Hunting in a canvas wall tent: what to expect

Hunting in a canvas wall tent: what to expect
Pavlo Lysyy February 28, 2023 7 mins read time

During the holidays, the tent becomes our second home. That is why it is so important to choose the best shelter option. Consider what kinds of tents there are, what materials they are made of, what rules of choosing your camping equipment exist and why it is so important to buy the right tent.

When looking for a shelter for hunting, fishing or climbing in the mountains, it is important to understand that these will be different tents. For those who love mountains and hunting, it's better to choose a lighter version. If a large family with children and dogs is going on vacation, and the tent is set up once, you can take a larger model with different options. It will be heavier, but the degree of reliability and protection will be higher.

Modern canvas wall tents will help those who are used to going abroad to all-inclusive hotels to learn a new kind of recreation. With this tourist equipment, you can go out of the city every weekend to restore energy and be alone with nature.


Types of modern tents

The tent is an indispensable thing in any camping trip. However, it is important to consider the kind of trip, as well as the conditions in which it will be used. There are four main types of tents:

  1. Camping. They are perfect for family trips to the countryside for a few days. They are high, comfortable, spacious, but have a lot of weight. They are equipped with windows for ventilation and mosquito nets and can accommodate from 3-4 to 6-12 people. Designed for stationary camping.
  2. Trekking. Suitable for active travelers who are used to being in motion all the time. They are light, compact, easy to assemble and can withstand even extreme weather conditions. They are designed exclusively for overnight stays.
  3. Extreme or tourist. They are designed for professionals and have a reinforced frame, are compact in size, are well protected thanks to canvas wall against all kinds of weather, and can be quickly assembled and disassembled.
  4. Automatic. A new type of tents, which have a folding mechanism, similar to an umbrella. Such shelters are convenient and simple, but they can break. Therefore, they should be used and stored with special care.

There is another type: universal canvas wall tents. Such models are characterized by compact size, weight not more than 5 kg, height to half a meter and good protection from wind and precipitation. They are suitable for hunting and hiking on any terrain.

What are modern tents made of

Manufacturing tents in the XXI century is a difficult and time-consuming process due to the use of the latest generation of materials. It is necessary to know some definitions to figure them out.

Today, tents are made mainly from two types of fabrics: polyamide and polyester. The first are kapron and nylon. They are resistant to punctures and tears, do not let water in, but quickly fail, especially when exposed to sunlight. The latter ones - polyester and lavsan - are strong, durable and UV-resistant, but they are expensive.

Not only the type of thread, but also the way of weaving provides strength and reliability of tents. There are three of them:

  • Oxford – the most durable of the fabrics, usually used for the bottom of the tent
  • Taffeta – the most common type of weave for tent fabrics;
  • RipStop – has a very high tear resistance, as it has a special diamond-shaped type of weave.

Most modern canvas wall tents have additional waterproofing on the inside for better water resistance. The number of such layers depends on the water resistance of the shelter. The silicone coating is applied to the outside of the tent. It is more expensive than polyurethane, so it is present only in specialized tents of the premium segment.

Let's take a closer look at the materials used to make tent bottoms. Here there can be two options: the bottom is made of the same material as the outer tent (polyester or nylon) or of reinforced polyethylene (terpauling). This is a dense, water-resistant, but fragile material that takes up a lot of space.

The most important thing when choosing canvas wall tents, besides the tent, is the material of the frame. It can be:

  • fiberglass;
  • durapol;
  • aluminum.

Each of these materials have their pros and cons, and every tourist decides for themselves which tent to choose for traveling, fishing or hunting.

Description of All-Season Tent with Stove Jack "UP-2-mini"

All-season two-layer canvas wall tent "UP-2-mini" is an example of reliability, durability, comfort and functionality. The frame construction allows you to set up a shelter on the ground with any terrain in just 2 minutes.

The features of this model are the following:

  • comfortable accommodation for 2-3 people;
  • strength and reliability of materials;
  • small weight and assembly in a compact backpack;
  • all-season availability thanks to the wood-burning stove;
  • protection from external natural factors;
  • safety features.

The tent frame UP-2 is made of high-strength aviation alloy B95T1, which is able to restore its original shape even after heavy loads. The outer layer is made of Oxford 300 PU 4000, and the inner layer is made of Oxford 210 PU 2000. There is an air gap between them, which noticeably reduces the formation of condensation and holds the inner part well.

There is a special water-repellent coating on the inside for protection against the sun, wind and precipitation, 4 five-layer windows with frost-proof PVC protection and gluing of all seams, as well as reliable reinforced zippers.

As for safety features, there are:

  • reflective elements that are visible from afar;
  • protective metal screens of the stove;
  • removable zippered floor, which provides protection from snakes and insects.

Additionally, it is worth noting the wood-burning stove, which will help create a cozy atmosphere for a comfortable stay even in the freezing cold. This type of shelter will provide comfort during hunting and fishing, as well as when hiking on the plains, and in the mountains.

Choosing canvas wall tent for outdoor activities

Choosing tents today is quite a complex task, which requires attention, time and certain knowledge. You should also take into account the following criteria:

  • the purpose of the shelter: what kind of camping you are going to try out with this tent;
  • size: this parameter depends on the number of people on the trip;
  • weight and compactness: this is relevant if you go hunting or hiking to the mountains;
  • the shape of the tent: half-shell, half-sphere, tipi tent - each type is good for a different kind of terrain;
  • materials and number of layers;
  • the ability to quickly assemble the shelter;
  • ventilation windows, reinforced zippers, built-in vestibule, skirt, storm deflectors, canopy, and reinforced corners;
  • color and style;
  • manufacturing brand;
  • canvas wall shelter cost - quality equipment can't be cheap.

convenient to take them with you on hikes over long distances. For example, while hunting. However, they must be made of waterproof material and equipped with good ventilation. Two-layer tents are functional and have a high degree of protection against all natural factors. Seam sealing is also important, and ideally they should be glued, not stitched.

The skirt is a wide strip of fabric at the ground perimeter of the tent. It can be removable or sewn on. This addition is very important in the mountains, in winter, with low temperatures and constant precipitation. The material of which the tent is made sometimes tears in places of high stress, but there are models with reinforced corners - inserts of strong material and additional stitching with slings. Storm straps increase the stability of canvas wall tents during strong gusts of wind and create the necessary tension of the tent for better ventilation. Ventilation windows and awnings are a must for the long term stay tents. The windows help regulate air exchange and the awnings provide protection from sunlight and rain. Mosquito nets are also essential for a comfortable outdoor experience.

As for the vestibule, it is necessary for traveling in a large group or as a family with children, when a lot of things need to be placed somewhere. This mini vestibule will also help protect the living space from the cold and small animals, if your hobby is hunting.

The color of the shelter depends on the conditions of its use. Summer models are characterized by lighter colors, so as not to attract excessive heat. For difficult hikes, people choose bright colors most often, so that the tent can be easily spotted. Hunters and fishermen prefer prints that blend in with the environment and make hunting more productive.

Given these features, you can quickly assess the advantage of a particular canvas wall model, understand what your group needs for recreation, and buy the best tent for a comfortable trip at any time of year.

Why is it important to carefully choose a tent for outdoor recreation?

To make your vacation or hunting away from civilization go well, you need to prepare for it in advance. And first of all, you have to buy a suitable canvas wall tent. The comfort of all members of the expedition will depend on it. Let's consider what makes a tent perfect:

  • convenience of accommodating all participants and their belongings;
  • protection from external weather factors;
  • safety from snakes and insects;
  • good mood and desire to rest actively.

If the tent for any criteria is unsuccessful: too small, gets wet in the rain, unstable, etc., then the vacation will leave unpleasant impressions. There will be no pleasure from such a holiday.

However, you won’t face such problems with UP tents. They are designed to meet all the tourists’ needs, have the best characteristics and have proven to be reliable and practical even in the most extreme conditions. With them, you can feel safe and comfortable on any holiday, whether it's hunting, fishing or climbing in the mountains.


🏕  What are the advantages of the UP-2 mini 2-layer tent?

The features of the all-season quick-assembly UP-2 mini-tents are a wood stove with fire-resistant glass, insulated 3-layer removable floor impregnated with a special water-repellent composition, dense canvas wall and glued seams for maximum protection. Such a tent is suitable for hunting and fishing.

📦  What is the UP-2 mini tent for hunting and fishing made of?

Canvas wall UP-2 mini-tents are made of two layers: the top one is the innovative material Oxford 300 PU 4000, and the inner one is made of Oxford 210 PU 2000. The frame is made of aircraft alloy B95T1, which restores its original shape even after heavy loads.

💡  What season is the UP-2 mini tent suitable for?

UP-2 mini tents are all-season tents, so you can go camping and hunting with them at any time of year. Dense two-layer canvas wall shelters reliably protect from both the hot summer sun and the harsh winter cold and snow, wind and precipitation.




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