Snow trekker hot tent

Snow trekker hot tent
Pavlo Lysyy November 10, 2023 6 mins read time

In some way, you can call a truck camper a hot tent. Truck campers are portable living spaces designed to fit onto the bed of a pickup truck. Truck campers as well as hot tents are designed to be shelters against snow, wind, or rain for campers in remote areas. The only difference is the level of comfort. Truck campers, or as you can call them, trekkers, provide sleeping quarters, a kitchen, and sometimes even a bathroom, transforming the truck into a fully functional mobile home.

Today's market has a wide range of trekkers. Trekkers vary widely in size, cost, and level of equipment. So, let's take a deeper look at these camping dwellings, with all of their benefits and drawbacks.


AT Overland Aterra XL

Although it weighs only 1,100 pounds, this camper has a significant amount of living space and is capable of accommodating two people in a comfortable seating arrangement.

This camper is composed of fiber-reinforced thermoplastic and does not have soft walls, allowing it to be used comfortably in all seasons. This characteristic enables the trekker to be classified as an all-season or snow trekker and guarantees you warmth and comfort, even if there is heavy rain or snow outside. A rooftop solar array and a strong lithium battery power the Aterra XL. This camper can comfortably accommodate a small family or even three adults on shorter journeys. This camper contains a refrigerator, freezer, waterless toilet, shower, and plenty of storage space in addition to the two inside sleeping areas. An air heater keeps the cabin warm in all weather. The most significant disadvantage of this trekker is its comparatively modest internal height of 6'3".

Bison Overland Space Wrangler

The cabover camper offered by Bison Overland has a rugged military-inspired design. This sturdy camper is made entirely out of aluminum and has been welded together in a robust fashion from top to bottom. When you drive off the beaten path, the tough aluminum cladding on this vehicle is more than capable of rubbing up against bushes and twigs.

The frame of the camper has jack mounts integrated directly into it, which makes mounting and removing the camper much simpler. This tough camper frame places an emphasis on endurance in challenging environments by virtue of the sturdy features it possesses. Having said that, this fundamental design does have a single flaw. It is necessary to take a fairly tall step in order to enter this camper because the small entrance is located on the side of the vehicle at a solid height.

The Space Wrangler is able to reach its full potential thanks to the power management package that is available as an option from Bison Overland. This package includes a solar panel with a capacity of 200 watts, an inverter with a capacity of 2,000 watts, and a DC-DC alternator charging circuit. Optional extras include canopies, Dakota lithium batteries, and a one-of-a-kind slide-out "garage" tray that can be installed underneath the cabover. This tray is large enough to store two mountain bikes.

Four Wheel Campers Hawk

This is, first and foremost, a utilitarian truck camper that places a higher value on functionality than elegance. The Hawk has been painstakingly designed to include all of the components that are required for its operation, such as high-quality cabinets, robust wiring, and sturdy plumbing.

The durability of the Hawk, which can be found in Four Wheel Campers, is well-known. People who are searching for a sturdy solution that is able to handle the pressures of off-road travel will find that the Campers' Hawk is a good option to consider.

The Hawk is not only uncomplicated and lightweight, but it is also exceptionally strong. The Hawk is regarded as one of the company's most capable lightweight campers, which is Four Wheel Campers' area of expertise. This model may not have the most luxurious or feature-rich accommodations, but it is a dependable, comfortable, and safe haven that is built to last. Keeping this in mind, the exterior will reliably protect against the infiltration of outside elements, like snow, wind, or rain.

Given its size, the Hawk provides a generous amount of space in both the living area and the headroom. The indoor dinette is roomy enough for you and a friend to eat together, and the camper is equipped with a number of clever storage compartments that allow you lots of uncluttered space. Because there are multiple concealed storage compartments, it will probably take customers a few trips before they are able to fully master the layout and get their camping setups to where they want them to be.

Hallmark RV Ute

Hallmark is an RV company that provides customers with an extensive selection of pop-up truck bed campers that are of superior quality. One of the best-selling vehicles in the company's lineup is the Hallmark Ute.

Hallmark Ute includes a lift-up fabric roof that does not have seams that could allow water or snow to seep in. However, the fabric portion of the lift-up roof might not be the most practical choice for use in the winter, and it may be cold inside during harsh rain or snow. As a direct consequence of this, this model is not a snow trekker but rather a three-season trekker. The lift mechanism that allows the roof to be raised and lowered has the capacity to carry up to 400 pounds of equipment.

Two adults can sleep peacefully in the queen bed. On the driver's side of the camper, there is a roomy kitchen space that comes fully equipped. A U-shaped dinette measuring 55 inches in length and a wet bathroom featuring a toilet, and a shower. This camper has a low profile when being towed, reducing the overall height of your rig to an acceptable level. The Hallmark Ute is a fantastic option for when you need to go over rough terrain.

Alternative to a snow trekker

Of course, truck campers offer a great level of comfort, but this advantage comes at a price, in the literal sense of the phrase. You probably won't find a good new trekker that costs less than ten thousand dollars. A nice used truck camper can cost less than $10,000, while a new, high-end one might cost well over $50,000. But if you still want a comfortable stay outdoors, you can choose a hot tent as an alternative.

All-Season Premium Outfitter Tent with Stove Jack "Cuboid 4.40"

This hot shelter delivers the comforts of home, no matter the size of your camping group. This tent's space is similar to a modest apartment room at 104.41 square feet. You can easily set up a few foldable beds, chairs, tables, and a wood stove inside. This hot tent has a removable wall that will allow you to create separate rooms. One room can be used for cooking and another for sleeping. One of the walls may be opened up to create a roof over the shelter, complete with mosquito netting. This space might function as a dining room or a deck.

This hot tent may be used all year round. It protects you from the hot summer sun thanks to four 5-layer windows and will protect you from the wind and snow thanks to robust materials and the ability to install a wood stove inside this hot tent. A wood stove will also let you cook meals inside this hot shelter. The outside layer is made of a strong, innovative, and water-resistant material called Oxford 300 PU 4000, while the inside layer is made of Oxford 210 PU 2000. This material will make sure that snow, wind, and rain do not bother you. The structure of this hot tent is composed of aircraft alloy B95T1, a long-lasting, high-strength material that retains its original shape even when subjected to large loads.


🏕  How much does a truck camper cost?

Truck campers vary in price depending on size, features, brand, and quality. Used trekkers can cost around $10,000. Mid-range trekkers with more space and amenities can cost from $15,000 to $30,000. Larger, luxurious models can cost over $50,000.

📦  How much does a hot tent cost?

The cost of a hot tent can vary widely based on factors such as size, materials, features, and brand. Good hot tents designed for camping with a wood-burning stove can start at around $800 and go up to as much as $2000.

💡   Do all truck campers have good protection against snow and wind?

Yes, in most cases. Nevertheless, the construction of some trekkers includes mesh components. These components are able to let the snow and chilly air in. If you require truck campers that will protect you from snow, wind, and rain, it is recommended that you select options that do not contain mesh parts.



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