Easy installation: popup hunting tent for all purposes

Easy installation: popup hunting tent for all purposes
Pavlo Lysyy March 01, 2023 7 mins read time


What exactly is a Pop-Up tent? And how do they work?

This type of shelter is also known as an "instant tent" because, in contrast to traditional canvas shelters, which require you to do all the work to set them up, these canvases set themselves up on their own! It may look like magic, but the trick is in the frame, which consists of bendable poles that are sometimes spring-loaded and stitched into the fabric of the tent. After that, the poles are folded down and contained by a strap. When that strap is released from its hook and the tent is thrown into the air, frames snap into position, which in turn causes the fabric to unfold. Taking down the tent, while still amazingly fast, can be a little bit of a challenge for people who have never used a pop-up tent before. Regrettably, they don't just fall back down by themselves. Instead, you will need to fold them in a particular manner to get them to lay flat and fit back into the bag for which they were intended.

But the fact that they are user-friendly and suitable for novices, in general, comes at a price. Continue reading to learn more about this particular form of shelter and to determine whether or not it will be suitable for your hunting outgo.

Advantages of instant shelters for hunting

Installing such a canvas does not take a lot of time or require much assistance, which means that novice campers do not need to worry about losing time when setting up their hunting shelters. Certain tents require only the middle of the tent to be drawn up like an umbrella, whereas others simply open themselves as you toss them into the air. It is as simple as that! Instant outdoor huts can provide instant shelter in situations when you decide to camp at the last minute or maybe don't want to spend a lot of time setting up your dwelling, such as camping in the living room and spending the weekend backyard camping. Since it takes a minimum of time to set up, this option can be very suitable in these situations. The ease with which this dwelling may be assembled makes it especially useful for day outings to the beach or by the lake, where it can be used to provide shade from the sun, protect supplies from the elements, and provide a discrete location in which you can change into swimwear.

On the other side, pulling down the canopy can require some additional practice as well as some assistance. Because of the canopy’s inherent tendency to spread outward, you'll need to maintain its compactness even while you fasten its various components. The good news is that after you have folded it a few times for practice, it will just take a few minutes.

After being packed, your camp transforms into a very compact item, which means that it is not going to be difficult for you to find free space in your house to store your outdoor shelter. It is just as important to know how to properly store your hunting hut as it is to know how to set it up. Ensure that it is kept in a spot that is dry, cool, and out of direct sunlight. You can also purchase a storage bag that is designed specifically for your instant canvas, which will help protect it from dust and moisture if you use it.

Regular camping canopies require several parts to be correctly assembled. Pop-up shelters require no other components. Some canvases may include stakes and a rainfly, which are intended to improve protection from adverse weather. Instant outdoor dwellings, on the other hand, do not require poles, making setup much simpler. Another issue with poles is that they normally arrive in their bag, which you may forget about. If you forget these poles, you will be unable to set up your shelter. Fast-installing canvasses do not have this issue because they arrive in a single bag.

Drawbacks of instant shelters

Pop-up shelters are not the best option you want to have while you're caught outside in inclement weather or harsh temperatures. What makes them a quick and inexpensive starter option also makes them less sturdy and less weatherproof. Spring-loaded frames that allow for quick setup are frequently made of less durable materials to keep them lightweight for transport. It is not recommended to repair a cracked or damaged frame component while it is stitched into the cloth. Unlike usual hunting shelters, it might be hard or impossible to fix broken frame pieces.

Despite the widespread notion to the contrary, the majority of fast-installing outdoor dwellings do come with some degree of waterproofing protection directly from the manufacturer. On the other hand, it is typically very humble, and even more, severe downpours will render it ineffective. In general, if you intend to spend more time in extreme weather or camp in areas where the weather changes quickly, it may be worth your while to look for an option with an umbrella-type frame design. This type of instant shelter can still be installed in a few minutes, but at the same time, it guarantees protection against the elements and is certified for low temperatures. This will allow you to spend more time outdoors.

Also, in such kinds of shelters, it can be difficult to find many of the features that are common in regular tents, such as a vestibule, a rainfly, or even huge family sizes. Even though more modern, more expensive fast-installing canvases have some of the same features as more expensive regular hunting shelters, the pop-up's low cost and straightforward design can limit these features.

How to choose a good fast-installing shelter so that it is suitable for hunting

  1. Consider the size of your shelter. When choosing a shelter for a hunt, it's one of the first things you need to think about. Many factors will affect what size of the shelter you need. Consider how many people will need to be placed inside your hunting hut. Will you require additional luggage space in your shelter? Are you intending to bring a lot of gear on your adventures? If so, consider purchasing an instant canopy with an umbrella-style frame construction. This sort of shelter is fast to set up and has enough area to accommodate multiple hunters and their gear.
  2. Think about weather resistance. Consider the weather conditions that will greet you on your hunting grounds. If you're going somewhere warm, your standard instant canvases will suffice. However, if you know that the weather in your destination can be harsh, you may want to consider additional wind, rain, and snow protection, as the standard instant shelters may not provide adequate weather protection. Check to see if the roof, rainfly, walls, and sides are constructed of a tear- and water-resistant fabric that will keep you safe from all weather conditions. Also on a hot summer day, you’re gonna need versions that provide enhanced airflow, reduce condensation, and feel less stuffy. And again, you can compromise: instead of choosing a pop-up tent that can unfold by itself, choose an option of an umbrella-type frame design. In this case, you will get a win-win situation, as this type of shelter can be installed rapidly and such models are often made of durable materials that can withstand harsher weather conditions.
  3. Make sure you are purchasing a product from a reliable manufacturer. You can be confident that you will receive a high-quality item if you purchase your shelter from a reputable company. But don't be lazy about checking user feedback on the model you've chosen to see how it performs in real-world scenarios.

All-Season Tent with Stove Jack "UP-2-mini"

As you can see, it can be difficult to find a shelter that is well protected from wear and tear, that you can use all year round, that has enough inner space to ensure a comfortable stay, that is easy to set up, and that has some specific features that make it suitable for hunting. But it is still possible. "UP-2 mini" is a quick setup outdoor dwelling that has all the benefits of instant shelters and at the same time doesn’t share common defects of pop-up canvases.

It really is true! To begin with, the umbrella-style frame design of this shelter makes it possible to install it on any surface in a matter of only two minutes, regardless of the terrain! Therefore, there is no need for you to worry that you will have to spend a significant amount of time setting it up once you have found a suitable location for camping. Second, this canopy can be utilized throughout the entire year. It has four windows with five layers for ventilation, and it will provide shade from the sun during the warm summer months. And at the same time, you won't get wet under the canvases, even if it rains heavily, thanks to the cutting-edge, water-repellent Oxford PU4000 material that the walls are made of. This material will keep the interior dry. In addition, the inner layer is treated with a unique water-repellent, and all of the stitches are glued so that the product offers the highest possible level of waterproofness. This offers superior protection against the wind and rain, as well as ensures that the interior remains warm and dry. All of this makes it suitable for use in both cold and hot weather. Third, due to the ample space contained within, this shelter can provide safe and secure housing for up to three people. If you are going on an outing by yourself, you will have the freedom to bring certain camping essentials with you, such as a folding bed, folding chair, folding table, or wooden stove, to make your time spent in the great outdoors as enjoyable as possible. And last but not least, this canvas has some special features which you may need during such an unpredictable activity as hunting. This includes a wood stove that will help maintain a comfortable temperature in winter and can be useful for reheating food, several hinges that are ideal for drying clothes, mosquito nets, reinforced zippers on the doors and windows which will protect you from insects, and a detachable waterproof floor that will be ideal for those who enjoy winter fishing.


🏕  Are there any pop-up tents that are suitable for all-year usage?

Today, the market presents a big variety of hunting shelters, including easy-to-install shelters that you can use all year round.

📦  Are pop-up tents waterproof?

Because most manufacturers of such shelters prioritize the ease of assembly, not all models offer adequate protection from the rain; however, you can still find a hunting canvas that offers adequate protection from the weather.

💡  Are pop-up tents durable?

Are pop-up tents durable? The materials that are used in an instant shelter are typically less durable than the materials that are used in other types of shelters. This is done so that the shelter can be installed quickly. However, as an illustration, hunting shelters that have an umbrella-style frame can sometimes have more long-lasting materials while still being simple to set up.




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