Hunting in any weather: how to pick a waterproof tent

Hunting in any weather: how to pick a waterproof tent
Pavlo Lysyy March 01, 2023 6 mins read time

The main task of a tent for hunting is to protect the tourist from the weather conditions and become a temporary shelter. It is necessary to choose it responsibly. A quality attribute will last long and not spoil one's favorite hobby. The cover must be stable to the following:

  • wind;
  • cold;
  • rain.

It is desirable that installation and assembly take place fairly quickly and without assistance. However, as for the tent's weight, super light is not always good, as this means that it had to give up some features.

It is essential to decide in what period you will use the tent for hunting. If we are only talking about summer camping, it is possible to save money and consider light-budget options. On the other hand, if you like to relax outdoors in the winter, then the choice of such a shelter should be more thorough.

Robust materials and quality metal construction make the product heavier but also stronger and more durable. So here it is a question of what the buyer is willing to concede. The second indicator, which is vital to pay attention to, is the surface. The bigger the tent, the more spacious it is inside, but the weight will also impact it. Sloping walls reduce usable space. The experts have compiled a rating of the best tents for hunting.


The best shelters for hunting

The Nemo Hornet 2p starts this list. The tent is designed for two people and is super lightweight. The height is 39 inches. Its economy is due to the goal of making the tent light. However, manufacturers had to save not only on this indicator but also on the material. The tent is made of ultrafine nylon. The fabric on all sides is treated with silicone to avoid condensation affecting the waterproof indicator. The shelter has two small vestibules in which one can store personal gear. This model is incredibly compact and lightweight when assembled. It is perfect for hunting or hiking. Installation does not require any skills or assistance. The Nemo Hornet 2p stands up well to rain and wind. The manufacturer had to make many compromises to keep the tent's weight minimum. If you are not ready to put up with some of the tent's features when hunting, it is worth considering other options.

The Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 has been known to experienced hikers for a long time. The tent material is still the same nylon but treated with polyurethane. Users note the resistance of the tent to the wind. Waterproof qualities also show good results in the rain. Thanks to the shelter's design, its inside space is not reduced. As a result, it is possible to set up the tent even on rocky terrain. The entrance is through a wide door. Tourists often choose this model when going hunting. It has been tested by time and users, so it is deservedly on the list of the best shelters.

Hilleberg Anjan 2 is characterized as a lightweight and durable tent for hunting. The manufacturer has long been known on the market. It is a tube-shaped shelter with one door and a vestibule. Despite only one entrance opening, it is pretty significant, so movement is not restricted. The model has plenty of space inside, especially on the headboard. It is one of the waterproof tents that shows a high level of protection against rain. Even if it has to be set up during a downpour, it will be dry inside. The tension is easy to adjust, and the material doesn't sag even when it's raining outside. Undoubtedly, compared to the previous two options, it will weigh a little more and take up more space when assembled, but it's worth it. Users complain about the high cost of this tent, but its durability and reliability are well worth all the costs.

The Lunar Duo is no less exciting. It is a pretty spacious and large tent. The maximum height is 45 inches. If you go hunting with a friend, it will be comfortable and convenient for both of you to stay in such a tent. The shelter has good waterproof qualities. Not only are the walls and roof of the tent treated with silicone, but so is the bottom. However, you will have to provide additional sealing of seams. You can do it yourself by buying an exceptional product. Few people like to wake up on a wet floor. Therefore, experts and users note the hydrostatic performance of this model. For the best resistance to the wind, you will need to use additional pulling points. The price of the shelter corresponds to the quality.

The All-Season Tent with Stove Jack "UP-2-mini" deserves special attention. This model is suitable for use throughout the year and has many advantages:

  1. When assembled, it is presented as a backpack, which makes it easy to carry.
  2. Thanks to the possibility of installing a wood stove in the winter, you can keep the temperature up to 30 degrees Celsius.
  3. Waterproof characteristics are at the highest level. Tourists are reliably protected in this tent from any weather: wind, downpour, snow, or sultry sun.
  4. The aviation alloy used for the construction guarantees reliability, durability, and long service life.
  5. Thanks to the umbrella type, installation takes no more than two minutes.
  6. The shelter is equipped with reflective elements, making it visible to cars and snowmobiles. In addition, protective shields on the stove prevent fires.
  7. The windows provide a decent level of ventilation.

One can hardly imagine more comfortable hunting than that with the UP-2-mini.

Another tent worth considering is the VIAM Outdoors CC Divide. The model is available in two versions: with and without a bottom. As in the previous shelter, it is possible to install a stove. This feature also makes the tent suitable for use in the cold season. The shelter has the largest area among all considered. The weight of the tent is relatively small, given the dimensions. There is a vestibule and two zippered doors, so it is convenient to enter and exit the tent without disturbing the partner. There is also a built-in rope inside, which can be used to dry things, for example, in winter when the stove will be used. The tent is secured with 12 stakes, which many call a drawback. However, given all the advantages, this is more of a feature than a disadvantage. The only disadvantage of its size is that it is necessary to find a solid flat area for installation.

The tent ZPacks is two-tiered. The Dyneema material used is thin but durable and has an anti-slip effect. The light weight of the shelter attracts many tourists. The material is waterproof. And if in the silicone-treated tents the protection function against moisture can be lost over time, here this problem is solved. All seams are glued, which minimizes the likelihood of water ingress through them. If you want to be in privacy when hunting, it is worth noting that this model is a bit translucent. The price of the tent can be a deterrent, but if you consider all of its characteristics combined with the fact that it is lightweight, it becomes clear that you have to pay more for comfort.


If you are passionate about hunting and are looking for the right tent, you must consider the waterproof characteristics, size, weight, and other vital parameters. Understanding that superlight shelters mean savings on material weight, construction, and size is essential. If portability matters to you, be prepared that it will not be suitable for all-season use, may not be durable or that is waterproof performance will be inferior to other models, which weigh more.

Manufacturers often improve waterproofing by coating the fabric with silicone and polyurethane. It is worth noting that this method has the right to exist. It is suitable for shelters that are used in the warm season. All-season tents with maximally improved waterproof parameters will withstand autumn rains and snow. In such tents, the hunt will not be spoiled by a wet roof, walls, or things inside the tent.

A larger tent for hunting always requires complicated installation, but it is quite possible to do it personally. This applies mainly to the four seasonal shelters. After all, in addition to sleeping places, it is necessary to place a stove that can heat and maintain a comfortable temperature.

The design of the tent plays an important role, so does the material. Plastic arcs cannot withstand heavy loads and wind, but quality metal will weigh the product down. Choosing a tent for hunting is a constant compromise.


🏕  What affects the weight of the tent for hunting?

Several factors affect the shelter's weight: the fabric, construction material, size, and additional features such as waterproofing.

📦  What affects the waterproofness of tents for hunting?

This indicator depends on the material used and the tightness of the seams. Superlight tents use thin fabrics but are treated with silicone or polyurethane to increase water resistance.

💡  What are the features of tents for winter hunting?

These models mean more robust metal structures, thicker waterproof fabrics, thicker bottoms, airtight seams, and the ability to install a stove for heating. In addition, they are often larger than other shelters.




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