What Is a Yurt Tent?

What Is a Yurt Tent?
Pavlo Lysyy March 21, 2023 5 mins read time


What Is a Yurt Tent?

Camping is a popular form of recreation that is available year-round. Fans prefer to go camping in the warm season, but many seek to be in extreme conditions. Therefore, it is worth carefully choosing the right equipment to protect yourself from difficulties. Manufacturers of goods for tourism offer a wide range of products. The diversity is based on improving living conditions during cold and snowy weather. For such cases, you can buy a special tent-yurt, which is in demand among confident travelers.

Practical tips will make choosing and studying the options for all season easier. Camping in winter forces you to think about ways to stay warm. To do this, you not only need to consider the personal tolerance for low temperatures but also take care of the availability of quality equipment. 

Features of the model

The first mention of a tent brings up a lot of thoughts about it. While the usual yurt is familiar to many, portable housing has not yet found the same popularity. To understand the features of the design for outdoor recreation, it is worth getting acquainted with the proposed description:

  1. Shape. The tarpaulin tent has the same form as a traditional Mongolian dwelling. Installation takes minimal time, but it is not a construction for permanent living.
  2. Elements. Since the equipment is used for hiking, the package includes special metal supports. Their weight allows you to move around the area without any problems and not travel by car or another vehicle.
  3. Coating. Durable water-repellent materials are used for manufacture. This way, it is possible to avoid moisture getting inside the dwelling and the appearance of mold in the corners of the tent.

The interest in yurt is not only caused by the numerous changes in design. In addition, the model perfectly keeps warm and does not let the cold air in. The lack of windows for ventilation is justified because it helps maintain an optimal winter temperature.

Advantages of a new tent

Due to the unique advantages, it is possible to maintain interest in the manufacturers' offers. First of all, it is worth noting the possibility of setting up for living in glamping. There is enough space inside to accommodate everything you need and a comfortable stay.

A no less important feature of the tent is reliable protection from adverse weather conditions. Tarpaulin is used to manufacture the tent, which has high strength and resistance to the effects of moisture. Due to this, it is possible to avoid discomfort in a snowstorm or pouring rain.

Since the size of the model makes it possible to comfortably accommodate all campers, the attention to the yurt is logical. Tourists also use part of the living space to install wood-burning stoves. They contribute to getting enough heat and possibly improving living conditions.

The durability characteristics of yurt shelters generate even more interest. Sturdy fabrics and quality fittings are used to make the models. Regular use of the gear will not affect comfort and convenience, so the purchase of a new model will not be necessary for a long time.

The best offers on the market

It's easy to be among those campers looking to get the most out of their tent vacation. The opportunity to purchase excellent travel gear in winter will become more realistic, if you study the best models on the market. Keep in mind that your choice of tents depends on your expectations and requirements.

GoYurt for fans of tradition

The manufacturer took care of the availability of several excellent options. So, buyers can choose models with the necessary space in mind. But even the most ordinary yurt will allow you to enjoy relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the city. For this, the model has several attractive features:

  • there is enough space inside for you to stand upright without feeling uncomfortable;
  • a durable tarpaulin has been selected for manufacturing, which reliably protects against the weather;
  • the possibility of setting up by yourself is provided.

The only disadvantage of the equipment is its heavy weight. The yurt will not fit into any car trunk, and hiking using the model is not possible at all. Nevertheless, the simple installation makes you think seriously about buying it.

UP-5 for large company

The main advantage of the product is the available space. There is enough space to accommodate more than 5 people and install a wood stove. The purchase is justified because the assembly of the construction does not cause inconvenience. Fans of luxury camping will find everything they need in the model.

There is a two-layer tarpaulin to protect against weather conditions, regardless of the season. As a result, the penetration of moisture inside is excluded, and you can open the window for drying. A hole complements the excellent ventilation system for the chimney output, so you do not have to worry about living safety.

The lack of a foyer in the yurt does not affect the comfort level too much. There is also no possibility of adding a universal vestibule. The spacious tent does not lead to problems with the placement of the necessary winter equipment and your belongins..

Danchel Outdoors for the warm season

Despite the weather outside the window, the unique model is designed for recreation. The heat is dissipated using unique windows. It is enough to establish a comfortable temperature in the hot summer. In addition, the windows in the yurt are still the exception rather than the pattern.

As for living and relaxing in bad weather, there will be no problems with it either. The durable fabric perfectly withstands strong winds, heavy showers, and winter snowfalls. In addition, moisture does not get inside, which serves as a reliable protection against mold and rising humidity.

It is equally remarkable that the tent set includes two jacks for the stove. This way, there is no difficulty in installing the heaters and getting heat in the cold season. Due to these properties, the model will be helpful not only in summer but also in winter.

Reasons to go camping with yurt

If you want to take a break from the bustle of the city, it is worth opting for this piece of equipment. The space will allow you not to feel discomfort and settle down with exceptional convenience for living. The possibility of using the heating equipment in the cold season is also an advantage.

Buying a practical tent allows you to go on long hikes. Winter and summer vacations out of town look more like glamping, which means you won't have to complain about discomfort. Manufacturers have provided protection, freedom of movement, and excellent experience. The choice of this type of recreation is suitable for those who:

  • are tired of the lack of space to accommodate things and other campers;
  • want to spend a lot of time outdoors, regardless of the season, and with the preservation of comfort;
  • seek to stay safe during rain, snowfall, and other adverse weather conditions.

Models are suitable for making a camp in winter because they are made from quality tarpaulin. This way, the manufacturer guarantees that you will not face any problems while staying away from the city. In addition, the rest in the warm season also becomes more enjoyable

A rich selection of options will allow you to make a personal list of requirements and stay comfortable despite everything. Reviews and feedback from other tourists contribute to the expected result.


🏕  What are the advantages of the yurt compared to the tent?

Camping using a practical model will allow you to protect yourself from the effects of weather conditions and take care of comfort and enough space. In addition, the use of heaters in winter will not cause inconvenience, as in the case of other types of shelters.

📦  How to choose quality equipment for 4 season camping?

When selecting a tent for recreation, take into account the required amount of space and the number of participants in the hike. You can accommodate in a yurt with remarkable comfort and stay warm even in the cold season. However, you should pay attention to the material, used fittings, and the availability of space to install a heater.

💡  How much does a yurt for camping cost?

The cost of equipment depends on your requirements. Quality tents allow you to create comfortable living conditions and avoid rapid performance loss. The cost of high-quality equipment usually starts from $2000.




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