Canvas Tent Maintenance

Canvas Tent Maintenance
Pavlo Lysyy May 02, 2022 3 mins read time

Conditions for storage, cleaning and repeated moisture protection

The condition of your camping equipment has a huge impact on your comfort while camping. While the purchase of a sleeping mat doesn’t hit the budget, the same cannot be said about purchasing a tent. A few practical tips from experts will help you keep it in its original state.


In what conditions to store your tent before a trip

The material used to make the equipment is moisture resistant. The main rule to always remember is that under no circumstances should the tent’s canvas be left wet. Compliance with this key requirement will reduce the risk of mold and other deficiencies. Often, those tourists who were in a hurry to get home after a heavy rain fall into such a trap. In this case, pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • wet canvas placed in a bag shouldn’t be stored like this for a long time;
  • drying in the fresh air takes about 24 hours;
  • if there is no way to dry the tent, bring it into the house and wait until it is completely dry.

To speed up drying, it needs to be placed to wipe the canvas dry with a cloth to remove excess moisture. Wet material should be packed loosely in the bag, as airflow will prevent the high humidity.

After the equipment has dried, it is recommended to put it in a plastic bag and place it at a height. This way, you will avoid holes. In addition, you will be able to protect your property from rodents and insects.

How to extend the use

The lifespan of the item largely depends on the condition of the canvas. Spores spread at different rates, so it's worth taking precautions to remove unwanted particles. Old dirt is easy to clean with a dry brush, but black spots will remain on the tent forever.

The recommended cleaning frequency is once every 3-6 months. As a rule, this period is enough to detect the first signs of mold. Proper cleaning of surfaces is carried out in several stages. The main task is to eliminate all kinds of dirt.

To remove mold, prepare a special solution (1 part vinegar and 4 parts water) or use a special cleaning agent for such purposes. Please note that the solution must be thoroughly rinsed off and the canvas must dry before packing it into a bag.

You should start cleaning the dirt from the top, gradually making your way down . Gradually moving down, it is recommended to use a soft brush and not to put pressure on the fabric. Clean the canvas unfolded, since in other cases it will not be possible to achieve an excellent result.

Reapplying the hydrophobic layer

Protecting the material from moisture and rain involves maintaining an ideal "dry" coating. After buying a tent in a store, you need to check how much it will shrink. For this, put your camping equipment in an open area and wash it with a hose. You can also wait for rain.


The first "test" allows you to determine how much the canvas shrinks. The storage conditions of the prepared product remain unchanged — you need to wait until the tent is completely dry before placing it in storage. As for the improvement of the hydrophobic layer, the algorithm is as follows:

  • remove dirt from the surface;
  • use special solutions;
  • put to storage.

The condition of the protective layer of the product should be checked as often as possible after the store and regular use. If necessary, repeat the procedure — all instructions are placed on the package. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations and enjoy the long life of your equipment.



🏕  How often should the tent be cleaned?

For trouble-free use, you need to take care of keeping the tent clean. Manufacturers recommend cleaning every three months. Conditions of use (moisture, fungal spores) also have an effect on the cleaning frequency. Careful inspection and drying will let your tent’s canvas look its best.

📦  How to restore moisture protection?

The hydrophobic layer allows to avoid mold. To restore the properties of the canvas, you will need to use special solutions. Remember that a dry tent can be stored much longer.

💡  How to extend the life of the equipment?

Follow several rules to preserve the properties of canvas. After drying, the tent should be stored in the fresh air. Storing wet clean canvas is detrimental to its quality. Regular removal of dirt will allow you to extend the durability of the item. High-quality cleaning should be carried out with special solutions.


Steve Johnson

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Take care of your tent!

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If I’ve spent money on a good tent, I’ll make sure to look after it lol

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Amelie Hatfield

Amelie Hatfield said:

So much I didn’t know..

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Yes, tents should be kept dry

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