Choosing a universal heat tent

Choosing a universal heat tent
Pavlo Lysyy November 02, 2023 5 mins read time

Going on vacation by the lake, on the river, or planning to go fishing, you hardly want to get caught in a snowfall or freeze in the damp. Then, despite the natural beauty and clean air, you will be sad, and fatigue and poor health will soon make themselves known. That's why you should prepare in advance and think about all the attributes, such as a universal heat tent and warm clothes, when planning to go on a trip out of town in the lap of nature. If you're heading out in the fall or winter, don't forget about the warming components of your campsite. Changes in weather conditions bring even more preparation for your upcoming vacation.


Quality is paramount when buying a universal heat tent 

Choosing a universal heat tent for the consumer who is fond of outdoor activities is based on careful consideration of components such as:

  • tent fabric;
  • strong reinforcement of the base of the house;
  • moisture-repellent impregnation on a breathable basis;
  • ventilation and convenient entrance;
  • internal equipment for the comfort of the occupants;
  • presence or absence of a stove and a safe chimney;
  • double or triple bottom;
  • capacity: small or large hut.

If you need to move constantly, for example, when hunting, choose a weight that is comfortable to carry the tent on your shoulders. In any other case, it is better to look for a heavier universal heat tent. Such houses usually have everything from a dense waterproof floor to a high roof, so that it was convenient to walk. Moreover, it is certainly warm and cozy for the whole family in such a temporary tent.

It is convenient to fold this design to a small size, put it in the car and transport it from place to place. Capacious and quality things are made for the convenience of the active tourist.

For example, let's take the universal small heat tent tent model UP-2. It is securely fastened, equipped and designed for 3-4 people. The interesting thing about this universal model is that it is suitable for both moderate cold and severe frosts. In windy weather, the double-walled Oxford does not blow away under any circumstances, and the impregnation protects against moisture getting inside. The camouflage design allows you to blend in with nature and not give away your location to others, and the reflective elements will tell you where your home is if you're far away from your stay and get lost.

What else is convenient about this design? Swinging doors instead of annoying and impractical zippers. Spacious room and the presence of a triple floor guarantees frost resistance, and the stove will warm travelers in any bad weather. It is important that the tent has glued seams, not just joined together. Just such an approach to manufacturing is provided in this universal heat tent.

However, let's get back to making the choice.

Choosing materials

You have to learn something to understand it. So, this principle also works for tents. Therefore, before deciding which tent to take on a camping trip for a beginner-tourist, and which one will suit an experienced expeditioner, we suggest to understand how a good tent is organized. 

Most tents are held together by a frame. There are two types of frames - internal and external. The first type is much more common and consists of a base (segmental arcs), to which the inner tent is hung, and the outer tent is stretched on top.

Outdoor frame houses are very wind resistant. They are equipped with long arcs that are visible after installation. It can be difficult for beginners to cope with it. But if you are not lazy and connect the two parts in advance (at home), then the process of disassembly and assembly will take much less time, which is especially good if the weather has abruptly deteriorated, there is a cold rain and a strong wind blows. 

Now, let's talk more about materials. In inexpensive small models, the arcs are made of fiberglass. These materials are not very strong and elastic and are not suitable for winter, because they become brittle in the cold. In addition, fiberglass is much heavier than, for example, aluminum arcs, which will hardly please the one who will carry the tent on a hiking trip.

Aluminum arcs are used in any universal heat tent, regardless of theprice category. After all, such a frame is strong, reliable and relatively light, does not lose its properties under different weather conditions. In addition, aluminum arcs can be both very cheap and made of a high-tech alloy, which makes the frame flexible and reliable. Even simple aluminum is not subject to severe deformation, does not dry out like plastic and is able to serve you for many years.

Some of the rarer materials for tent poles are carbon, titanium and steel. The last material is strong, but very heavy to make it the basis for a tent designed for hiking. Therefore, such arcs may be appropriate only for long camping trips, if you transport your gear by car. Carbon and titanium arcs, on the contrary, weigh little, and do not lose rigidity and elasticity at the same time. However, the price of such options can hurt your wallet. There are also quite exotic variants of tents - with an inflatable frame. 

Choosing according to the season

Usually, ordering a universal heat tent for any season is done online, as there is simply not much choice in physical stores. It is not surprising - it will be difficult to bring a lot of such oversized equipment at once, so when you turn to online stores, you can easily choose a model that suits your needs.

Are you planning to go to the countryside only in the warm season, when it is hot, to sunbathe and shelter from insects? Then, a lightweight small tent, which will easily fit into your backpack, will be suitable. Its main purpose will be to rid you of intrusive mosquitoes, protect you from snakes underfoot, rain and scorching sun. Such a tent must be well ventilated, otherwise, it will be easy to sweat and catch fungus. Moreover, it is very difficult to breathe in such an unstable microclimate. That's why you should approach the choice of tent very responsibly even for summer, and choose a brand that has earned a lot of positive feedback from customers.

As for winter equipment, the main thing is to know the principles on which the selection is based:

  • the weight of such ammunition is usually more than 2 kg;
  • the presence of strong crossed steel frame bases;
  • mostly domed shape of the universal heat tent, so that the snow comes off the top of the house better;
  • two- and three-layer materials, presence of a removable floor or a hole for a well;
  • less ventilation, with "windows" made of frost-resistant plastic instead;
  • the presence of a wood stove or the possibility to buy heating elements separately.

If winters in your region are moderate, give preference to all-season models, which are not so impressive in weight, and small in size. Most often, the top layer of the shelter is removed, the mosquito net remains, allowing you to use this configuration in the summer.

So, if you need a stable and warm tent, choose exclusively multilayer tents with a wide skirt, reinforced construction and a small number of ventilation holes. All-season tents are more or less universal heat tents, which are suitable for those who do not go on long winter camping trips, but are limited to a few days in nature.


🏕  How to choose a tent for winter camping?

The outer tent and floor must be dense and waterproof. The entrances and windows of the universal small heat tent must be sealed, multi-layered, with mosquito nets. The inner tent should provide additional protection from the weather and keep warm due to the air cushion that is formed between the inner and outer layers.

📦  What is the best material for a winter tent?

The optimal fabric for universal heat tent is Oxford with a density of 240-300 DEN and water resistance of 2000 mm. Such a fabric has a favorable ratio of water and wind impermeability to the weight of the fabric.

💡  What does an "all-season" universal heat tent mean?

The inner and outer layers are made of a dense fabric, when compared to a summer tent, to create reliable protection against strong winds and prolonged precipitation.



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