What is 300D Oxford cloth as one of the tent fabrics?

What is 300D Oxford cloth as one of the tent fabrics?
Andrii Kovalenko February 21, 2022 3 mins read time


300D Oxford: advantages and features

Many people are familiar with the word cloth, since it was previously used for sewing men's shirts. Today, its scope of use has expanded significantly, because modern options have come a long way of refinement and adjustments. The main goal was the desire to extend the life of the product, and experts succeeded.

General characteristics of modern cloth

The fabric known today belongs to the category of mixed materials. Nylon and polyester fibers used for the manufacture of canvases ensure a long service life. The material is woven on a special machine, then shrinks and forms.

To indicate the density of oxford, people use dens; these are units of measurement, the range of which is from 150 to 1800 D. The thickness depends on the specified parameter, as well as how rough and durable the material will be. Additional processing allows to make fireproof, water-repellent or chemical-resistant cloth.

oxford cloth

Oxford 300D is preferred for making tents, and there are quite enough good reasons for such a decision:

  • dense and water-repellent material allows you to comfortably spend time outdoors in the rain;
  • thick silk can be dyed any color, so the number of options is unlimited;
  • opportunity of additional processing, such as applying prints, lamination and creasing.

Such a product is becoming more and more popular, because the quality is unquestionable. Manufacturers are increasingly drawing the attention of tourists to the exceptional characteristics, which are confirmed in practice. The wide distribution of products allows you to choose the RBM.

oxford material

Main advantages of the new product

The choice of series cannot be considered random as it took time to learn the true characteristics of new fabric. Experiments with the addition of fibers were successful, so today you have an opportunity to purchase a high-quality product for your needs.

Buying a durable tent will help you avoid common problems and enjoy comfort regardless of the weather. High density not only improves comfort but also increases the weight. The popularity of thick silk is due to its several advantages:

  1. Wide colour palette. The oxford can be described as flawless. The choice of colour doesn’t affect the surface smoothness and other important visual properties.
  2. Excellent tactile performance. Thanks to the processing, it was possible to make a soft and nice cloth of low weight. The lightness and anti-static properties make it possible to create versatile fabric.
  3. Operational characteristics. An important feature of the new product is its long service life. High tensile resistance and resistance to mechanical damage made oxford a favourite material of many tourists.

Usually the cloth is used for sewing essentials (bags, belts) and is prized for its extraordinary abrasion resistance. Travel product manufacturers also decided not to stand aside and create a universal series of products that meet the expectations of buyers.

oxford fabric material

The release of such products is also due to other properties of the material. Durability and ease of care captivated the owners of oxford-made products. Price, weight and quality are perfectly combined in one item, which will continue to refer to competitive advantages for a long time. Resistance to stretching plays an important role in this.

Thus, products made of the new mixed material are becoming more and more popular. Since density affects the final performance, the fabric of 300D is a versatile option. Low maintenance also has a positive effect on popularity.


🏕  Why choose oxford for your tent?

This product has advantages that other types of cloth don’t have. High strength characteristics and an attractive look are combined to provide maximum comfort for owners of outdoor equipment.

📦  What are the main characteristics of this fabric?

Users emphasize that resistance to stretching plays an important role. It is worth choosing oxford because of its simple and easy maintenance, the light weight of the finished product and the pleasant texture of the cloth.

💡  What does the density depend on?

Dens are used to describe the density of oxford. The higher the number in the purchase overview, the higher the resistance to mechanical damage will be. The new cloth combines acceptable density and weight characteristics.


James Green

James Green said:

The quality is top notch!

Francisco Mcgee

Francisco Mcgee said:

Oxford cloth is perfect for all-season camping

Kaisha Neville

Kaisha Neville said:

It is really strong too

Emerson Baird

Emerson Baird said:

Oxford cloth is the first thing I look for when buying a tent

Justin Mills

Justin Mills said:

Tents made of 300d oxford cloth are way more durable

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