5 Multi Room Tents For Family Camping

5 Multi Room Tents For Family Camping
Pavlo Lysyy March 21, 2023 7 mins read time

Canopies with multi living areas are one of the finest pieces of gear if you're planning to camp with family or friends. Multiple room canopies for family outdoor trips are designed to offer maximum comfort, space, and privacy for each family member. They are perfect for larger families or groups who need extra space to spread out and relax. Multiple room tents provide a home-away-from-home experience, allowing families to enjoy their trip without sacrificing comfort. Investing in an outdoor dwelling with multiple rooms can be a great way to encourage kids to go outside and engage in adventurous activities, even if they don't want to leave the comfort of their own homes.


Best multi room tents for camping

We've compiled a list of multiple tents that can easily accommodate a large group of people with comfort to help you make an informed decision. Because they provide a large amount of space, the ability to maintain one's privacy, and a comfortable sleeping environment, these canopies are ideal for extended trips, whether you are going on one with your family or with a group of friends.

Ozark Trail 3 multi room tent

The Ozark Trail 3 room tent is a canopy that is divided by two internal and removable dividers and has a wide entrance in the center for entry to the main space. What's wonderful about this design is that there are two side entrances, which give the distinct 'rooms' a little more privacy and make getting out in the middle of the night much less of a disruption for others sleeping in other rooms.

This tent can accommodate up to ten people comfortably. This outdoor dwelling features three separate rooms that provide plenty of space for sleeping, storage, and relaxing. The water-resistant fly's taped seams hold up to protect you from the fall downpour. You will need to exert some effort to set up this canvas, especially if you are not assisted by another person. Of course, anything can be done by one person, but it is much faster with a partner; otherwise, you can spend up to half an hour installing it.

For long-term use, the quality isn't great, but it will work for an occasional trip. It is an excellent option for families or groups who are on a budget but still want a spacious and comfortable camping experience.

Wildcat Outdoor Gear Lynx 640 Family Camping Tent

Wildcat Outdoor Gear's Lynx 640 has two bedrooms. One is large enough for a queen-sized air bed and the other for a double-sized air bed. The partition wall may be pulled up to create a single, large bedroom. You can also remove the inners from the main shell to create an open-plan interior space. It is possible to fit eight full-sized camping cots side by side, door to door.

It also has a large living area, a covered porch, and a side area for storing your gear. This side room zips onto the main shell and may be connected to either side of the canopy or removed entirely if extra space is not required. The bedroom is constructed of a breathable cotton/polyester combination.

The living room and bedrooms are tall enough to stand in. There's also plenty of space for tables, chairs, and toys. Since the porch is covered, there is no groundsheet, so you can remove your shoes before entering. It also contains a few features that will help you organize your gear, such as a zippered entry hole for electric cords and huge wall pockets for storing small objects.

The Air Truss technology, which replaces metal poles with inflated air tubes, is the standout feature. This allows the canopy to be set up and deflated in less than 5 minutes with the provided air pump. It also includes a repair kit in case of punctures.

Outwell Collingwood 6-Person Tent

The Outwell Collingwood is one of the finest 5 room tents on the market if you're taking the whole family on an outdoor trip. The inner space is divided into three sections: the back part has a detachable sleeping inner space with three different rooms, and the front section has three separate chambers. Each bedroom is spacious enough for two people and includes a zippered door that connects it to the main part. The inside of the cloth is black, which lowers light for a better night's sleep.

The central portion, with a built-in groundsheet, and the wide covered porch space, on the other hand, are light and well-ventilated. The Outwell Collingwood, like the Lynx640, has separate space for storage. Optionally, you may connect a groundsheet for additional communal or sleeping space.

Outdoor Revolution Kalahari PC 7.0 Air Tent

This seven-berth outdoor dwelling is ideal for families who prefer to camp with everything. Kalahari PC 7.0 has a large living room with a side canopy. A broad door separates this from a front room/covered porch. Tables, chairs, and cookers fit in both social areas. In communal rooms, tinted windows and roll-away curtains provide privacy, natural light, and UV protection.

Three bedrooms, two doubles and a triple, can fit inflatable beds. The interior has huge mesh pockets for shoes, books, and other stuff. A built-in side porch with a groundsheet can be a fourth bedroom (two births), gear storage, or playroom. The Outdoor Revolution Kalahari PC 7.0 can accommodate up to 11 people with its side porch and extra bedroom.

High-quality cotton-polyester canvas is UV-resistant, water-resistant, and breathable for the outer shell. Its inflatable airframe pitches quickly and stabilizes once nailed down.

Pod Tent Maxi Elite

The Maxi Elite is a unique and innovative multiperson tent that has been designed to provide the ultimate camping experience for families and larger groups. Unlike traditional multiperson canopy, the Maxi Elite features individual sleeping pods that can be connected to create a custom camping setup.

Campers can customize the Maxi Elite. Each sleeping pod can be used alone or linked to form a larger camping setup. Six people can fit in the sleeping pods. For families or parties that need more space, the pods have high ceilings and lots of floor space. Private sleeping pods provide more space. Each pod can be zipped shut to create a private sleeping area, perfect for families or groups. High-quality materials make the Maxi Elite weatherproof. Sturdy poles and zippers withstand strong winds, and its waterproof and breathable fabric keeps you dry and comfortable in rainy weather. Yeah, it's a large investment, but it's one you can gradually increase based on your demands.

So, what makes multi room tents ideal for large groups?

Consider your home without a distinct sleeping area. Indeed, there is no bedroom. Next, consider all of your every day (and overnight) rituals and behaviors... And there you have it! Take away your tent’s 'rooms,' add more people than you'd ever contemplate housing in a one-bed flat, add a dose of terrible weather, and stir up a few temper tantrums, and you've got the makings of a holiday from hell. Things get much easier if you divide your interior area into rooms.

Multiple room shelters offer sleeping, storage, and relaxation space. They have a lot of space to accommodate larger parties and allow for free movement. Larger gatherings need canopies with several rooms for privacy. Each compartment can be used as a sleeping space, giving everyone their own space and avoiding a crowded feeling.

Pros of multi room canopy

  1. Ample space for sleeping, storage, and resting. Several rooms prevent crowding even at huge events.
  2. While camping with family or friends, it offers additional privacy. Each compartment can be a sleeping space, giving everyone their own space and reducing issues.
  3. Help organize gears. Each compartment can be used for sleeping, storage, or socializing. This could keep the inner space tidy.
  4. Tents with multiple living areas can be used in many different camping circumstances. These are ideal for families, friends, or pare of campers who need more space and privacy.

Cons of multi room canopy

  1. Multiperson canopies are usually heavier and bulkier than their smaller counterparts. This makes them more difficult to carry around and set up, which could be a problem for backpackers and campers who need to be mobile.
  2. They are usually more expensive, which can be a problem for budget-conscious campers.
  3. Outdoor dwellings with separated living spaces often require more effort and time to set up due to their added features and size. This could be an issue for inexperienced campers or those who prefer a quick and easy setup.

What to look for when choosing a multi room shelter

  1. Consider the number of people who will be sleeping under the canvases and make sure it is large enough for everyone. Look for a shelter that has enough space to move around comfortably, and make sure the floor area is big enough to fit sleeping bags or air mattresses.
  2. Select a shelter with a layout that meets your requirements, such as a central living area with sleeping areas on either side. Think about whether you need a multi living spaces for privacy or if a large room will do.
  3. A good multiperson canopy should be made of high-quality, long-lasting materials that can withstand the elements. Look for a shelter with a strong frame, long-lasting fabric, and strong zippers.
  4. Choose a canopy that can withstand a variety of weather conditions, such as rain, wind, and sun. A rainfly, waterproof coating, and sturdy poles can all help keep you dry and safe.
  5. When selecting a shelter with multiple living spaces, keep your budget in mind. While you may be tempted to choose the cheapest option, remember that a higher-priced option may provide better quality and durability.

Taking these things into account will help you find a great multi room outdoor dwelling that fits your needs and makes your trip comfortable and fun.


🏕  How many rooms can a multi room tent have?

This kind of shelter can have from two to six separate living spaces, depending on the model and size. The number of living spaces and their size may vary based on the manufacturer and intended use.

📦  Do multi room tents cost more than a standard camping canopy?

Most of the time, this kind of shelter costs more than traditional ones because it is bigger and has more parts. However, the added space and convenience of separate living spaces while camping can be well worth the investment for those who frequently camp with family or groups.

💡  Can tents with multi living spaces be used in all weather conditions?

This type of shelter is typically designed to withstand a range of weather conditions, but its performance may vary based on the specific model and manufacturer. It is important to research the shelter features and read reviews to ensure they will meet your needs in the climate and environment you plan to go camping.




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