Winter camping gear

Winter camping gear
Pavlo Lysyy November 10, 2023 5 mins read time

Having the right equipment can make all the difference, regardless of whether you are an experienced winter camper or a beginner organizing your very first camping trip to an area with snow. The following is an in-depth guide to the essential camping gear for the winter season that will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable despite the chilly weather.



Invest in a robust, four-season camping tent that is designed to withstand the elements as this is the most crucial piece of gear for your trip. Take into consideration the desired size of the shelter. Do you require a compact model for a camping trip by yourself or one that is large enough to house a group of your close friends? Pay close attention to how much it weighs. If you are going to go hiking, you will need a lighter version, but if you are going car camping, you can get away with a heavier version, with more robust materials, and more feature-rich. To reduce the amount of condensation that forms inside the camping tent, look for a good ventilation system. Features such as sturdy poles and reinforced fabrics will not be superfluous. Additionally, to make the most of your time spent in your shelter, you should look for additional features such as the ability to install a wood stove inside and plenty of storage pockets.

Out of all options, RBM Outdoors tents stand out as being of high quality. The brand offers a wide range of all-season shelters that will suit any need. Designed using aviation alloy B95T1, a strong, long-lasting material that regains its original shape even after bearing a significant weight, Oxford 300 PU 4000, a robust, cutting-edge, and water-resistant material, is used to make the tent's outer layer, while Oxford 210 PU 2000 is used to make the inner layer. RBM Outdoors tents offer a cozy haven in the middle of the wintry landscape.

Sleeping bag/Folding bed

A good sleeping bag for winter camping is an essential purchase that will ensure a restful night's sleep even in the coldest environments. The bag's temperature rating typically serves as a measure of its insulation capabilities. Look for a sleeping bag with a rating that is significantly lower than the lowest temperature you anticipate encountering to provide a buffer against unexpected chills. Choose high-quality down or synthetic insulation, both of which are known for their excellent warmth-to-weight ratios and water resistance. Also, if you want more comfort, you can opt for a folding bed. However, keep in mind that this option is heavier and better suited to car campers than hikers.

Emergency and First Aid Kit

Bring along a thorough first aid kit that is specifically designed to treat injuries that may occur during the cold season. This kit should contain items to treat frostbite, hypothermia, and minor wounds. Carry essentials for emergencies, such as a whistle, fire starters, a multi-tool, and a phone with a full charge, so that you can communicate in the event of an emergency.

Heater/Wood stove

Reliable tent heaters are a necessity during the cold months because the nights can be bone-chillingly cold. One choice is to utilize a portable oil-fired indirect heater or an electronic heater. Modern portable heaters, specifically designed for tents, offer safe and efficient heating solutions. You could also bring a wood stove with you if your tent has the capacity for it. This piece of gear will allow you not only to warm up your shelter, but it will also allow you to prepare meals.

Food and water

Speaking about food. To maintain a high level of energy throughout the day, it is important to pack meals and snacks that are high in calories while at the same time being simple to prepare. Take into consideration foods such as energy bars, instant soups, and instant cereals. Coffees and teas will also be good additions, as warm beverages not only provide comfort but also help maintain body temperature. But also, don't forget about water, which will help you stay hydrated.

Winter Clothing

The secret to keeping warm during camping is to dress in layers.  An insulating layer should be added for warmth; An outer layer that is waterproof and windproof should be added. To keep your feet, hands, and head warm during the winter, make sure you have a reliable winter hat, thermal socks, waterproof boots, and insulated gloves. Leading manufacturers of winter clothing, such as The North Face, Columbia Sportswear, and Patagonia, are renowned for their high-quality and durable products.


Your electronic devices will continue to function properly even when it is cold if you have a portable power bank and solar chargers. Because winter conditions can make the terrain less recognizable, you should bring a GPS device for navigation. Also, take your camera with you. Winter camping offers unique photographic opportunities, from frosty sunrise vistas to the silent beauty of snow-covered forests, making it essential to have your camera gear ready to preserve these precious memories. Opt for models designed for outdoor use, preferably weather-sealed and capable of operating in freezing temperatures. Pack extra batteries, as cold weather tends to drain battery life faster. Additionally, bring lens wipes and a microfiber cloth to keep your camera gear clean and functioning optimally. Consider a sturdy, weather-resistant camera bag to protect your equipment from snow, moisture, and sudden temperature changes.

Hiking Gear

For safe and enjoyable snowy hikes, winter hiking gear is an absolute necessity. Invest in boots that are of high quality, insulated, waterproof, and have traction enhancements. These boots not only keep your feet warm and dry but also provide stability on surfaces that are both slippery and uneven. If you are going on a hike, you should think about bringing trekking poles. Trekking poles offer support and stability when walking across icy terrain or terrain that is uneven. In challenging conditions, they can also help reduce strain on the knees and provide an additional layer of protection. Even if you have electronic navigation devices, you should still bring along a traditional map and compass just in case something goes wrong. In extremely cold weather, batteries can die much more quickly, and electronic devices may not function properly. The use of a reliable map and compass ensures that you will never get lost on your journey. When it comes to hiking gear, several reputable manufacturers are trusted by outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. Brands like REI Co-op, Osprey, and Black Diamond are known for their high-quality hiking equipment.

Miscellaneous Gear

These are items that can be helpful for a variety of tasks, as well as for protecting oneself. It is necessary to have a snow shovel to level the campsite and clear the paths. Additionally, it is required to remove your tent from the snow after a significant accumulation. An axe will come in handy when you need to start a fire; it may also be needed for path clearing. A high-quality multi-tool can come in handy for a variety of tasks, such as making simple repairs to camping gear, preparing meals, and setting up campsites. Because of its adaptability, it is an excellent weapon to have in your arsenal. Having a thermos on hand is not just a convenient accessory to have. It enables you to maintain the temperature of hot beverages or soups throughout the day, giving you a much-needed break and allowing you to recharge your batteries during chilly excursions outside.


🏕  What kind of a sleeping bag is best for winter camping?

Choosing a sleeping bag with a temperature rating significantly lower than the lowest expected temperature is essential for a cold-season trip. Look for high-quality down or synthetic insulation.

📦  Do I need a specific tent for winter camping?

Yes, a four-season tent is a crucial piece of gear for cold seasons. These tents are designed to withstand snow loads, provide proper ventilation, and offer insulation. Look for features like robust poles, snow skirts, and adequate ventilation to ensure a comfortable and safe shelter.

💡   What safety gear do I need for winter camping? 

Safety gear for cold season trips includes items like axes, snow shovels, and a first aid kit tailored for injuries. Additionally, carry a map and compass, even if you have electronic navigation devices.



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