Best four season tent with stove

Best  four  season tent with stove
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Best four season tent with stove

If you have an outdoor trip during the cold season, you will need warm tents. They can accommodate from 2 to 8 persons, have different shapes (pyramids, domes, hexagons or octagons) and also have a chimney. They are perfect for hunting, fishing and family holidays. To provide warmth, a special wood stove is placed inside, and you can cook on it. Wood is used for heating. You will be able to dry wet clothes and maintain a constant temperature inside. There is a chimney hole in the top of the tent that brings carbon monoxide out.

The main thing is to choose a tent which will have enough space for installing a stove. There should be at least a meter around the stove so that nearby objects do not catch fire. You should take this condition into account when placing people – if your tent is designed for three persons, only two people can sit in it together with the stove. Next, let's look at a few examples of quality products.

bell tents with stove

Barebones Tent

The model is reinforced with a frame, it is mounted separately. The sturdy construction holds its shape even when the roof is under pressure of about 1000 pounds (if a lot of snow falls). The tent will stay in place even in strong winds.

This is a high 4 season tent stove, which can even be called a house. Its height is 274 cm, and its side walls are vertical. You can admire nature looking out of a window (there are 8 of them in the tent), and also go out to breathe air from the door (there are two of them). The canopy is designed for 8 persons and it is also possible to install a wood-burning stove. You will enjoy your holiday in such a house at any time of the year.

Danchel Bell for two ovens

This tent is perfect for the winter season – it has pre-made holes for two chimneys, so you can place two small stoves inside. This will be enough to provide you with comfortable living conditions. Thanks to good ventilation (4 holes), you don’t need to worry about getting too hot because of a working wood stove. The walls are made of tarpaulin, so you can use this product at any time of the year.

For a secure installation, the 4 season stove tent has a special stand in the center. On the floor, there is a synthetic material that does not get wet. To avoid wind and other weather conditions, close the door with a zipper. Also, the product can be used as a regular canopy. Up to 8 persons can accommodate inside with a comfort.

Danchel outdoor in Indian cotton

If you want to go hiking during the rainy season, choose the Danchel Outdoor waterproof tent. It has an opening for a chimney, so it is possible to install a stove and cook dinner without going outside.

To ensure that there is always fresh air inside the tent, there are several ventilation openings. They are located on the roof. You can choose one of the proposed models of the indicated tent. They come in several sizes, the largest of which is designed for an entire family.

bell tent with stove

Guide Gear with guide mechanism

The advantages of this tent are as follows:

  • high ceiling;
  • quality material (cotton);
  • designed for all seasons;
  • has an opening for a chimney.

The structure of the 4 season tent with stove is made of aluminum. You can purchase the frame separately by choosing the appropriate material.


The product is made of synthetic material; for convenience, there is a small hole for the chimney. You can take this tent with you regardless of the season. It has a porch where you can relax comfortably. There are also 5 windows, and if you have a large company, there are even 2 awnings.

The floor is removable, there is enough space to accommodate 8 people with comfort. Please note that you need to follow the safety rules when using the stove inside.

OneTigris Tegimen hammock tent

This hammock tent is a new solution in the camping equipment market. It has two chimney openings, high-quality zippers that you can close the door with, and high ceilings for convenience when relaxing.

You can purchase 4 season tent with wood stove. It is made of a single layer material, there are no supports. It’s easy to install, and great for accommodating multiple persons.

Cotton Playdo

It is possible to order one of the models, which are offered in various diameters (from 3 to 6 meters). The largest structure is suitable for a group of 8 persons. This tent with a diameter of 5 m can comfortably accommodate 6 people (if you choose beds in the form of double bags).

The cover is cotton, treated with a special compound to ensure water resistance. You don't have to worry if it snows or rains heavily, this tent will be suitable for 4 seasons. Cotton insulates heat well, but it will be hot in such a house in the warm season.

Robens Klondike

You can use such a tent to set up a stove. It already has a hole for the chimney, which is located in the upper part. The shape of the house is a bell. It is made of poly-cotton, it is not covered with special compounds, therefore, natural ventilation is provided inside. The interior can accommodate up to 6 people.

There is a zipper on the floor that allows you to remove the floor covering. This is necessary for cooking (so that sparks do not hit the textiles) or in order to use the tent as a shelter.

“RBM” tent

To install such a four season tent with a stove, you will need to unroll it. Then you go inside and follow the same steps as for opening an umbrella. Inside there is a pillar, to which additional structures are attached to open the dome. To change the position of the roof, you will need to unscrew the central pillar. So you will assemble your tent in a matter of seconds.

The dome tent is suitable for 4 seasons. A wood stove is installed inside, and there are chimney holes on the roof. A heat-resistant coating is around of it, so it will not light up from accidentally touching a hot pipe.

The windows are made up of four layers of fabric. Inside, there is mesh, translucent surface and waterproof textile cover. To enter the tent, you need to open the hinged door. There is also a panel that closes with a zipper. The tent is about 11.4 feet in diameter, so you can comfortably sit inside with your family and bask near the stove.

barebones tent

100% cotton Stout Bell tent

A quality tent is made in two versions – with a diameter of 4 or 5 meters. There are several varieties that have improved functionality. The main advantages of this model are as follows:

  • ready-made chimney holes;
  • possibility to install a stove inside;
  • presence of a tarpaulin cover, which is needed to cover the hole when you don’t use the wood stove.

The structure of the house includes four windows and one door. It is reliably protected from water and breathes well, providing natural ventilation. There is a zipper in the floor, thanks to which it is easy to remove some of the material and cook food without the fear that the floor will catch fire.

There is enough space inside to accommodate up to 8 persons. You should be careful when using the stove, there shouldn’t be many people around it and everyone who cooks is obliged to observe safety measures.

White Duck Outdoors Alpha Wall Tent 12 x 14

If you want to relax in a real cabin without going sailing, choose a frame tent. It has a stylish design. To set up your tent, you need to put up a frame, and then place the textile part on top. Naturally, there is a chimney hole on the roof. Silicone coating provides protection against accidental fire.

The floor is made of synthetic materials inside. It can be removed and used as a canopy. The walls allow air to pass through well. This tent is perfect for any season – it is warm in winter and isn’t hot in summer. You will need a car to transport the structure as the product weighs 172 lbs. The delivery of the kit is carried out in several packages, one of which will contact a frame, and the other one will have a tarpaulin part.

best bell tent

“White duck” canvas tent

This stylish model looks like a bell. It is suitable for family trips and can accommodate up to 8 persons. You can go outdoors at any time of the year. Part of the tent accommodates a chimney, and there is a heat-resistant coating around of it. Install a quality wood stove inside, where you can cook your favorite dishes. The ventilation level will be sufficient to keep fresh air in the tent (there are four holes).

This design is perfect for any season. The floor is vinyl and can be removed if you use it only as a canopy. There is a zipper to fix the cover. You can observe the beauty of nature looking through the windows, they are three-layer and consist of:

  • PVC panels;
  • canvas;
  • nets.

A heavy tent will be securely set up on any surface: sand, grass or tree roots. You can fix it with fasteners, then open the canopy and prepare the sleeping places. Choose the right tent design and go on vacation without forgetting to prepare delicious meals.

danchel outdoor website

Canvas Bell Tent Premium WHITEDUCK Regatta

Another option for any time of the year is a canvas tent, which is reliably protected from water. The floor is made of quality material that will keep you warm while sleeping during the cold season. There is plenty of room inside for a wood stove. You will be able to run the chimney through a special section in the tent, which is covered with fireproof material.

Several vents provide ventilation, so there will be enough oxygen inside to warm up the wood stove and free air circulation. Choose the best option from the proposed list and go on your best trip regardless of the season!



🏕  Is it easy to install a 4 season tent stove?

Products shaped as a dome can be perfectly installed without outside help, you will need a few minutes for this, and then you can light up your stove.

📦  How to choose a four season tent for frozen ground?

A tent with a frame will suit you, as they are securely installed and provide protection from the cold.

💡  Is there good ventilation in the tent?

Thanks to the ventilation holes, there is always fresh air inside the 4 season tent stove, even while cooking.


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RBM are the best! Period!

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How do I pick the right tent?

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It all depends on what you need. Pay attention to the price, size and dimensions, material and so on.

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