Living Tents for Quality and safe camping: recommendations for making the choice

Living Tents for Quality and safe camping: recommendations for making the choice
Pavlo Lysyy July 19, 2023 5 mins read time

Unlike recreational activities worldwide, such as sailing on a yacht, seclusion in a cove by the sea, or other options for quiet relaxation, hunting, fishing, and camping require a certain amount of gear. A good shelter, equipped with the necessary equipment, will help to spend free time usefully and protect yourself from the vagaries of the weather. In nature, you will need utensils, sleeping bags, and many other things that you put in a roomy tent. It will allow you to relax in the bosom of nature without fearing for your life and health. A good stove will be a lifesaver in the cold season, and the frost and snowfall will not scare you. After all, you can get warm inside the cabin, tossing wood and drinking strong tea.


Tents for living and camping – a bias toward versatility

Resting at home, lying on the couch, or playing video games radically differs from spending time outdoors. The modern world needs a reset. Outdoors your spirits are inevitable lifted and you feel recharged after work overload. Therefore, everyone needs to go out regularly to improve their mental and physical health.

However, the weather is not always favorable to holidaymakers, and especially if you are caught in a downpour, hail, or snow, you will need to shelter from various abnormal phenomena. It is one thing to wait out bad weather for half an hour, but living outdoors for a long time is completely different. If you are searching for a tent for living and camping long-term, we advise you to focus on versatility. An example is the all-season model in the form of a hexagon, which resembles a huge house, which is cozy and warm in winter, and cool and not hot in summer. This model will be described very soon. And now, let's talk about the types of textile products with ample living space and good conditions for an extended stay.

Types of tents for living and camping

In some cases (hiking and nature trips with friends), bringing a large and roomy structure is unnecessary. It is enough to make a mount on the ground or take a light and comfortable tent that will fit behind your back in your backpack. However, this does not apply to heavyweight tents for living and camping. There are several types of models used for extended outdoor recreation and extreme conditions:

  1. The tourist tent is the most common type of equipment in the world. It is lightweight, compact, and easy to assemble. However, it is not always suitable for long stays or extreme conditions.
  2. A hipped-roof type: the structure is rectangular and can be pretty spacious. It protects you from any weather conditions and comes in handy for camp life.
  3. House tents: They are more durable and spacious than their touristic counterparts. Such tents are shaped like a capsule or hemisphere, which makes them solid and windproof. These options are often used on expedition trips or for living and camping outdoors.
  4. Interior type – it is specifically designed for extended outdoor living. It counts several compartments, including a bedroom, living room, and kitchen. The interior features comfortable furnishings such as a stove, beds, tables, and chairs are available.
  5. Extreme camping living tents are designed for use in difficult weather conditions such as high mountains or polar regions. They are usually simply constructed, with good insulation against moisture, cold, and wind.

No matter what type of tent for living and camping you choose, in any case, you should consider the conditions of your stay and your need for comfort and protection from the weather. The most frequent inquiries of users concern the choice of all-season models on the site. The purchase of this tent will provide comfort for all participants of the camping expedition. However, you should give preference to reliable manufacturers. After all, fire safety, health, and well-being of travelers will depend on it. That is why we recommend you consider our proposal – a model that has collected a lot of positive feedback.

Premium Outfitter with a Stove Jack "Hexagon"

When spending time outdoors, weather conditions often force you to move to a shelter. How do you make a fire inside and cook a delicious meal? The answer is very simple; you can easily build a field kitchen right inside the outhouse with premium hexagonal tents for living and camping. The stove is also placed there, and the pipe from it goes into the hole in the roof. The manufacturer has wisely approached the development of the product, creating a separate world in the form of a comfortable portable unit. It is safe and comfortable to use the wood stove:

  • Protection on all sides with shields;
  • Fireproof ceramic glass instead of steel construction allows you to both cook safely and enjoy the glow of the inventory in the dark, as well as makes you feel like you’re near the fireplace;
  • A safe distance from all sides of the hexagon.

The product comes with additional accessories such as a fireproof mat, ropes for drying laundry, extra steel sheets in case of replacement in the stove, gloves, and other things in the kit. To clarify, it is easy to place the tents for living and camping on the surface, despite their size and weight. They are designed for 3-8 people but can be assembled in 10 minutes.

In addition to the interior comfort and decoration of the tents, this model implements all the conditions for a complete living in camping trips. On each side of the hexagon, windows at the top open, and durable mosquito nets do not allow insects to enter your room. They are made of a light material, which repels the sun's rays and allows for good tent ventilation. The walls are made of a three-layer durable fabric between the layers of air, so the air circulates well, with no condensation inside.

It is very important that heat comes from the ground, not just warm air. The model has a three-layer floor, and a thick bottom provides warm conditions for your feet. And if your feet are warm, you're in good health. If you go fishing with this tent, the bottom can be easily removed to drill a hole for pike fishing and provides a comfortable stay for your favorite activity on the ice.

Final conclusions about the living world tent

Thus, the conditions for choosing tents for living and camping in nature are similar worldwide. It is not analogous to the usual tent for hiking in the woods or on the river. A tourist needs to go on a long trip by car to feel total comfort. As a bonus such large all-season constructions are easily unfolded on the ground, do not get wet, and protect from the penetration of cold even on the snow or ice.

When choosing a tent for living and camping for yourself and your friends/family, focus on the cost; pursuing low prices is fraught with consequences. As a rule, inexpensive products all over the world mean poor quality. They may not be equipped with or have single-layer walls and thin bottom. And the quality of the material can lower the price; an unpleasant odor indicates the presence of harmful adhesives for the joints of the structure and further damage. So approach the choice of your tent with extra care and enjoy relaxation in nature!


🏕  Which tents are suitable for extended stays in nature?

Tents differ depending on the season (single, double, or triple layer), design, and equipment availability. All-season models with quick folding and comfortable area are used for living outdoors on long-term camping getaways all over the world.

📦  What are the properties of a tent for living in nature?

As a rule, a tent does not blow out or let moisture inside. It provides warmth and comfort inside the structure. Hikers feel comfortable; the windows are ventilated, and all camping participants have access to the exit.

💡  How much does a good camping tent cost?

The price depends on the functional area of the shelter. The tent for living and camping for 3-8 people allows you to build a kitchen inside and place a stove, hang clothes to dry, and set up beds. Prices for quality spacious tents start at $1,500.



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