Solo camping with a small tent: choose your best shelter

Solo camping with a small tent: choose your best shelter
Pavlo Lysyy December 15, 2022 6 mins read time

Camping is not necessarily about gathering a lot of people under the same tent roof. If you feel like uniting with nature on your own, then you have to pick up a small and warm 1-person shelter. Solo camping will immerse you into a new spectrum of emotions and will help you to escape from reality. And a perfectly selected small heated tent will bring you even more comfort for experiencing new adventures alone.

So if you decide to turn solo camping into a relaxing outdoor activity, consider choosing a smaller tent. Check out the overview of the best home-like shelters for uncovering the beauty of the natural world alone or in a small group.


Factors to Give Thought To

Surely, the size of a tent for solo camping will be the dominant factor to consider. However, such features as sustainability and durability will not be less crucial for comfy traveling alone. So take your time and pay attention to the following small tent warm and cozy characteristics.

  • Free space. Even though small shelters are easy to transport and set up, you might not want to be alone all the time. Perhaps, you would like to take your loved one to show the picturesque views. If there is not enough room in your small tent, that might not be very comfortable.
  • Camping season. Consider the season you are most likely to go camping. If it is winter, then a small heat tent might be a suitable model for you since it will keepy our body warm. For summer solo camping, it is best to look for a shelter with mesh panels to ventilate the space and keep insects out.
  • Durability. Depending on how many seasons you plan to use your small tent in, the weight and mobility of your shelter will fluctuate. If you consider choosing a 3-season shelter, it might be lighter and easier to transport with yourself. However, such a tent will not stand frigid temperatures and windy weather. The more durable apartment will be made of long-lasting materials and thus, heavier in weight.

Overview of the Best Small Tents Options

While you are puzzling over the choice of a perfect small tent warm option, we have collected for you the best manufacturers and their perfect shelter options for camping alone. All of the items below have excellent customer review ratings starting from 4.5 stars. Go on and find your best choice for traveling on your own.

ENO Skyloft Camping Hammock

Being not a regular tent, Eagles Nest Outfitters created a perfect hammock for those who have yet to find a place to just hang on or sleep under the open sky. The Skyloft Camping Hammock is made of NewWave nylon and aluminum. Its fabric is super light, yet it can handle around 250-pound weight.

On this 7 x 3 feet hammock, you will also find two mesh pockets from the outside. Its construction is made of aluminum bars that are integrated into a hammock. This camping gear will be the most suitable for traveling by car or just relaxing in your backyard.

Kelty Late Start 1

If there was one word to describe Late Start 1 small heat tent by Kelty it would be the word “easiness”. This shelter can be set up in several minutes in any weather conditions. If you want to relocate it from one place to another, you just can move it as it is and it will not break. Late Start 1 is made of water-resistant material with aluminum poles and no-see-um mesh walls. Thus, it might be heavier than the usual small heated tents.

In Kelty’s Late Start 1, you will be able to enjoy its practical interior. Two pre-bent aluminum bars create even more room than it seems. And also, every corner of the tent is covered by pockets. So your shelter will not move from one place to another as it often happens with other tents.

MSR Acсess 1

Access 1 tent from MSR is definitely a winter shelter. It can stand wind, snow, and stormy weather. Compared to a small tent warm, this one can hold a lot of stuff inside. Thanks to Access 1 double-walled construction, you don’t have to worry that your comfortable home may collapse under the weight of snow.

The most exciting fact about this winter home for camping is that it is very light. But the materials - nylon and polyester - it is made of are long-lasting. Also, Access 1 tent is very easy to set up. It won’t take long to build your winter shelter and enjoy the charms of the winter season.

Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo

Lunar Solo small heated tent is a shelter from the professional line. It is perfect for solo camping for multiple reasons. First of all, Lunar Solo is ultralight. Weighing 1 pound and 10 ounces, this 1-person tent is very easy to transport. Thanks to its small packed size, you can bring your shelter with you simply in your backpack.

Even though the hexagonal Lunar Solo by Six Moon Designs is small in dimensions, it holds a lot of room for one traveler and his gear. However, it is sold separately from the stakes and pole so you might customize them.

Eureka! Solitaire Tent

Solitaire Tent by Eureka! Will be a perfect match for those solo campers who are not intended to travel during severe weather conditions. This small warm tent will be a good fit to enjoy the dry and calm night staring at the stars.

Despite it being lightweight and easy to transport, it will be a challenge to move inside this tent. Also, it won’t professionally protect you from wind, rain, and snow, so for lovers of extreme weather circumstances, this might not be an option.

White Duck Mini Regatta 8-Foot Bell Tent

If you are into glamping, seeking the comfort of accommodation even in nature, Mini Regatta Bell Tent by White Duck is the best in its category. This is a heavy bell-shaped shelter with 3 windows and 1 door that are double-layered to keep the heat inside.

Mini Regatta small heated tent can easily hold 2 people. It is produced from breathable materials so the ventilation issue is very well covered.

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Tent

This 3 season small and warm shelter is all about quality. It is a freestanding two-pole construction that can perfectly suit rainy weather. It has 8 zippers, one door, and a lot of room for storing your camping gear.

Special attention should be given to its 2000mm coated floor that ensures your stay in a dry place during the wet weather.

Catoma Adventure Shelters IBNS

Easy to set up and break down, a small heated tent by Catoma is a perfect choice for campers who travel in dry weather. It is an ultralight, bug-free, and waterproof shelter that can comfort you quickly in field conditions.

For the best experience in using Adventure Shelters IBNS, we recommend slightly improving the tent by adding a cot inside and covering it with a rain fly.

Choose Our Small Heat Tents

Whenever you are looking for a professional small tent warm manufacturer, you can entrust the comfort of your solo camping to our offerings. We provide a wide range of heat 1-person shelters for different purposes, seasons, and preferences. Do you want to get a durable warm tent that can stand any weather and stay dry? Or your goal is to find a comfy room for relaxing in your backyard? We have all the options!


🏕  What is a small warm tent?

Whenever you feel like camping on your own, a small heated tent is the best shelter to use. It is lightweight, comfortable, durable, and longstanding. This shelter can accommodate one person, however, there are larger options for two people camping together.

📦  How to choose a small heat tent?

When selecting a perfect small tent for solo camping, there are multiple factors to consider. First, think about the size of your shelter and whether you always want to travel alone. Then, choose the season for camping since tents for cold and hot periods will differ in features. Also, figure out the weight size and transportability.

💡  Can a small tent protect from frigid temperatures and rainy weather?

Surely! A 1-person small tent can totally save the temperature of your body inside, hold your camping gear, protect you from insects, stay dry when raining, and hot when it is freezing outside.


Robin Sloan

Robin Sloan said:

camping solo has its charms, 100%

Tim Burke

Tim Burke said:

I love camping on my own, just you and nature, it’s mesmerizing! nothing can replace this experience

Kaden Norton

Kaden Norton said:

Small tents are easy to carry, if you’re a hiker, they are a much better choice

Mohammed Browning

Mohammed Browning said:

My favorite small tent is UP-2 mini, out of competition

Eliot Kent

Eliot Kent said:

White Duck tents are good for solo camping, tested on myself!

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