All-season camping with stove Wild Wild Wild West

All-season camping with stove Wild Wild Wild West
Pavlo Lysyy July 19, 2023 5 mins read time

Outdoor recreation is a favorite activity among tourists. To feel comfortable, you need special equipment such as a tent, sleeping bags, and cooking equipment. However, if we are talking about recreation in the cold season, you will need a stove. Of course, the tent must have the necessary characteristics to install the heater. Installing and using a stove in incompatible shelters can be unsafe.

Many tent manufacturers make all-season models complete with heaters. However, such shelters can be expensive, so experienced campers are advised to purchase a stove separately, setting the necessary individual parameters. So, one of the leaders on the market of tourist equipment is the South Korean brand Wild Wild West. It offers a variety of equipment options about, which we will explore below.


What is the stove for a tent Wild Wild West?

One popular model is the titanium wood stove Wild Wild West for camping. Thanks to the folding design, the model is lightweight and easy to store and carry in a special bag. The equipment's power is enough to heat and maintain a comfortable temperature inside a shelter for 2-6 people. The equipment set includes:

  • a titanium stove;
  • a flexible pipe for smoke extraction;
  • a spark arrestor;
  • a storage case.

With this heater, cold weather won't stop you from enjoying camping.

The brand uses high-quality, safe materials: stainless steel, titanium, and glass. The stove door is equipped with a glass window, so it is easy to control and monitor the flame; no need to constantly open the door. There is a sliding air intake on the door, which allows you to regulate the combustion rate. The design is quite sturdy, but you must use lightweight cookware for cooking on it.

The stove assembly for the tent Wild Wild West is not difficult. Initially, the box is installed, and the legs are attached to the corners. Then the construction is fastened with bolts. The first assembly of the chimney will require the efforts of two people. It is necessary to remove the Velcro and unwind the pipe. At the edges, you should place two rings across the chimney. The pipe can be cut with scissors if it is too long for the parameters of your tent. After using the Wild Wild West stove for the first time, the chimney will be quicker to install and can be handled by yourself. A spark arrestor is included to connect the chimney and stove body. With the help of settings, it is possible to regulate the airflow and the combustion rate. To store the stove system, a user needs to unscrew the four bolts from the body, fold the walls, roll up the flexible chimney, and put all the parts in a special case. The entire kit weighs just over four pounds. In addition to the miniature model of the unit, the manufacturer offers more oversized options.

Wild Wild Wild West wood stove for large groups

Long winter evenings outdoors in large groups can be made even cozier. The Wild Wild West brand offers a large-sized wood-burning stove for huge tents that can hold up to 25 campers. In addition to the stove itself, the kit includes:

  • pipes;
  • a spark arrestor;
  • a grate for ashes;
  • a coal rake;
  • a removable baffle and a flap.

The Stove Wild Wild Wild West is equipped with a window on the door, and also with a side window. The design of the inner partition provides good heat dissipation. The flat top panel of the unit is designed for cooking and boiling water. And if you remove it, you can cook food on an open fire. The gear is equipped with side handles, which can be used to carry the construction or as a dryer for things.

The fireplace glass, characterized by high durability, is used to manufacture the stove. It can be used to control the flames inside the stove, the need to add firewood, and even use as a night light. The chimney in this model comprises eight sections totaling over 11 feet in height. Every detail of the Wild Wild West stove's construction is designed with the utmost care for ease of use, installation, and storage.

How to choose a stove for a tent?

Camping in the cold season is impossible without using reinforced tents and heating equipment. However, in addition to heating, stoves are used to cook food, heat water, and dry things. Solid fuel models are in demand. You need to pay attention to the following aspects to successfully choosing a unit:

  1. Size. The size of the stove and the tent should be proportionate. A small stove cannot heat a large area, so its operation will be ineffective. And using large stoves in small shelters is dangerous.
  2. Chimney. The pipe diameter must match the diameter of the hole in the tent.
  3. The material of the stove. This parameter affects the product's weight, durability, and heat output.

Be aware of the safe use of heating equipment in camping tents. The equipment must be stable and placed in a prepared place. Removal of harmful gases generated by combustion must be carried out with the help of a chimney. The chimney is led outside through a special hole in the tent. The stove operation reduces the amount of oxygen inside the tent, so adequate ventilation must be provided. Remember that camping must be safe!


Cold weather is no reason to give up a weekend outdoors. You can create a cozy atmosphere inside the tent with a special stove. Modern equipment provides a comfortable temperature and allows one to cook food and dry things. You can install an oven in most modern tents.

For the equipment to serve you well, it must be chosen according to the parameters of the shelter. Depending on the type of fuel, there are gas and wood-fired models. Units on firewood are also widespread. It is recommended to pay attention to products made of titanium. It is a durable and reliable material. Due to the simplicity of design, the stove installation does not require much time and effort.

Manufacturers provide special cases and bags for storage of equipment in the set. With their help, it is convenient to transport or carry the devices. Do not forget about the rules of safety on vacation. Observe the stove's operation rules, and take care of sufficient ventilation.


🏕  What kind of fuel is best to use for a stove in a tent?

There are different options for stoves depending on the type of fuel. However, solid fuel models, such as the Wild Wild West mini stove, are the most economical and affordable option.

📦  What area are Wild Wild West stoves designed for?

The tent stoves from the South Korean manufacturer are made in several models with different parameters. They are designed to heat shelters from 2 to 25 campers.

💡  What indicators point to the stove's quality for a tent Wild Wild West?

The equipment is made of high-quality and reliable materials. Titanium and stainless steel construction guarantee safety and durability of use. The window of fireproof fireplace glass allows you to observe the flame and control the amount of wood and coals inside the stove.



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