Best 4 season double layer camping

Best 4 season double layer camping
Pavlo Lysyy July 19, 2023 5 mins read time

If you are a stubborn camping enthusiast, nothing can stop you from getting on the trail, and if you go campings all year round, a 4 season tent is your best bet. This option is probably the best choice for every tourist. But the sky is the limit in the world of camping shelters, and even such a camping gem can be improved by adding another layer to its walls. This feature enhances protection, durability, and versatility and transforms the usual shelter into a real outdoor dwelling, making camping even more enjoyable.


What exactly is a double layer tent?

A double-walled shelter, as the name suggests, is a tent with two layers. They are referred to as the tent body and the rainfly. The tent body is the inner layer that serves as the foundation of the structure and produces the sleeping area. The rainfly, on the other hand, is found on the outside. It covers the body of the shelter from air, water, and other elements.

The double-layered canvas is primarily designed to improve breathability and waterproofness. The body is made of breathable materials but cannot provide water protection, whereas the rainfly is not breathable but is waterproof. Materials that can provide both of these benefits are available on the market and are utilized to make single-layered models. However, employing the materials separately increases efficiency and allows them to work optimally.

They can also complement each other when used as two layers. The body allows moisture vapor to escape, reducing condensation inside the shelter, while the rainfly keeps precipitation at bay. Furthermore, the gap between the two layers facilitates ventilation, preventing condensation from forming and keeping the interior cool.

Benefits of a double layer shelter

Increased comfort
Many campers find that sleeping under such a canvas is more comfortable than sleeping in single-walled models since there is less condensation, fewer draughts, and more space inside. You will have greater energy the following day if you had a good night's sleep the night before. Your vacation will be more enjoyable as a result of this. Isn't that the reason we go camping? In order to have a good rest.

Less condensation
4 season shelters that use a double layer in their construction are more resistant to condensation than single-wall options. Moisture evaporates and condenses on the inside of the rainfly as it travels through the mesh. As a result, the moisture virtually escapes the interior, keeping the mesh reasonably dry. You and your belongings will not get wet if you rub up against the mesh inside the walls.

Warmer and less draughty
Because such shelters cope with condensation better, they don't require as many vents. This has the advantage of reducing draughts from cold air blowing from the outside. The interior of such 4 season shelters may stay a few degrees warmer because more body heat will be trapped inside. This makes such a shelter a better choice for camping in the early spring, winter, and late fall when the temperature is cool.

More adaptable
If you choose a high-quality shelter with a double layer in its construction, you can camp in almost any weather. Such 4 season shelters will function well in rainy, chilly, hot, and dry conditions. Additionally, purchasing one shelter that suits all-season camping instead of separate shelters for different seasons will save you a bunch of money.

Durable and long-lasting
Because they have solid poles, 4 season double layer shelters are more durable. They have a second layer of defense that helps them last for a long time. They are also stronger as a result of the additional layer. If the outer layer, i.e. the rainfly, becomes damaged while providing protection, it is easier to change it than to purchase a new one.

Drawbacks of a double layer shelter

Bigger weight
Such canopies are approximately 0.5 to 1 pound heavier than single-wall models. The extra fabric of the rainfly, extra stakes, and poles contribute to this increase in weight. The weight differential is important, depending on how you intend to use the shelter. An extra pound isn't a significant concern for short treks and vehicle camping. The extra weight adds up quickly when traveling a long distance.

Bigger price
If you want to have a double layer in your 4 season shelter, be prepared to pay about $100 more than you would for an identical single-wall model. They are more expensive since the second layer necessitates the use of more materials in their construction. The designs have also become more complex. Furthermore, most such shelters come with tent poles and extra stakes.

Slower drying
Double layers take twice as long to dry since they contain more fabric. This can be inconvenient if your tent is completely soaked during strong rain. You'll have to let it dry in the sun for some time.

The finest 4 season shelters with double layer

Mountain Hardwear Trango 3
It features a robust and durable construction with a two-wall design. The inner tent provides a comfortable and breathable living space, while the outer rainfly acts as a protective barrier against the elements. The Trango 3 construction has 48 square feet of living space and two doors and vestibules for simple entry to this 4 season shelter. Mountain Hardwear also designed the fly to link to both the poles and the body, making one solid structure that can survive some of the world's worst weather.

All-Season Tent "UP-2-mini"
The ease of use of this shelter is one of its most significant advantages. The umbrella-style framework allows you to set up this shelter on any surface in less than two minutes. Because the shelter is lightweight, it may be taken hiking and put up in distant locations. This means you'll have more time to relax and will have to spend less time to set up camp. Another benefit of an outdoor home is its weather resistance. The outside layer is made of a strong, innovative, and water-resistant fabric called Oxford 300 PU 4000, and the inner layer is made of Oxford 210 PU 2000. The air space between layers reduces condensation and effectively preserves interior heat. A zipped floor that may be fitted to the interior of the shelter at a height higher than ground level is included in the usual packaging. When the weather is warm, its floor offers good protection against snakes and insects, and when it rains, it shields you from the water.

Nemo Chogori 2
The combined double-wall design and external pole structure of this shelter make it faster and easier to pitch in severe weather. Nemo didn't skimp on quality, either, with sturdy poles and silicone-treated nylon on the fly for additional durability and weatherproofing, as well as a wrap-around snow skirt. This refuge, however, is not without flaws. It's reasonably big for a two-person design, with 36.3 square feet of inside area, but its 39-inch peak height means less headroom than other tents here. On the other hand, this is perfect for keeping a low profile in high winds.


🏕  Are camping shelters that use double layers warmer than single-wall tents?

Double layer shelters are more insulating than single-walled shelters because the layer of air between the two walls works as an insulator, keeping the interior cooler during the summer camping and warmer in the winter.

📦  Are double-skin 4 season tents more complicated to set up?

Assembly of 4 season shelters that use two walls is typically not significantly more difficult. The procedure of setting up these shelters is often straightforward and quite comparable to setting up other types of canopy.

💡  Will it be hot in a double-skin 4 season tent in the summer?

Shelters that use double layers include features such as mesh windows, and adjustable openings to allow for better airflow. Opening up these features can make it more comfortable during summer camping.



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