Best gear for long-term tent living

Best gear for long-term tent living
Pavlo Lysyy August 22, 2022 8 mins read time


Long stays in tents: what you can't do without

Planning a vacation anywhere in the world under the open sky, it is worth taking care of a minimum set of necessary equipment. You don't have to be creative, putting everything into the backpack and more, but it is better to take the basic items with you. Even if you think out the route to detail, gather the perfect company, buy your favorite snacks and interesting games, the rest can be spoiled without the necessary equipment for comfortable camping in the wilderness.

Experienced lovers of active leisure, who have seen the world, definitely know what is necessary in the field to make the adventure exciting, but also as comfortable as possible. But it may be difficult for those who are new to this activity to guess at first what is really useful, and what will be an extra load in your backpack (it is not a problem when it is a car trip, but if you climb in the mountains, there may be some difficulty).

As a rule, preparing for the first hike in the format of tent living, novice travelers:

  • spend hundreds of dollars on equipment, choosing the most modern and hyped gadgets;
  • buy a lot of unnecessary things that are really easy to do without;
  • take too many things with them;
  • forget about basic things (such as a camping mat or a sleeping bag), while taking several portable chargers and music speakers;
  • do not take into account the peculiarities of weather conditions and terrain chosen for camping;
  • count on modern electronic devices, ignoring the classic, world-renowned, reliable devices.

As a consequence of such mistakes vacation turns into a costly and time-consuming torture. So, is it not better to think ahead and plan living in the fresh air, providing yourself an unforgettable pastime, which you want to repeat many times?

Features of camping at different times of the year

All active people have different preferences for outdoor vacations: some people take special time off in sultry and challenging weather, while others cannot wait for the sun to bask in its rays away from home. If you want to reconnect with the world of wildlife and forget about the bustle of the city and home for a few days (or even weeks, who knows), it is still worth taking care of the basic equipment for comfortable sleep and cooking.

In terms of organizing a camping trip the easiest season is summer. In warm weather there is no need to worry about extra layers of protection in the tent for living, warm clothes (especially sleeping bags designed for low temperatures), heating devices, etc. It is enough to take a blanket, pants and sweater, because evenings and nights can be chilly in the summertime. Do not forget about insect repellent, sunscreen and hats.

Spring camping can be more challenging because the weather is particularly capricious in this season. But this is not a problem for true enthusiasts: they know that it is worth being prepared for possible precipitation, even in sunny weather. Therefore, when you choose living in tents under the starry sky, it is worth thinking about an additional cover for the ground, a tarpaulin, for example, or buying a special tent base. Moreover, you need a way to dry soaked clothes, so a rope will be good. And it is better to warm up after such an adventure in a sleeping bag or near the camp stove.

For fans of winter camping the purchase of a reliable tent is extremely important. After all, in some regions, especially high in the mountains, the temperature can be critically low, so you should take care of warmth and waterproofness in the first place. In addition to reliable tents for living in frost and snow, you should not forget changeable warm clothes, a mat with a minimum level of thermal insulation R 4 and a maximum tight sleeping bag. Moreover, according to the experience of travelers the possibility of cooking hot food and drinks in sub-zero temperatures is also very valuable.

Universal list of things that are important to take with you

Of course, there is a huge difference between traveling in the world of the wilderness by car (a huge risk of taking many unnecessary things) and other camping options, such as hiking. In the latter case, your pleasure and comfort will largely depend on how competently you pack your backpack.

Despite the importance of choosing the lightest and smallest accessories for the arrangement of living on a hike, the general approximate list of necessary things will be almost the same for any format of travel. The National Parks Service offers the most average and universal version:

  1. Items for navigation. A phone will suit perfectly, but if camping is in an area where the network is not available, it makes sense to have a paper map of the chosen living area, which takes very little space both in the car and in the backpack.
  2. UV protection (more relevant for warmer weather). Sunscreen, sunglasses, headgear, and clothing that shields vulnerable areas of the body from the rays and protects you from the harmful effects of the sun.
  3. Isolation. It provides for a tent or other cover where you can hide from the whims of the weather, as well as a change of clothing and personal protective equipment (minimally, rain gear).
  4. Lighting. Do not rely only on the phone, it is always better to have a quality flashlight with a rechargeable battery to see the world around clearly at any time of day.
  5. Everything for first aid. Everyone knows that living in the wilderness can bring unpleasant surprises in the form of injuries, burns, animal bites and insect stings. Any tourist should have a first-aid kit with a minimum standard set.
  6. Fire. Take care of your camping supplies to make a fire. Matches and a lighter will be useful for this. But the main thing is to respect the rules of fire safety.
  7. Drinking. It is critical for life to maintain proper water levels in the body. Make sure you have an adequate supply of water.
  8. Food. Without the right amount of food, your vacation will turn into a game of survival in the wild world without stores or cafes. Buy bags of dry food and put enough provisions in your luggage to make something more nutritious.
  9. Minimum repair kit. Therefore, at least a sharp knife, duct tape, rope or wire, and a folding compact multi-tool will certainly be helpful.

Undoubtedly, depending on the season, territory, the length of your vacation and many other criteria this list should be reasonably and moderately completed. However, a basic list of items for camping will definitely come in handy in order to navigate and not forget anything important.

Products that will make your vacation unforgettable

The main purpose of any trips to the world of wildlife is recreation and positive emotions. To do this, you should make sure that the rest was as interesting as possible. This applies to both the organization of domestic issues and leisure, but in this regard, people have different preferences. Some like to play card games near the fire, others prefer fishing tips in expectation of a big catch. Some enjoy the solitude of reading their favorite books in silence, others like to play badminton or Frisbee in the hot weather. Undoubtedly, camping can be different, but there is one thing that unites its fans from all over the world - the desire to get a charge of energy from living in pristine nature.

Comfortable and protected sleep is the key to successful recreation. In addition, in such a shelter you can hide from precipitation and cold, because unforeseen weather changes often occur.

Fortunately, in the world of travel equipment there have long been the most well-thought-out universal tents. You can find such a tourist accommodation for all tastes and budgets at https: // The choice in the online store is quite wide. The range is based on the size of products, that is, the number of people the tent can fit for living (1-3, 1-4, 1-6, 3-8). All products are made of modern durable materials and have the appropriate level of protection against wind and rain. A distinctive feature of the company's products is built-in wood-burning stoves that ensure comfort in all weather conditions. Comfort is also provided by:

  • an outer waterproof layer;
  • removable waterproof floor;
  • ventilation valve for air supply;
  • mosquito nets on the windows and openings;
  • other small details for comfortable living (hooks for ropes, zippers on the windows and doors).

In addition, some tents fold into a compact bag, which is very convenient for trips around the world. The process of installing any type of temporary accommodation for nature presented on this site is very simple and minimal energy-consuming. Sophisticated design allows you to put a tent on any terrain without too much effort, even on your own, so lovers of isolated tourism will certainly appreciate this advantage. On the site you can also find accessories for camping, which will help you organize an unforgettable weekend in any corner of the world.

If there is something to sleep in and hide from the weather, it is worth taking care of cooking. Good food is another pleasure that you should not deprive yourself of on vacation. Yes, you can eat a little dry food, but it's much nicer to make a fire and put some juicy vegetables or even pieces of steak on the grill (if you have a portable refrigerator). The process itself and the result will certainly make you happy. And if you want to enjoy your morning coffee during camping, you need to take heat-resistant cups and your favorite drinks.

Other charms of living in a tent anywhere in the world can be experienced if, in addition to the tent and other things listed above, there is an opportunity to add such things to your luggage:

  1. Folding lounge chair for camping. It will be useful for those who like to sunbathe in the company of an interesting book, and fishermen who spend 24 hours above the pond waiting for a catch. And it is much nicer to look at beautiful animals and enjoy the plant world in a comfortable chair.
  2. Inflatable mattress. It makes camping (particularly sleeping) unbeatably comfortable and pleasant. And it will be useful for resting near the lake, because it is comfortable to sunbathe or even swim on it.
  3. A mini fridge. This is generally a luxury item in the field, but in hot weather it's a must-have: the food will stay fresh, drinks - cold. 

Of course, it is possible to buy everything you want, appreciating everything that world tourist equipment and accessories offers to active campers. Then you should already buy a cool cot, take a small fan, a multifunctional charger, hammock, and even a portable grill - it all depends on your imagination, capabilities and preferences in the organization of camping. But in general, experienced tourists who have seen the world, say that the main thing is to have a beautiful starry sky overhead, someone who to share this beautiful living moment with, and a tent to sleep in.



🏕  What can't you do without in a long camping trip?

Long-term camping means having a tent, a supply of food and drinking water, the means to make a fire, a flashlight, spare clothes, first aid kit and a minimum set of tools for repairs.

📦  What should the beginner take with them during a long camping trip?

Camping with overnight stays requires a tent for comfortable living, enough food and water, a change of clothes, means of protection against insects and ultraviolet light, a minimal set of medicines, matches, flashlight and a map of the area (apart from the online map of the world in your phone).

💡  What should be in the backpack of a tourist?

The backpack of a tourist from any corner of the world should contain a change of clothes, food and drinks, personal protective equipment, a sleeping bag, a first aid kit, tools for making a fire and a map to orient yourself on the terrain of living.


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I enjoy camping for 2 weeks+ only

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You definitely need navigational items, not only digital. Make sure to bring a printed out map and a compass.

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Cool tips

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Long term camping stays aren’t for beginners

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It’s always better to be prepared for everything

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