortable. You can't do without liners during winter camping. Low temperatures and freezing snow require the use of good quality insulation.


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