Tent Stove

Camping is a really exciting experience for outdoor lovers. Although it’s a challenging affair, it’s got indisputable benefits: the almost complete absence of bugs and crowds is coupled with the beauty and peacefulness of winter landscapes. We believe that you’ve chosen the best tent for an enjoyable cold weather trip. Still, there is one more thing you’ll need for comfortable and safe camping: a tent stove.

Why You Need a Tent Stove

First and foremost, camp stoves for tents ensure that you’ll be warm and dry in the freezing weather, especially on chilly winter nights. What about a hot meal during winter camping? With a wood-burning stove, you can prepare your favorite camping dish right inside the tent. Next, what is no less important, a tent stove lets you quickly dry your wet gear. Finally, just imagine sitting around a wood stove and listening to the crackle of a wood fire. Or even more: some of our tent wood stoves have glass side panels, so you can watch the wood burning inside. To be honest, that’s utterly mesmerizing.

Everything You Need to Know About Using Tent Wood Burning Stoves

Basically, there are several alternatives to wood burning tent stove. You may rely on sleeping bags or take a gas-heater in order to warm you up. But you’ll need another source of heat to prepare your food. In addition, a wood stove for a tent is safer than a gas system. Plus, with burning wood from around your camp, you won’t have to haul tanks of gas.

Obviously, a tent stove is a must-have for each winter camper. Still, keep in mind that it’s dangerous to use a stove in any tent. Your tent with stove jack must have fire resistant features and fire resistant hole for the pipe that will serve as a chimney. Next, you need to cover the area around the stove with fire-retardant material. Great news: all of our all-season tents allow for safe wood stove installation.

For your safety, always keep flammable objects away from the tent stove. In addition, make sure that you always have a water tank or a fire extinguisher at hand. If you go camping with kids, explain to them that it’s dangerous to touch hot surfaces.

Although with a quality tent stove the greater part of the fumes escape up the flue, it’s perfect when your tent is constructed so that there's airflow through it.

Finally, if it’s necessary to leave the fire burning during the night, take care that someone constantly watches it and checks if there’s proper ventilation.

Our Camp Stoves for Tents Will Go Beyond Your Expectations

Now when we are sure that you know the basic safety rules of using a camping wood stove, it’s time to choose the best tent stove to address all your requirements.

We offer portable wood-burning tent stoves of four sizes. Caminus S is the smallest one, with the convenient package dimensions (11.42”x20.87"x12.99") and weight (18.74 lbs), so it’s easy to transport. Vector is our biggest camp stove (15.75"x 28.74"x17.32", 36.16 lbs) that is able to heat a large tent. Similar to a popular cylinder stove, its octagonal shape boosts burning efficiency. 

Each of our portable tent stoves comes with a smoke pipe (depending on the model, diameters range from 2.56" to 3.15"). For more convenient transportation, the stove pipe is disassembled into several segments. Together with your tent stove, you’ll also get a deflector that will shield the pipe from precipitation and enhance smoke ventilation.

All our tent stoves are made from stainless steel. Caminus S, Caminus M, and Caminus L have side panels made from fire-resistant glass. Most importantly, this type of glass offers excellent heat transfer. Plus, it serves as an extra source of light, creating a really amazing atmosphere of peace and comfort. Not to mention, glass makes it easy to maintain the fire as you can always see whether you need to add more wood or briquettes. Be careful with water: if it gets on the hot glass panels, they might break. Even if this happens, we’ve taken care of you and included two extra metal plates into the package. They can be used to replace the glass panels in case they get damaged. 

Every camping stove features extra protection on each side to eliminate the chances of accidental burns. They also protect the floor and walls against overheating.

Our portable wood stoves have aluminum legs to ensure their stable positioning. For your convenience, the handles are fixed in a way that allows for safe and easy ash cleaning.

Finally, all our wood stoves come with smoke detectors to ensure maximum safety.

The Bottom Line

We are sure you’ll pick up a wood burning tent stove that best responds to your needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions. At our company, we work hard for your convenience and safety. Have an amazing holiday with our best tent stoves that will keep you warm and dry.

Tent Stoves FAQ

🏕  Is it possible to use the tent stove for cooking?

Is it possible to use the stove for cooking?
  •   Sure, with no issues. On the stove surface you may cook food and boil water in a metal teapot.
  •   If you use the stove with glass sides, please make sure the water does not touch the hot glass. In this case, the glass can break.

📦  How often do I need to clean the tent stove?

How often do I need to clean the stove?
  •   Clean the stove after 15-20 hours of burning
  •   The stove and smoke pipes can only be cleaned after they have completely cooled down!
  •   In the camping conditions, tree branches are ideal for cleaning a cold smoke pipe from accumulated soot

💡  Why some of your tent stoves have glass side walls?

Why some of your stoves have glass side walls? What should I do if the glass was accidentally broken while camping?
  •   Glass offers superior heat emission compared to conventional steel
  •   The transparent glass stove walls are convenient to maintain adequate levels of wood or briquettes inside the firebox.
  •   The stove package includes 2 additional metal plates of the same size as ceramic glass plates. These metal plates can be used instead of glass in case the glass is accidentally broken.
  •   💡  The burning wood provides a pleasant, soft golden light. If you enjoy spending evenings sitting by a crackling fireplace in your home, you’ll love the cozy warmth and cheerful glow of the “Caminus"" stove.

❓  What is included in the price of your tent stoves?

What is included in the price of your stoves?
  •   Removable aluminum legs that designed for stable and safe positioning of the stove
  •   The deflector that helps protect the smoke pipe from rain and improves smoke ventilation.
  •   The air damper regulator of the firebox cap that regulates the intensity of burning to control the temperature inside the tent.
  •   A smoke detector that will sound an alarm if smoke gets inside the tent.
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