Why is it good to have a 2/3-man inflatable tent?

Why is it good to have a 2/3-man inflatable tent?
Pavlo Lysyy June 23, 2023 7 mins read time

Blowup camps are something of a novelty in the camping segment. However, they have made a well-deserved breakthrough in popularity, so many campers are looking for a good-quality air shelter. There are several reasons why decent manufacturers are doing well.

If you have switched from a traditional shelter with poles and rods to an inflatable camping tent, you are finally free from the stress and drudgery of putting poles in slots and threading rods through canvas loops. Instead of that, you just connect the hose of a pump to the valve and have a little physical training class. Your shelter will begin to rise to its height as you pump it.


How does it work?

A blowup camp does not have a metal or fiberglass frame or poles. Its frame is actually a system of air beams, which are made of a sturdy and elastic material and, once blown up, are strong enough to hold the entire structure. Reputable brands supply shelters with a hand/foot pump and a repair kit, which includes glue and patches, so you can repair your camp right on the spot.

To ensure stability in inclement weather, these shelters are supplied with pegs and ropes. Pegging down an inflatable camp is an absolute must. Setting up a 2-3-man blowup tent is not a great challenge, and it takes 5-10 minutes to erect it.

There are some points to remember as well. Surprisingly, packing down a blowup shelter can be a little more challenging and time-taking than pitching it. For a novice, it can be hard to expel the air from the frame and fit the whole thing in the bag. It takes a bit of practice to learn how to roll it up and pack without difficulty.

How do I find the right camp for me?

If you are planning to camp with a team or family of three, two, or even go solo, a 2/3-person shelter will be okay. As mentioned above, pitching a blowup camp is easy to erect even for one person. Deflating it can be difficult, so when buying a product, be sure it comes with a storage bag.

Before making a purchase, pay attention to weather resistance. Are you going to camp out in winter? How cold does it get in your area in winter? Are you going to hike in extreme frosts or go high up in the mountains? If you are, an inflatable tent is not the right thing for you, because most of them are intended for camping in spring, summer, and fall (3-season shelters).

Check the most renowned and reputable brands and user feedback. Most such companies place quality above all as part of healthy competition and offer versatile and durable camps. It is advisable to look for a shelter with a sewn-in floor and a rainfly. These should keep the interior dry at the bottom and at the top.

When choosing a shelter according to the number of campers it should accommodate, please follow a simple rule: deduce one from the stated capacity. For example, a 3-man tent is the best option for a family of two. The remaining space allows for the storage of gear. As a last resort, a 3-person shelter can comfortably fit two adults and a kid. It is advisable to choose a camp based on how tall or big you and your companions are. Some experts refer to floor dimensions and advise to provide 25 inches of width and about 80 inches of length per person. Once you know the dimensions, it is pretty easy to calculate if your family can fit well in this particular shelter.

Why buy a 2/3-person inflatable shelter?

A 2/3-person shelter offers a favorable balance of comfort, convenience, transportability, and price. In other words, if you are planning to travel with your small group or family, you can:

  1. Stay comfortable inside and arrange your gear in a convenient fashion
  2. Get your shelter to the camping site without difficulty and go backpacking
  3. Provide yourself a lot of comfort and joy at an affordable price

Besides, some manufacturers accept individual orders and make custom inflatable tents. In this case, you have the best chance to obtain a product that will fully fit your preferences. You can directly communicate with them and actually design your shelter. Although custom products are more expensive, this approach almost guarantees satisfaction.

Panda Air Medium

The Panda Air Medium is a new RBM product that is designed to provide you with an easy and memorable camping experience. It is a 1-to-4-person tent that can comfortably accommodate a small family or a team of two to three people, while also providing extra space for equipment and gear. Similar to most inflatable shelters, the Panda Air Medium quickly takes shape as the air beams inside are inflated to the appropriate pressure.

This compact inflatable tent features a single inflation valve. Once inflated and securely pegged down, you have a compact yet spacious shelter that can keep you warm and dry even in challenging weather conditions. The tent's canvas is made of a T/C fabric, with two layers at the top. It includes a large window and a meshed ventilation window for airflow.

The Panda Air Medium is designed as a three-season shelter, suitable for camping in spring, summer, and fall. While it can be used in winter, it may not withstand extremely cold conditions or blizzards. It's important to note that the air beams can be sensitive to temperature changes, with the pressure dropping in colder temperatures and rising in warmer temperatures. This shelter does not have a stove jack.

The shelter comes with a hand pump and a repair kit that includes patches and glue. The canopy and air beams are durable, but caution should be exercised to avoid sharp objects that may puncture them. The valve is strong and eco-friendly, designed to last a lifetime when used properly.

Dometic Boracay FTC 301

The Dometic Boracay FTC 301 is a relatively small 3-person inflatable tent. It is well known for its spacious interior, user-friendliness, and weather resistance. It takes less than 10 minutes to pump and pitch it, and finally the whole structure rises. Each air-beam has a valve. The shelter comes with a hand pump and a set of pegs and ropes. All pegs and peg loops are color-coded, so you won't have difficulty pegging it.

The Bometic Boracay has a square shape. It is 6.23 ft high and therefore provides a lot of headroom. A medium-tall man can walk inside without stooping. The canopy is made of the high quality Weathershield™ 150D polyester. The manufacturer has invested a lot of expertise in every tiny element: all zippers, carabiners, hanging loops, blinds, etc. are made with an emphasis on durability and user-friendliness.

The living area provides enough space for campers to place a little table and chairs. There are large panoramic windows with blinds and mosquito nets. There is a storage and bedroom area at the rear. You can access it through a separate door and easily get your equipment once you need it. The bedroom area is lined with a dark blackout material that deters sunlight and keeps the area dark at any time.

There is a version with a canopy made of a technical heavy cotton. The material demonstrates impressive weather-resistance and durability, but it costs quite a penny for an ordinary camper. In fact, small shelters with polyester canopies do attract glampers.

A custom 2-man tent from Weihai Starring Outdoor Products Co. Ltd.

The company has a well-earned reputation as one of the most camper-oriented outdoor gear manufacturers. Particularly, it produces remarkable custom inflatable tents for family camping. The firm uses advanced printing technologies and employs a team of qualified engineers who are ready to meet the needs of every customer and discuss even the tiniest details individually.

In their shelters, the team uses top-quality materials to ensure high weather resistance, fireproofness, and abrasion resistance. Weihai Starring offers a variety of design and color options, so you can actually sketch your future portable home, share your draft with the team, and get first-hand information about the budget and design specifics from top-class specialists.

The company has posted numerous pictures and tutorials on its official website and continues to do so as it grows. Users can contact them directly, place an order, and start drafting and discussing their future custom camps right away.

All custom inflatable tents feature reliable air beams that are attached to the canopy. The beams are equipped with heavy-duty valves. As you outline your custom shelter, you can suggest the shape, size, and position of the doors, windows, vents, storage and bedroom areas, gear pockets, hanging loops, electric cord hookup holes, etc. With this at hand, you can get a decent small custom inflatable camping tent at an affordable price and enjoy exciting camping and backpacking trips for years to come.

Aeronaut 2

The Aeronaut 2 is a small 2-person inflatable tent designed specifically for backpackers. With its compact size and absence of metal or fiberglass poles, it is incredibly lightweight, weighing only 2.2 lbs. This makes it an excellent choice for hikers, backpackers, and solo campers who value space and tranquility.

Setting up the Aeronaut 2 is a breeze. It features a single bow-shaped air pole that can be easily inflated with a bike pump, along with a set of metal pegs and ropes. When properly pitched and secured, this tent remains stable even in windy conditions. The flysheet of the tent is made of ripstop nylon with a PU coating and boasts a hydrostatic head of 3,000 mm, ensuring exceptional waterproof performance. The groundsheet shares similar characteristics, providing reliable protection from rain even during extended downpours.

Despite its small size, the Aeronaut 2 offers a surprising amount of living space and convenience. It features three gear pockets where you can store your equipment without cluttering the living area. The Aeronaut 2 is a 3-season, 2-person shelter, ideal for camping adventures in spring, summer, and fall.

When traveling with an inflatable shelter like the Aeronaut 2, it is advisable to carry a standard repair kit in your backpack. In the event of a pole rip, a simple fix with a piece of duct tape can often suffice for the duration of your trip, allowing you to fully repair the tent once you return home.


🏕  Why do many campers choose inflatable tents?

Mostly, they are appreciated for ease of set up, because there is no need to assemble poles and beams. Actually, a shelter sets up by itself as you pump the blowup beams that hold the canopy.

📦  Why do many campers choose inflatable 2/3-person tents?

As campers buy relatively small 2 or 3-man tents, they take the edge off the cost and weight, as inflatable camps are more expensive yet less heavyweight than traditional metal or fiberglass frame shelters. These shelters are good for hikers, backpackers, and solo campers.

💡  What if my 2-person blowup shelter bursts?

In high-quality camps, air-beams are made of heavy-duty polyurethane that is unlikely to burst. However, accidents do happen, so every time you go out on a trip, be sure you have a repair kit at hand. Most likely, it is included in the package.




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