Everything you need to know about an 8 person tent

Everything you need to know about an 8 person tent
Pavlo Lysyy November 02, 2023 5 mins read time

No full-fledged trip to the mountains, fishing, hunting or a regular trip to the countryside can not be done without a tent. It allows you to have a worry-free vacation, as well as gives you the opportunity to comfortably lie down for a nap and get a long-awaited sleep. Today, you can still find fishermen and campers using old-style tents. They are usually made of dense waterproof fabrics and are incredibly heavy. Such a design is difficult to take with you, and it is long to assemble and is unstable in bad weather conditions

Fortunately, there are models of improved modern instant tent. Such articles are not only equipped with proper quality, provided for a long time spent in nature, but also have a range of additional features that will be appreciated by fans of winter fishing, mountain tourism, and hunting.


Advantages of the products

Tents with instant assembly system are a new type of versatile construction that combines ease of use with the ability to be dismantled in an instant. It significantly reduces the time it takes to set up and perfect the tent.

Each instant model is equipped with the necessary type of ventilation and heating. It greatly simplifies the choice and helps you to find a product of the necessary price policy, which will satisfy you with quality and reasonable cost.

You can pay your attention to the Hexagon universal tent with stove jack. Such advantages as large size, comfort and instant assembly will give you unforgettable pleasure and allow you to sit down without embarrassment even in a non-standard place. These types of constructions can be easily transformed and can be used as miniature dwellings.

Instant tents are becoming more and more popular among people who go to the nature, who want not only to spend time with benefit, but also to relax and enjoy the rest as much as possible. Having made such a purchase once, you will save yourself for a long time from issues concerning convenience of use and transportation.

Some of the main advantages of instant products are the following:

  • assembly in 1 minute;
  • perfectly adapted for use in different weather conditions;
  • the coating has excellent protection and moisture resistance properties;
  • you can take it with you on any journey, from trips to the countryside to seaside visits, hiking in the mountains or in the woods;
  • excellent mobility, which allows the owner to move from place to place without much discomfort and loss of time.

Moreover, we should mention their capacity and excellent equipment. This type of construction protects from moisture, frost and wind, but also contributes to comfort.

To unfold the product, you will have to spend no more than 1 minute and minimum effort. The special impregnation of the material used to make the product is highly resistant to severe frost and wet snow. It also perfectly retains heat, so traveling to large water bodies, where a cold wind constantly blows, no longer poses a threat to health.

What should you know when making a choice?

If you decide to choose an 8 person tent, it is a great solution, because there will be enough space for all campers. Moreover, an 8 man shelter doesn’t necessarily need to be fully - it accommodate 3 or 4 people. In this case, such temporary housing will be even more comfortable and cozy. It will be suitable for a long vacation in nature due to the high ceiling and a large vestibule. It will be possible to sleep there, and to equip a dining area with a kitchen.

It is recommended to pay attention to all-season 8 person tents first. They can easily withstand the summer heat, winter cold and surprises of the off-season. The universal option for all times is made of reliable and waterproof materials. Although the price of this product is higher than its summer or winter alternative, you will not have to think about buying another temporary housing.

What other factors are still worth paying attention to:

  1. Size - models differ in the number of seats. The standard width of a single-seater is 90 cm. According to manufacturers, it should be enough for the comfort of one adult middle-sized man and his backpack. These dimensions are multiplied by 8 for an 8 man tent. However, it is still better to know the length and width in advance before buying.
  2. Shape - options differ in degrees of comfort and reliability. There is a hemisphere, which is good against the wind, and rain drops do not linger on the streamlined form; a half barrel, suitable for camping or for use in the forest, where trees provide protection from the wind. The tent accommodates several people and makes it possible to walk at full height.
  3. Layers - depending on the construction, 8 person tents are divided into single layer and double layer tents. The first ones are made of waterproof fabric and represent a single canvas. It is easy to fold and install it. The second ones consist of a waterproof outer layer and a light "breathable" inner layer. There is a 10-15 centimeter gap between them.

The bottom of the structure is also important. It is made of the same material as the outer tent. Nylon fabrics with Oxford weave, weave density not less than 210T and thread thickness not less than 210D are often used. The main indicator is water resistance. It is desirable that the bottom material withstands from 5,000 mm of water column.

Most popular models

These include the Outfitter premium all-season wall-mounted 8 person tent “Hexagon” with stove jack. It is a comfortable 8 man living module designed for a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 people. The shelter is made in the shape of a hexagon. With 150,00 square feet of floor space, the structure can be compared to an apartment. An average height person can stand upright anywhere inside. Even an inexperienced user can handle the installation. Although the process may take a little longer to complete, the result is a mini version of a "comfortable home".

What other 8 man models are considered popular? It is probably the Instant Cabin, which is very durable, made by the CORE company, is water resistant, and has large mesh windows.

Another 8 person model is made by the Coleman company, renowned for its products for the camping industry. It is perfect for cold weather.

The Ozark 8 man model offers the best price to quality ratio. It has a mesh roof and is considered waterproof.


🏕  Why do I need an 8 person tent?

It allows you to enjoy your vacation, and have a good night's sleep. It is comfortable to stay in it, no one interferes with anyone. In addition, it is easy to assemble and install, even someone who has never done it before can cope with it. It is characterized by a large capacity and an excellent habitability.

📦  How to choose a temporary 8 man dwelling?

Take into account what season the product is designed for. Pay attention to the materials from which the product is made, it would be good to assess the quality of seams and the overall condition of the tent. The shape and the number of layers are also important.

💡  Which model will be perfect for me?

Take a closer look at the Outfitter premium instant 8 person tent “Hexagon” with stove jack. This all-weather model is made of durable and reliable materials and has the necessary safety features. It also offers insect protection and has a removable waterproof floor.



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