Unique camping tents, Russian bear hot tent

What makes our tents unique?

Our tents are designed for all seasons and purposes. But they’re especially unique and unrivaled for the most extreme weather (such as Russian Siberia where it was tested). You can be confident that you’ll enjoy the ultimate level of comfort (you’ll always be dry, warm, and have a good night’s rest) in our tents regardless of the weather conditions outside. This is all possible due to the double-layer tent walls, wood stove, and an insulated triple-layer floor.

Because of its specially designed frame, the tent is very spacious inside. Even a tall person can stand upright in most of the inside area. Yet despite the size of the tent, it’s extremely easy to open up and fold down.

The tent has many useful features: windows you can open, a large door, ventilation, a detachable floor for fishing, places to hang shelves, and pockets for items. You can even make a "tent city" by connecting several tents with a vestibule to accommodate more people.

Our tents aren’t for hiking, but are designed for moto tourism, water tourism, snowmobile tourism, and ATV biking. They’re more suitable for long stays rather than single-night stays.

This is more than an ordinary tent. It’s a mobile house. Standard tents are suitable for overnight accommodation or temporary shelter. In our tent, not only can you sleep, but you can also fully relax and feel comfortable even for a long time. It creates a homey atmosphere that makes you enjoy living in it. The windows and the tent’s light interior design makes it quite bright during the day and mosquitos can’t get past the mosquito nets.

Many people simply avoid winter camping because they don’t understand how to organize a comfortable (warm, dry) outdoor camp in the winter. This is especially true for holidays with family members, especially children, that require an increased level of comfort. Our tent allows you to provide this level of comfort.

The tent’s well-designed versatility and numerous useful features were created and tested thanks to reviews and feedback from buyers who love outdoor activities.

The tent can withstand heavy rain. And if you have a stove, you can use it even if it rains for several days. An ordinary tent gets wet quickly, becomes damp inside, and is hard to dry, so it will be very difficult to be comfortable in it after it rains. Moreover, if you have wet things, they’ll be impossible to dry in an ordinary tent without a stove. In our tents, everything is comfortable. The tent’s double-layer fabric prevents it from getting wet. And a stove will allow you to maintain optimal temperatures inside and dry things.

Our mission is to create tents that will enhance your extreme outdoor adventures to a new level of comfort.


🏕  Why do you call your tents unique?

Why do you call your tents unique?
  •   Because they are incredibly comfortable and sturdy
  •   It’s easy to setup in 2-3 minutes at any time of the year
  •   They are fully waterproof
  •   Our tents have lots of options to make your camping incredibly comfortable. Please check each option on our website with full description.

📦  May I use your tents for hiking?

May I use your tents for hiking?
  •   Only small models and for hiking on small distance.
  •   Basically, our tents work perfectly for travelling on ATV or snowmobile.

💡  How long can you live in the winter in your tent?

How long can you live in the winter in your tent?
  •   Unlimited time, it all depends on your needs. Your time stay limited by the supply of firewood and food / drink.
  •   Any temperatures and weather have no impact on our tents.
  •   At one of the tests we recorded 82°+ F inside when it was 22°- F outside.

❓  How soon will your tent get wet during heavy rain?

How soon will your tent get wet during heavy rain?
  •   Our tents are completely waterproof
  •   Thanks to the unique Oxford textile.
  •   Additionally, all stitches are glued for extra protection from leakage.