Tent Stove Types

Tent Stove Types
Andrii Kovalenko November 15, 2021 4 mins read time

What Types of Tent Stove is the Best for Me?

Tent stoves come in a variety of shapes and modifications. The growing demand for these pretty much reflects the increasing global glamping market. Besides, this product attracts hunters, hikers, base campers, and other recreational camping fans. It can keep you warm and make your temporary home comfortable for several days out in a freezing cold. There are several types that cater to a variety of use cases and campers’ needs.

tent brands to avoid

“Luxury glamping” stoves

These are the most expensive ones, but the game is really worth the candle. They strike a perfect balance between usability, safety, reliability, and comfort. With one at hand, you will be able to heat up your place with minimal expenses and maximal output. It suits the majority of popular tents in all respects. These wood burning stoves are made of high-profile heavy-duty types of steel and feature air-intake control, baffle plates, door gaskets, and a firebrick lining. The items ensure effective combustion, continuous burning, and proper ventilation, reducing fuel intake and all but eliminating the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning (this is no excuse for not taking precautions!). They do not warp and retain shape throughout lifetime. Heavy weight and therefore difficult transportation is their one and only downside.


These are more affordable yet a little less sturdy ones than glamping stoves. They are made of relatively light-weight types of stainless or galvanized steel and do not feature a brick lining, baffle plates, and door gaskets. Therefore, these ovens are lightweight compared to glamping ones. However, the majority of portable wood burners do feature air-intake control. They are capable of heating up even large tents. Many models feature small glass windows, so you can check the fire without opening the firebox door. Lack of some elements that are present in glamping ones leads to a somewhat higher wood consumption. However, many campers are ready to trade a tiny portion of comfort for convenience and choose this particular type.

tent brands to avoid


Just like portable ovens, these are made from stainless/galvanized steel or titanium. The difference is that they fold, completely or partially. For this reason, this category is more popular among backpackers. They snugly fit in travel bags and backpacks, which is their biggest advantage. Some products have folding legs with a solid body. They are less transportable, yet much sturdier and more durable than ones that fold completely. The biggest downside of these burners is that they are small and require a good number of logs and kindling material to keep even a small-sized tent warm. They are still suitable for cooking, as it requires a smaller amount of fuel.

Why should I not buy a cheap one?

There are less pricey types of items galore out there. They are available on Amazon and other popular marketing venues. For the most part, these are copied or generic versions of more advanced products. They look similar to those on website images. However, the result is usually disappointing. Manufacturers, many of which are downright backstreet, cut corners on material and construction. Many such stoves are made of poor-quality metal and have an anti-rust coating, which produces an unpleasant smell and toxic smoke while burning. Campers end up with the frustration of finding out that the body has warped beyond usability after a few trips, or it has grown rust after a couple of months of storage. Needless to say, cheap products cannot guarantee a safety level anywhere near that of high-quality brand products.

This is a plausible reason to stay away from these knock-off ovens. Given the carbon monoxide and fire danger, you may pay a much higher price for saving on quality. In this context, buying a top-quality product from a pre-vetted supplier is among the most reasonable types of investment. It is the only guarantee that your wood burner will keep you safe and warm in your portable home throughout a lifetime of weekends, hiking, or hunting trips around scenic wild areas. Please remember the most common hazards related to heating up your tent and take precautions!


If you are choosing one for your tent, make sure that:

  1. Your tent has a stove jack that fits the size of the smoke pipe.
  2. It features a spark-arrestor, wood grate, and a pipe damper.
  3. There is a fire mat that covers at least a 2-foot area around the fireplace.
  4. Never leave a burning fireplace unattended.
tent brands to avoid

What are the best types for me?

There is hardly a product that can satisfy every little need. Choosing one can be a challenge. To find the right thing, make a list of the most trustworthy brands and of products that show what you think is the best price/quality ratio. Besides, make a list of your basic expectations. Check out the manufacturers’ buying guides and get the best product you can afford!



🏕  Why are glamping tent stoves the best?

They are made of high-quality alloys and feature elements (baffle plates, air-intake control, door gaskets, etc.) that ensure long and economic burning and maximum heat output.

📦  What is the downside of ultra-lightweight tent stoves?

Most of them are made of lightweight types of metal and are small. For this reason, they cannot heat a large area for a long time and take a huge amount of wood.

💡  What types of tent stoves should I avoid?

Do not be tempted to buy cheap items on Amazon or online stores of similar types. They come from backstreet manufacturers that skimp on materials and production technologies. These products are very short-lived, and they are made of poor-quality metal that may warp or melt when burning. Using such products can be dangerous.


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Caminus stoves are my absolute favorite!

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I love how personalized all your articles are! I can always find answers to all my questions. Are you reading my mind?

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You shouldn’t try to save money on stoves. It’s better to spend a little more and be sure that everything works and you’re safe.

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There are many great stoves out there, always better to read the guidelines to make the right choice.

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Sonya Brook said:

I own a Caminus stove and I’m completely satisfied. Safe and efficient.

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