Cold Weather Tents with Stoves

Winter camping is all about challenges. It requires detailed planning, extra preparation, and, of course, the right gear. It’s a no-brainer that beyond the camping fundamentals, you’ll need a high quality tent with stove for cold weather camping. The stove inside your tent will keep you warm, plus it’s the best solution for cooking and drying your gear.

Looking for a tent with stove for cold weather camping?

It might be a tough job to find tents with stoves. You typically need to buy a tent with stove jack and a stove separately, spending hours on research to figure out if the tent and the wood stove are fully compatible.

As huge fans of winter camping, we know pretty well how important it is to get the right tent together with the right stove. That’s why we’ve prepared our special offer: get our Cuboid 2.20 tent with a stove and a three-layer floor for your amazing cold weather camping. Get in touch with us to find out about other possible tent + stove combinations.

You’ll love our winter camping tents with stove

There are a lot of reasons you’ll fall in love with our winter tents with stoves. Each tent is made to withstand the fiercest weather you can camp in. They will keep you comfortable and warm even in extreme weather conditions. Amazingly, we’ve recorded a temperature of 85° F inside the tent while it was - 22° F outside. And yes, you can use our wood burning stove for cooking.

Not to mention, we made the side walls of the wood stove from heat-resistant ceramic glass. It offers better heat release than conventional steel, and also functions as an extra source of light inside the tent. Just imagine sitting by the stove at night and enjoying the warm glow and crackle of a wood burning fire. Absolutely gorgeous, right? 

Your safety is our major priority: we took care that the wood stove is located at a safe distance from the tent wall. In addition, the stove is equipped with metal shields to protect you against burns and eliminate the risk of fire. For your extra safety, the package also includes a fire-resistant mat, a smoke detector and a pair of gloves.

Finally, your tent with a stove will arrive together with the stove pipe and two extra metal sheets to replace the ceramic glass plates in case they’re accidentally damaged.

It’s just irresponsible to waste this opportunity. Get our best tent with stove for your amazing camping experience. 

Tent with Stove FAQ

🏕  What is safer: propane burner or a wood burning stove?

  •   A wood stove is much safer than a propane heater

📦  What safety features have your tents for using a wood-burning stove?

  •   There is a special ventilation window for fresh air
  •   Protective fireproof fabric on the wall near the stove and under the stove
  •   Fireproof smoke pipe hole
  •   Smoke detector included with each stove package

💡  Why is it profitable to buy a tent with a stove together?

  •   It's convenient. The stove and tent of the same manufacturer are perfectly compatible
  •   Our tents have all safety features for using with our stoves.

❓  How to protect the hot tent with stove jack from burning by sparks from the stove pipe?

  •   There is a built-in spark arrester in the firebox of our stoves
  •   Therefore, sparks are unlikely to fly out of the pipe of our stoves, especially if a deflector is also installed
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