What to expect from a turkey hunting tent

What to expect from a turkey hunting tent
Pavlo Lysyy March 01, 2023 6 mins read time

When the warm seasons are getting closer, the sun is shining brighter, and the temperature rises, hunters begin preparing their equipment. It's just about time to get your turkey decoys ready, practice a few more mouth calls, and pattern your shotgun. However, choosing the right cover for your hunt is just as important as preparing your weapon.

The quality of your cover is one of the most critical factors to consider if you're going hunting, whether you're an expert hunter or new to this type of thing. Ground canvas, quick-install canopies, and movable blinds are among the many canvas patterns available today. Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. In this article, we will concentrate on the more traditional quick-install model because it is a universal option and includes a variety of features that make this specific type of an outdoor dwelling one of the best options for your outdoor adventure.


Choosing the right tent for hunting

Many factors must be considered when selecting a canvas for turkey hunting. Tents are not created equal. Some are poorly constructed or tailored for specific hunting reasons. Others are simply too bulky or do not blend in as well as they should. Consider your options and compare them to the primary categories listed below. If a canopy fits these requirements, you're ready to go. In the end, choosing the right shelter can make the difference between failure and success.

Think About Size and Comfort

First and foremost, if you're considering a too-small option, you should pass on it right from the start. If you are confined inside your shelter, you will not want to hunt in it for long, which will restrict your chances of bagging a bird. You want an outdoor hut big enough for you and your gear. If you're going for a hunt with a partner, make sure your canopy can fit both of you and your gear. Think about some features like storage pockets, additional protection from the elements, mosquito nets, reinforced zippers, a vestibule, or a stove that will make your hunt more comfortable.

Think about weather protection

This is especially crucial if you intend to go hunting in inclement weather or for numerous seasons. Choose shelters constructed of high-quality materials. You're out of luck if your cover can't withstand the unpredictable spring weather. One of the primary benefits of using a hunting shelter is to avoid the elements, which can include severe winds, or heavy rain depending on where and when you hunt. If the blind is badly made, it will most certainly leak through within a short time and begin to rain inside as well.

Determine the stability of your tent

Along with weather issues, stability is another important factor to consider. High winds, fallen branches, wildlife interactions, and certainly more than you care to think about will occur during your adventure. But that's just the way it is. So, if your outdoor dwelling can't stay properly anchored or withstand the abuse it will endure, it won't last long.

Think about camouflage pattern

Wild turkeys have incredible eyesight and can detect even the tiniest irregularities. So, when choosing an outdoor dwelling for your adventures, pay attention to its color. It is better not to choose shelters that have monochromatic and bright colors; it is better to choose options that have a camouflage pattern. It allows turkeys to become acclimated to seeing it, and as a result, they will be less afraid of your shelter and will not avoid it. However, if your shelter does not blend in with the natural environment as it should, you may have a problem hunting a turkey. Even in a field situation, you may (and should) always take measures to brush it in a little. But that won't cover up bad designs or camouflage patterns. Choose the most accurate pattern possible to avoid drastically altering the appearance of your cover.

Evaluate Your Budget

When selecting a shelter, it is essential to conduct a cost analysis, just like you would for any other purchase. Tents may be found in several styles and can be purchased for a range of prices. When making a decision, it is essential to strike a balance between the amount of money spent and the level of quality received. It is also important to keep in mind that lower-priced variants typically require more care than those of a higher grade.

Tips to get the most out of your shelter

To begin, it is recommended that you get an early start on the preparation of your tent. This will allow the turkeys and other animals to become accustomed to their surroundings before you attempt to hunt them. Some birds do not appear to be bothered by or even aware of the presence of the tents on the day they are set up, while others most certainly are. If you are going to hunt, there is no reason why you shouldn't try to remove any interference that could prevent you from being successful before it arises. Even if you don't get a shot at a gobbler right away, there's a good chance you'll get one as long as you camp close to some gobbler-hot locations.

Before you go turkey hunting, you should think about a few concealment suggestions. First and foremost, you should get your new canvas dirty. Literally. Splatter some mud or dirt on the walls. The idea, though, is not to produce a layer that masks your camouflage. Instead, wipe a thin coating all over and brush most of it away. When the sun shines on fresh blind materials, this simple gesture helps to conceal the faint gloss.

After you've mudded up your shelter and put it in place, spend a few seconds brushing it in. It helps to surround the blind with other natural plants to obscure its form, whether you're in dense woods or an open, grassy plain. Lay lightweight branches against the blind's sides and even on top if they're not too heavy. Tuck grass tufts and branches into exterior cracks and around windows. The goal is to blend in as much as possible with the surrounding environment, and nothing may assist with that more than incorporating some of that natural vegetation.

Now that you know what to look for when choosing a canopy, it's time to go out and get one. But be sure that your choice combines all of the above-mentioned characteristics.

All-Season Tent with Stove Jack "UP-2-mini"

"UP-2 mini" has it all to ensure your hunting success. The shelter’s umbrella-style structure allows for a two-minute installation. After finding a good spot for placing your outdoor dwelling, you will easily set it up and won't make a lot of noise, which can scare the prey. The tent frame is composed of the aviation alloy B95T1: a long-lasting, high-strength material that retains its original shape even when subjected to large loads. This ensures that it will withstand everything that mother nature has prepared. The tent's outside layer is made of a strong, innovative, and water-resistant material called Oxford 300 PU 4000. Even in heavy rain, the material keeps you dry beneath the canvases. Also, this shelter has a lot of inner space, so that even several hunters with their equipment can comfortably fit inside. Or if you prefer solo adventures, you may bring some additional comfort equipment with you to make your hunt even more enjoyable. And finally, the camouflage painting on the canvases is perfect for hunting purposes.


🏕  What colors are the best for hunting tents?

It is preferable that you select a cover that features camouflage patterns. Turkeys will be less likely to avoid going near your shelter if the colors used on the canvases are similar to the colors found in the surrounding environment.

📦  What is the best time to set up your tent?

It is strongly suggested that you start the process of preparing your cover as soon as possible in the morning. This will give turkeys and other animals more time to get used to the new object in their environment.

💡  Must the hunting tent be big?

When making a decision, keep in mind that activities such as hunting require a significant amount of equipment, which you will need to bring along with you. This does not mean that the shelter in question needs to be extremely large, but it will be a good idea to think about some extra space.




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