Camping Tent Shelter Comparison

Camping Tent Shelter Comparison
Pavlo Lysyy May 02, 2022 5 mins read time

How to choose a camping tent? Popular models of products

Can’t imagine your life without camping? Then you will definitely need a tent. Regardless of where you prefer to rest: in an equipped camp for car travelers or in a forest clearing, the main aspect is to choose a comfortable camping accommodation. Let us tell you what types of tents exist, describe the tipi and wall models and recommend the right camping tent to live outdoors with comfort.

Features of camping tents

These models are designed for a comfortable rest during long stays. Tents are equipped with a vestibule, may have several compartments and a special canopy for luggage. It is possible to distinguish them by their big size, and they often have window openings. Such tents are roomy, comfortable and people can even stand up to their full height. They protect from any bad weather like snow, rain and heavy wind.

Selection criteria

A camping tent should be comfortable and spacious. Its weight does not play too big a role, because usually camping stands for traveling by car. If there are no objective reasons to limit the weight, the selection criteria will be the principle “the more, the merrier”. A wall tent, or  other models, should have such features as:

  • large space — it is ideal if the internal volume allows to accommodate your entire family or group; choose the size based on the number of people who will be with you on the trip;
  • appropriate height — modern models of tents, whether tipi or wall, allow walking inside at full height; when selecting the tent, it is worth taking into account the height of the people who will stay inside the structure;
  • rooms — this kind of shelter may have one or more sleeping compartments, a one-room model is suitable for two people, but if there are more people, it is worth choosing  accommodation with two separate rooms or there should be the possibility to divide the sleeping compartment with detachable partitions.

If you decide to choose a multi-room wall tent, there should be many entrances. This way it will be easier to ventilate — the through ventilation guarantees the necessary coolness, which is important on hot days.

tent comparison


Camping tents differ in shape and layout of the interior space. In terms of shape they are divided into such groups as:

  • with a bell form — it is the most reliable construction, which is resistant to wind, easy to install and stands without stretching;
  • tunnel ones — they have a spacious design, a large living area, a huge vestibule, although this option is not very resistant to heavy wind;
  • hip roof tents — they provide high comfort and are suitable for the simple conditions of summer activities.

The interior layout may include a single sleeping compartment, detachable partitions, interior living modules or isolated rooms.

For a camping canvas tent, what’s important is not only comfort, but also reliability. A sturdy frame and quality materials ensure that the structure will last for many years, and its owner will not need to regularly change the poles and seal the cracks. The basis of the described accommodation is the frame. Mostly it determines the durability and the ability to withstand heavy wind. The poles of the frame can be produced of metal or composite materials.


Furthermore, it is worth taking a closer look at some of mentioned accommodations:

  1. Canvas Camp Tipi. The single center rack provides a high tensile strength that extends all the way to the bottom. The bell-like shape is able to protect against wind, rain, snow. The classic canvas is a perfect balance of performance and breathability. The shape and canvas rest on a single central pole. A special treatment increases the natural water resistance of the canvas and serves as a superior protection for moderate climate. It is necessary to anchor it to the ground and raise the central pole, then the tipi will be well tilted. The tipi can also be additionally secured with slings, so it will be able to withstand strong winds or snow. When using the guy lines, the first thing to do is to attach them to the tipi. It is quite a big challenge to fold and wind up the tipi. It’s important to practice, so then it won’t take too much time.
  2. Sibley Bell is a tent that can be set up by a single user. The center pole must be raised, as for the guy lines, they must be secured and put in tension. The spring-loaded poles need to be correctly connected, and the manual should be used for this. The same goes for connecting the guy lines. For folding the tent, it is necessary to remove the poles and the guy stakes.
  3. Wall Tent. A characteristic feature of this model is the presence of many parts to be assembled. In a wall model, poles are connected by hinges, creating a frame where the canvas is stacked and fastened. The guy lines provide additional stability of the wide flat vertical walls.

Some models come with a canvas carry bag, although in this case the tent will not be folded or assembled. Such a package is usually available for wall models. As for tipi or sibley bell, they do not come with it.

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Advantages of tarpaulin tents

Canvas products are very popular among tourists, hunters, fishermen, because they provide the following number of advantages:

  • natural materials;
  • ability to last long;
  • reliability;
  • ergonomics;
  • hygroscopicity;
  • ease of installation.

Now, it is worth focusing on the pros of each model described. For example, the tipi is the perfect protector against snow, rain, and wind. All due to its tapered shape, steep angle and guy lines. Thanks to the latter, the accommodation can easily cope with snow drifts that appear overnight. It also provides good ventilation. Insects will not get inside through the built-in mesh door.

The Sibley Bell Tent has a steep canopy that makes up the majority of the canvas construction. It helps to drain away the moisture in seconds and without much effort, so this tent can withstand any atmospheric exposure. It also comes in handy in hot weather by providing good ventilation. Thick guy lines along with sturdy stakes securely anchor the tent to the ground.

multi room canvas tent

A wall model is characterized by a strong and stable construction, which is possible due to additional guy lines. The roof is sloped at a specific angle, the walls are vertical, so both components are water permeable. Excellent ventilation is guaranteed thanks to the windows and doors.

It is worth mentioning the adaptability of the stove and the fact that all canvas shelters work well with stoves. The heating device can be placed in the center of the tipi and led out on top by means of a sleeve created by a special technology. The conical shape plays a big role in such a model, distributing the force evenly from above.

Manufacturers pay a lot of attention to the details that make up comfort. In particular, internal microclimate, convenient storage areas and the ease of installation. A modern camping tent can be assembled by two people in 20 minutes maximum, while some models require only 10 minutes for the installation. Other models can take even 1 hour to set up.



🏕  How do I choose a tent for camping?

Such accommodations are selected according to their purpose and construction. There are tents for hiking and for expeditions to the mountains, in particular mountaineering. Depending on the design, there are tents in the shape of a dome, tunnel, as well as wall models.

📦  Do I need canvas models?

Canvas models have breathable properties, protect from precipitation and heat, they do not crack in the cold and do not tear in a strong gust of wind. At high air temperatures, a canvas tent is not stuffy as there is natural ventilation.

💡  Which tent would suit me best?

If you choose a canvas model, it is worth looking at wall and tipi ones. They are characterized by durability and resistance to adverse weather conditions. Tipi and wall models do not always require guy lines, so their space can be increased several times.


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