Best fuel for winter camping in 2022: + expert recommendations

Best fuel for winter camping in 2022: + expert recommendations
Andrii Kovalenko February 21, 2022 3 mins read time


Choosing the best fuel for winter camping

The onset of cold weather is not a reason to give up outdoor recreation. However, getting ready for camping will require some effort. In addition to bringing your warm clothes, you will need to decide on a suitable type of fuel that will warm you on a cold night.

Today, making a choice is not easy, since there is quite a wide range of options. To make the right decision, you should familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of each offer. Only then can you pack your gas into your bag.

How to choose gas for heating your tent

On the modern travel market, you can find several options at once. The popularity of each depends on the characteristics that are associated with the formation of smoke and other important factors. Winter hikers should consider several options for their stove.

Briquettes are a common type of fuel, but tourists can see that they are gradually disappearing. The novelty that caused this decline of popularity is known as liquid gas. Using this option allows you to:

  • provide intensive combustion;
  • regulate pressure;
  • maintain power at any temperature.

It is not difficult to get a cylinder that is suitable for use at low temperatures. Tourists should familiarize themselves with the features of the offer and choose the product they prefer.

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What is better for camping in the cold – propane or butane

Making the right choice between these options seems daunting. You just need to familiarize yourself with their properties, and it will be much easier to decide what to buy. To make a decision, it is worth considering the temperature regime of your region, as well as your preferred transport.

You can get to your place of camping on foot and by car. In the first case, you should choose propane. There are several reasons for this:

  • freezing point below -50°F;
  • the gaseous state does not require any safety measures;
  • transportation of cylinders does not cause problems.

Butane freezes at around 6°F, so you should keep this in mind. Since you can’t use gas in a liquid state, don’t buy such fuel. With this in mind, propane is the best option for heating in winter.

Benefits of white gas

White gas is another popular means of heating. The reason for its popularity lies in the fact that its freezing point is much lower than that of its “colleagues”, so tourists can use the new option without any problems. However, better weather resistance is not the only thing liquid fuel is famous for.

You need a pump to use this option. It will turn your stove on and keep the pressure constant at low temperatures. You should choose it if you plan your camping away from residential buildings and if there is threat of the temperature regime getting worse.

Best options for winter camping

Hiking enthusiasts prefer the MSR Superfuel. This option is useful for heating at any low temperatures, and you can ignite your stove with just a few pump pulses. Small packaging is convenient to store.

Additional benefits include the lack of additives. Constant heating does not lead to clogging, so there will be no difficulties with the use of such a cylinder in the cold.

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This novelty presented by Coleman Premium gives you comfort and safety. Special plugs are used to protect them from children, so kids cannot be injured. The wind and low temperature protection allows the liquid to be used in all conditions, unlike butane.


🏕  What should be considered when choosing fuel for winter vacation?

To maintain a comfortable temperature, you need gas that will not freeze. The temperature at which the transformation into liquid takes place is the starting point for selection.

📦  What you should buy for winter camping?

Finding gas for heating is the first thing to purchase for camping during the cold season. Additionally, it is suggested to select a pump to ensure constant pressure. The tightness of the slab becomes less important if you have the necessary equipment.

💡  How to reduce the amount of smoke during your vacation?

The amount of smoke that will be emitted during combustion can be reduced by using special gas. Modern options are suitable for winter camping due to their low freezing point.


Carl Anderson

Carl Anderson said:

Choose your fuel with caution

Che Glenn

Che Glenn said:

Briquettes are more old school, they are less convenient

Grover Wilkins

Grover Wilkins said:

Propane is the best choice for camping in the cold, it literally never freezes

Will Roberson

Will Roberson said:

Propane is also safer

Dillon Dickinson

Dillon Dickinson said:

Using white gas is too complicated in my opinion

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