Folding Your Canvas Tent

Folding Your Canvas Tent
Andrii Kovalenko February 21, 2022 2 mins read time


How to fit a tent into a compact bag?

Manufacturers use secret technologies to make tents fit into a small bag. Beginner campers may not always be able to fold the product in such a way so that they don’t have to search for a new place to store. You can ensure a simple and comfortable process by listening to a few recommendations.

how to fold tent

If you are looking for secrets to pack your things without any problems, then you've come to the right place. Use the following instructions to get the perfect result:

  1. Preparation. First, you need to lay your tent on the roof, that is, the bottom will be at the top. This is to ensure that the floor is protected from possible damage. Place a tarp underneath to keep dirt and dust out.
  2. Folding. Doors and walls need to be folded back to a surface that is parallel to ground. It will take you a few tries to get the correct envelope. Try to memorize the order of your actions for quick completion.
  3. Reducing the size. Use the help of strangers and try to fold the product widthwise. Continue doing this until you have a piece of canvas about 3 feet in size. This is enough to return the item to the branded bag.
  4. Roll up the tent. The folding of the product must be completed when 30-40 cm remain to the end. This distance is enough for the quick completion of the work. Try to create a compact roll to finish your mission.

Once you learn how to perform these simple steps, you will understand how it is possible to pack such a product in its original bag. However, it will take some effort to form a sufficiently tight roll in the last step. In addition, spreading will not cause any particular difficulties next time. Memorize the algorithm and improve your skills for simple packing after the end of your camping.

how to fold tent back into bag


🏕  Can you fold the tent to its original packaging after use?

Yes, you have the option to pack the product in its bag from the manufacturer. It will take a little time to learn. Check out the instructions without any difficulty.

📦  How to protect the roof from tearing?

To pack your tent without damaging other elements of the product, you will need to use tarpaulin or other materials to prevent tearing. The chosen fabric should be dense and strong enough to spread the product.

💡  How long does the packaging process take?

To pack your tent, you need to put it on the ground and carry out a few manipulations. The speed of the process depends on the size of your product and the number of attempts. It is recommended to try it out a few times to reduce the time you need to pack after camping.


Mia Sargeant

Mia Sargeant said:

RBM tents are really easy to fold!

Dylan Frank

Dylan Frank said:

If you’re a beginner, make sure to watch some videos and read manual instructions first

Izzy Wilde

Izzy Wilde said:

Folding a tent can be tricky, take it from me

Tia Wilkins

Tia Wilkins said:

It’s very easy to rip your tent when you’re folding it, so be careful

Tyson Owen

Tyson Owen said:

Great tips!

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