3 Person Hot Tents

Choose your perfect 3 person tent with stove jack
$0 – $1000
$1000 – $2000
$2000 – $3000
24 lbs
35 lbs
51 lbs
53 lbs
68 lbs
69 lbs
84 lbs
88 lbs
2 pieces
4 pieces
5 pieces
1 piece
2 pieces
3 pieces
Diameter of smoke pipe hole:
1 hole - 2.76”
1 hole - 3.54”
2 holes - 3.54”
for 1-4 person
RBM All-Seasons tent
UP-2 mini
for 1-3 person
RBM All-Seasons tent

Get to know our 3 person all season tents better

"Sputnik-3" "UP-2-mini" "Cuboid 2.20" "UP-2"
Seasonality all seasons all seasons all seasons all seasons
Tent design Dome Dome Cabin tent Dome
Length 79'' 107" 87'' 135"
Width 79'' 107" 87" 135"
Height 61'' 71” 75” 75”
Weight 27.56 lbs 51.81 lbs 55.12 lbs 63.93 lbs
Window 1 piece 2 piece 2 piece 2 piece
1 piece 1 piece 2 piece 2 piece

Planning a camping trip together with your two best friends? It’s a good idea to share a 3 person hot tent, since it’s a great way to save weight and take more exciting items with you, such as a camping table and a stove. What is more, you’ll save a lot of time and effort when three of you take part in pitching one tent.

3 person 4 season tents are an ideal solution for a myriad of activities including fishing trips with your best mates, relaxed camping with your family, music festivals, and more.

How to Choose a 3 Man Hot Tent

So you’ve decided to get a 3p tent. Where to start? The market offers a plethora of options to choose from. However, too much choice usually means confusion. To make the process of choosing your 3p tent easier, we’ve prepared a couple of useful tips.

When are you going to use your tent?

Before you buy a 3 man tent, think which season you’re going to use it in. Summer tents are made of lightweight material and have a lot of ventilation. Obviously, they are inappropriate for harsh conditions. 3 season 3 person tents aren’t that lightweight but more likely to survive rain and wind. However, if you think of winter camping, a 4 season tent for 3 person is the best solution. It will protect you against high winds and heavy snowfalls and keep you warm in the cold weather. With mosquito nets and ventilation options, 4 season tents are good for the summer as well.

How easy is the tent to set up?

You don’t want to spend hours putting up your tent, right? If you’re buying a tent from a physical store, try to set it upright in the shop. However, lots of purchases are made online today since it really saves a lot of time. The good news is that YouTube has plenty of videos of people pitching the tents of multiple types. Just find the tent you consider buying, or a similar one, and watch the video. You’ll see how the tent works and be able to estimate how easy it’s to set up.

Which material is the best 3 person all season tent made of?

The two main options include cotton and nylon. Tents made from cotton are waterproof although they get very heavy when the water is absorbed. However, they are rather durable and long-lasting. Nylon tents are waterproof as well, but they are vulnerable to sunlight. It’s up to you to decide which one you’d prefer.

How much should your 3p tent weigh?

Think if you’ll need to carry your tent large distances. If yes, opt for a more lightweight 3 person backpacking tent. Still, keep in mind that its sleeping capacity will be exactly as stated in the description, and it will be able to accommodate no more than three people in sleeping bags with the minimum elbow room. On the other hand, if you're going to take your 3p tent out of the car, the weight doesn’t really matter.

Which additional features should you look for?

  • Go for a tent which offers better ventilation features.

  • For a three-person tent, it’s great when it has two entrances: you’ll avoid scrambling over somebody else.

  • Make sure your 3 man 4 season tent has enough storage pockets..

  • Finally, pick up a tent with available accessories, like a footprint or a tent stove. 

Find a 3 man tent that will best suit your needs

 Our tents are reliable and safe. With the innovative frame design and robust waterproof outer layer, our tent will become your reliable and safe wildlife shelter. Pick up your best 3 man hot tent and enjoy your outdoor adventure. 


🏕  How big of a tent do I need for 3 people?

  • Although tents come with information on how many people they can accommodate, make sure you check the dimensions. Keep in mind that 3-person 4 season tents are typically designed to sleep three campers in sleeping bags. This means that if you plan to use a camp stove or need more storage space, get a bigger tent.

📦  Can you backpack with a 3 person tent?

  • Yes, if it is specifically designed for backpacking. Also, you can check the tent’s weight and dimensions to figure out if it’s suitable for carrying it on your back.

💡  Is it comfortable for three people to share one tent?

  • It depends on the size of your tent. If you choose a three- and more person tent, it’s safe to assume that it’s comfortable. However, take into account things that can require extra space in your shelter, for example a wood stove. In this case, you need to get a bigger tent to feel comfortable.

❓  How to prevent condensation in a tent?

  • Ventilate your tent — open your tent’s window or door to increase airflow and kill condensation. Also, avoid camping in low-lying valleys, too close to a water source, or on the lush grass. Finally, don’t bring wet gear into the tent.

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