Best 3 person tent options on the market: reviewing the leaders

Best 3 person tent options on the market: reviewing the leaders
Pavlo Lysyy September 21, 2022 8 mins read time


Features of 3 person tents

Going on a camping trip with your family, you need to think everything through to the smallest detail. The 3 person tent is one of the most important things you should take with you. Why should it be designed specifically for 3 man? If your family consists of that number of people or you're going to take a couple of friends with you, you're going to have a total of 3 man. With such equipment you can safely make a camp outfitter in one place, whether it's on the banks of a river or on a lonely forest edge.

3 person tent is great for outdoor activities, relaxation surrounded by nature. Manufacturers have made maximum efforts to make temporary housing the most cozy, comfortable and reliable.

How to choose a 3 person tent

When choosing a tent for temporary accommodation, you should understand under what conditions you are going to use it. You will need not only a 3 person tent , but also a rug and a sleeping bag for spending the night outdoors. The first thing outfitter should decide on the type. There are camping models - big, high and comfortable. They may have several rooms, where backpacks and folding furniture can be placed without problems. There are also tents for hiking, lightweight models.

Other important criteria include:

  1. Seasonality - there are summer units designed for hot and warm weather. They are lightweight and have excellent ventilation. Models may be designed for 3-4 person. But due to the design they can be cold at low temperatures or strong winds and are less resistant to precipitation. There are three-season units for 3-4 person, suitable for hiking in spring, summer, and early fall. They use less netting and the awnings are made of thicker fabric, so they are resistant to low temperatures, wind and precipitation. Winter or all-season products can be used at any time of year because they are highly resistant to wind, precipitation, negative and low temperatures.
  2. Size - the dimensions are determined by the capacity and length of this thing. The main principle for calculating the capacity for 3 person is the width of the travel mat, which is 60 cm. Manufacturers of equipment for 3-4 person by default believe that this is enough for comfort. Also, the outfitter should keep in mind that 60 cm per person may not be enough, especially if there will be 3 man. There will be different items inside (especially if there is no vestibule), mats and air mattresses, which can be larger.
  3. The number of layers - the outfitter may opt for a single-layer version of a waterproof tent, quickly folding and unfolding. Without ventilation, condensation is usually formed on the inside walls. The outfitter might consider a single-layer model for 3 man made of modern membrane materials (such as Gore-Tex), where almost no condensation occurs in high altitude conditions. It is extremely lightweight and comfortable, but expensive. It is poorly ventilated when closed. Two-layer 3 man tent consists of an inner tent made of light breathable material and a waterproof awning, which is stretched over the tent. The distance between these layers is 10-15 centimeters. It is heavier than a single-layer tent, but the condensate is formed on the outer tent, and the inner tent stays dry, suitable for extreme weather conditions. It is also better ventilated and better insulated from the cold./li>
  4. Material - modern 3 person tent are made of nylon and polyester. The former is resistant to abrasion, dynamic effects, suitable for extreme conditions, durable, lightweight. The latter is inexpensive, has minimal stretching while getting wet, resistant to ultraviolet.
  5. Bottom - always made of a stronger material than the walls. It should be waterproof and very dense. Fabrics with taffeta, oxford, ripstop weave are used for this purpose. Sometimes the bottom is made of reinforced polyethylene. The level of water resistance (the maximum water pressure that the material can withstand) of the tent for 3 man determines how long it will stay dry in the rain. Special coatings of polyurethane (cheaper, adds puncture resistance) or silicone (more expensive, greatly increases the tensile strength, insulated fabric from ultraviolet light) are applied to the fabric for protection against rain.

Another thing the outfitter should pay attention to is the frames. This is the basis that ensures the preservation of the shape of the fixture for 3-4 person and a comfortable sleep. Frames are made from different materials, which differ in strength, weight and elasticity. The latter property affects the ability of arcs to recover after bending, for example, after a strong wind. There are steel, titanium, aluminum, fiberglass, carbon fiber.

When selecting a tent, the outfitter should also pay attention to how it is set up. When installing a model with outer poles, you first stretch the tent and then put the arcs through the holes in the tent to form a dome. The inner tent is attached last from the inside. Such a construction with a dome is stable and convenient to assemble in the rain. When camping, the inner tent does not have to be unbuckled every time, which speeds up the installation even more. In 3 man models with internal poles, the inner tent is installed first, and the awning is thrown over it. In some models, the arcs are tightened in special pockets. The fixture is stable and easy to assemble. However, if the structure is set up in heavy rain, the inner tent will get wet.

The stability of the tent depends on the stakes. The stakes that come with the tent are often not of very high quality, and experienced campers prefer to buy them separately. They can be steel wire, aluminum wire, Y-shaped dural and titanium.

What other varieties are available?

There are frameless models, the construction of which is attached by stakes and pulled by stretchers (classic Soviet tent). The main drawback of such a construction is the complexity of installation.

As for frame alternatives, there are fixtures in the form of a hemisphere and a half-box. In the first case, there are several arcs in the composition, which cross each other, forming a dome. Such designs are robust and resistant to wind loads, suitable for extreme conditions and easily transported in assembled form. In the second case, the composition also has arcs that are parallel to each other and do not intersect. The big plus of such models for 3 man is an expanded interior space. Wind resistance will depend on the installation relative to the wind direction.

Best models

One of the best models is the Jack Wolfskin Skyrocket. It is distinguished by its strength and resistance to various weather conditions, but it does not affect its lightness and compactness. It can be set on a hard surface. If you go camping in winter and are preparing to face extreme conditions, the Skyrocket is the best choice. There are 12 stakes and 4 straps for extra strength. Skyrocket is perfect for 3 man.

Among the other best models we can mention:

  1. Robens Pioneer 3EX - 3 person tent is good for long hikes. There is a lot of space, and you do not need the extra weight. You can go hunting, camping and anywhere else with it. A great space-to-weight ratio is guaranteed here, because the steep walls clear the floor area, and the convenient location of the supports reduces the weight.
  2. Vaude Taurus 3 - this 3 person tent is lightweight, stable and easy to set up. It is ideal for backpacking, made in camouflage color. You can remove the support, thereby sloping the roof line at the foot, which will help reduce the weight.
  3. Jack Wolfskin Yellowstone III is a weatherproof 3 person tent made in the shape of a dome. It is simple to pack it, and it is insulated from bad weather. The fact that it has the shape of a dome allows it to shelter the 3 man from rain and wind. With it, don’t have to be afraid of going on a hunting trip, and you can also go backpacking. There are two doors and vestibules, where you can store personal items, including winterial.
  4. Vango Beta 350XL - can accommodate 3-4 people, it is classified as a camping category. Luxurious design, practicality, convenience, comfort. It is easy to carry from place to place, transport in all ways. As already mentioned, the equipment is ideal for camping, there are no holes for the power supply cabelas. Another important advantage is that the production is made from recycled material.
  5. Coleman Darwin 3+. You can guess from the name that this unit can even accommodate 3-4 person. It is made in a shape of camo, has an attractive design, a lot of space inside, so you can safely rest there without facing any difficulties. The specified model protects from any adverse weather conditions. The spaciousness is the main advantage.
  6. Zempire Aero TM Pro TC Air 3 person tent guarantees incredible comfort, gives spaciousness, comfort, a great experience. The material from which the product is made is breathable. It is bright enough inside, there is plenty of storage space for clothes and other things.

If you are in search of a temporary comfortable shelter for 3 man, then it is recommended to check out the Browning Camping Big Horn. It is an insulated fixture consisting of six fiberglass supports and steel posts that provide maximum additional strength and stability. The Browning Big Horn Series is equipped with tall side walls that create more space. There are four large windows, one door opening - it becomes easier to get inside, in addition it is responsible for better ventilation.

What other model is worth paying attention to?

There is a cozy, comfortable 3 person tent from a proven manufacturer on the market. This is the Crua Tri Tent, which used the patented Crua TT insulation in the creation process, which guarantees that the 3 man living there will be warm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer. The Tri Tent has excellent insulation that keeps you warm and cold, but also provides great noise reduction.

What's also special about the Tri Tent is that it has DuraBreathe technology, which protects it from condensation. The fabric is very dense and durable, and there are no cabelas, but it does not fear punctures and is also characterized by water resistance. The beautiful color of camouflage allows you to hide in nature without attracting the attention of the locals in the forest or other open areas.

It can also be easily used for hiking, hunting, fishing, festivals, beaches. It is resistant to all weather conditions; you can sleep peacefully in it without fear of being disturbed by wind or rain. And it is also equipped with a retractable veranda, so that a greater air flow entered inside.

An excellent choice for hiking and outdoor recreation is the ultra-light Three-Layer Floor for "UP-2" Tent. It has a light weight, is characterized by compactness when folded and spaciousness when unfolded.

Sputnik-3 is a universal two-layer triple tent on a four-beam aluminum umbrella-type frame. It provides a multi-layer window with an insert of transparent frost-resistant silicone film, cutting of the chimney, a zipper entrance, mosquito nets at the entrance and windows, a removable bottom with a zipper.

Where to order it?

Our online store offers the opportunity to buy tents 3 person, characterized by excellent quality, comfort, functionality, practicality. Models are available in camo and other shades - you can pick up whatever your soul desires! We sell reliable equipment that perfectly holds 3 man. You will definitely find fixtures where you feel comfortable. In the catalog there are models for 3-4 person for all tastes and colors.  



🏕  What can be said about 3 person tents?

An outfitter should know that a 3 person tent is a comfortable fixture that can easily accommodate 3 man campers. It is great for outdoor activities with family, friends, colleagues.

📦  How to choose equipment?

It is necessary to understand the conditions in which to use the tent, decide on the type of product, also take into account a number of important criteria. This is seasonality, the size of the product, the number of layers, material, bottom, frames, method of installation, stakes. All this will allow you to choose the ideal model, with which you will not be afraid to go on a hike, in the mountains or wherever else.

💡  What are the best models?

There are plenty of models on the market that are designed for 3-4 person. Some are ideal for camping, others are the best option for hunting, while the third ones can only be used for hiking. The manufacturers usually try to meet all the needs of consumers, making high-quality and durable products. 


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