A Guide To Camping With A Portable Wood Burning Stove

A Guide To Camping With A Portable Wood Burning Stove
Andrii Kovalenko November 15, 2021 4 mins read time

How To Hot Tent: A Guide To Camping With A Portable Wood Burning Stove

Before going on a camping trip, you need to prepare all the equipment and supplies that you may need. At the same time, it is worth paying attention to the type of terrain and taking into account the weather conditions. So that your trip is not spoiled by the cold or the inability to light a fire because of the wind, we offer portable tent wood stoves.

This is not a special model, but a classic tent with an oven - stove inside. If you have quality equipment and experience, you will make your outdoor activities many times - much easier and more interesting.

portable wood burning stove

Advantages of a hot tent

People often travel during the cold season. In order not to freeze, it is enough to take a warm tent with you. There, you can not only warm up, but also dry your clothes and shoes, and place - keep your equipment.

As for the additional advantages of such equipment, it is worth noting the following:

  1. Ability to cook the best meals without going outside. The flat surface of such a portable wood stove for tent is designed to accommodate pans and pots without falling off during cooking.
  2. Saving money for ignition. In bad weather, it is difficult to light a fire in the open air. Rain and wind can extinguish a newly started fire, so lighting it in a stove will be an undeniable proof of the usefulness of this equipment. You will use less wood and liquid fuel for heating. In addition, the wood will not get wet under the canopy, you will always have dry wood.
  3. A pleasant domestic atmosphere. You can relax in comfort and warmth after dealing with the harsh climate outside. Hot food and drinks, comfortable conditions – a hot tent will help you turn your holiday into a real fairy tale.

With a portable wood stove for a tent, you can keep enough warmth at night. This is especially important for those who travel with children – your kids will not freeze at night, so the likelihood of a cold - possibility to catch a cold is significantly reduced.

fireproof mats for wood stoves


Stove features

A small furnace burns the fuel and emits few harmful substances – the smoke comes out through the chimney, and fresh air comes in through an air vent.To control the amount of oxygen, you need a special device, which is installed in the doorway.

wood burning portable camping stove

Types of tents

To install a portable tent wood stove, you need to make sure there is enough space between you and the heater. Your little house should be large enough so that the firebox does not touch one of its parts. Your best bet is a fireproof material that has a special coating for extra fire protection.

You can choose a lightweight polyester model that is easy to install. But, before placing a stove inside, you need to pay attention to the design of your tent. If you have the slightest doubt, consult WITH the manufacturer.

Only the correct installation of the firebox in a tent made of quality materials will help you to avoid possible risks and have a good time on your vacation.

portable wood cooking stove


The main problem FOR many inexperienced travelers is fire. To protect yourself and your loved ones, you need to place your portable tent wood burning stove properly. This is what you should do:

  • place a fireproof mat under your equipment;
  • make sure that there is at least a meter of free space around the firebox;
  • place firewood and other combustible materials as far as possible;
  • do not place the firebox close to walls, bedding and other flammable items.

The smoke from the fire should not remain inside your tent. Therefore, you need to place your chimney correctly. This is a separate piece of equipment or an entire system. To install it yourself, you need to make a small hole in your tent and get the chimney outside.

Some products are made of a material that ignites easily. Therefore, the part from which your chimney will exit must be treated with an anti-ignition agent. You can also use fireproof material and sheathe part of your tent with it.

The hot pipe must not come into contact with the fabric surface. For this, additional devices are used that isolate the space and keep your awning safe.

The end of the chimney should be one meter away from your tent. The last section contains a spark arrestor to prevent sparks from flying towards the awning. Your chimney must be securely fixed so that when the weather conditions get worse, it does not change its position and does not damage your tent.

wood stove portable

Are there additional risks?

You can get burned while cooking on your home stove. What about a burning stove that is installed in the field? Make sure your hands are well protected – use fireproof gloves when preparing your favorite meals.

Your stove should be located so as not to block access to other parts of your tent. Also, you have to provide adequate ventilation. A lot of oxygen is used when burning firewood, therefore, having good ventilation while your portable firebox is working will help you not to get in trouble.

If you have installed a burning stove near the exit, it will be difficult for you to leave your tent while the firebox is running. Try to choose a center part that is easy to move around. Also, take care of fire safety – take a fire extinguisher with you, which will help you quickly get rid of a fire if necessary.

The cleanliness of your chimney and its correct installation is the key to maintaining your own health. Carbon monoxide escaping from a portable stove is hard to feel if it accidentally gets inside your tent. To prevent poisoning, you need to clean your chimney and make sure that carbon monoxide does not get back into the tent during strong winds. Also, do not close the firebox flap so that carbon monoxide can freely go out through the chimney.

By observing all precautions, you will ensure a pleasant and fun holiday and keep warm, even in the most severe cold.



🏕  Can a portable wood burning stove be installed inside the tent?

Yes, if you choose a fireproof tent.

📦  How to ensure safety while using a portable wood burning stove?

Place items that can catch fire as far away from your stove as possible. Leave room for passage and use fireproof mats that will lie on the tent floor under the firebox.

💡  Is it possible to cook food in a tent over an open fire?

No. It is dangerous!


Sarah Nelson

Sarah Nelson said:

Authentic cooking is an essential part of camping! Don’t deprive yourself of that experience.

Michael Cannon

Michael Cannon said:

I’d say that wood stoves are pretty safe as long as you’re careful.

Kole Finley

Kole Finley said:

For those who love extreme weather camping as much as I do, a wood burning stove is must!

Brooke Sanderson

Brooke Sanderson said:

A wood stove definitely creates a magical atmosphere!

Kaia Fields

Kaia Fields said:

I can’t resist cooking on a camping trip

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