The best tent stove kits for winter camping

The best tent stove kits for winter camping
Pavlo Lysyy July 19, 2023 5 mins read time

When going to nature in winter, in addition to standard equipment, you need to consider how you are going to heat your shelter. A tent stove kit is an effective way to create and maintain a comfortable temperature inside. The equipment helps to keep warm and prepare a tasty meal. In order to use the stove safely, it must be installed in accordance with the rules of operation. In addition, your tent must also be designed to have a heating system device. The shelter must be equipped with a chimney vent to prevent acrid smoke from filling the interior space. The size of the tent and stove must also be considered. Inconsistencies in parameters can cause ineffective unit operation or unsafe use in small-sized tents. Today, stores offer many models of heaters for all tastes and wallets. Evaluate your budget, determine your needs, and choose the tent stove kit that is most suitable for you.


Danchel Outdoor Titanium Portable Stove

The lightweight and durable tent stove kit is made of titanium. It weighs only five pounds. The equipment easily disassembles and fits in a compact bag thanks to its design. It's easy to store and take this gear on camping trips. The door of the stove is equipped with fireproof glass. Through such a window, it is convenient to monitor the flame and the presence of fuel. Opening the door every time is unnecessary, so the smoke will not enter the tent.

Titanium has a high heat output, which allows to heat up the interior space fast and efficiently. Some campers considered the small size of the stove a disadvantage, but rather it is not suitable for large groups . The cost of the tent may seem high, but given its characteristics and the quality of the craft, the price is quite adequate.

Lama 304 for the family outdoor recreation

Unlike the previous model, this tent stove kit is perfect for camping for a large group of people. Titanium and stainless steel are used as the materials. It weighs a little more than 12 pounds, so it may be a heavy burden for hiking. But this model will be perfect if you prefer traveling by car and usually set up a stationary camp.

The top lid of the stove is used as a cooktop. The solid size makes it easy to cook dinner for the whole family. This set also has a viewing window. On the downside, the weight and the chimney are relatively short, only five and a half feet high, less than the previous stove.

Change Moore for hiking

This is probably the lightest tent stove kit. This super lightweight stove is indispensable if you do mountaineering and love hiking. It does not weigh less than three pounds. Despite its miniature size, it has high performance. However, it requires a jack to set it up, and not every tent can boast its availability.

Guide Gear for wall-mounted tents

Yes, this model cannot be called universal. This tent stove kit is only suitable for glamping. The considerable weight of over 40 pounds does not allow one to carry the equipment easily and often. If we consider this stove for stationary recreation, it has many advantages, such as:

  • affordable price;
  • high-quality materials, such as solid cast iron;
  • sustainability;
  • efficient heat-up process;
  • ample firewood.

On the outside, the unit looks like a small home oven.

Winnerwell Nomad for home comfort on vacation

It is a luxury tent stove kit for luxury glamping. A quality stove made in a concise design, perfect for relaxing in a home atmosphere. Of course, the weight of this model is 20 pounds, which is a lot for a small size. This stove is in the medium price range, but many campers give it their preference for its excellent features.

A quality and budget version of Doalbun

A limited budget sometimes encourages customers to buy what they can afford and put quality on the back burner. However, this tent stove kit is the perfect combination of reasonable price and quality. The stove is equipped with side dryers, and the top panel provides ample space for cooking. You should set it up in an open space for the first time after purchase and let the paint burn off. The equipment weighs just under 15 pounds, but it's not worth picking on the little things for that price.

Lightweight and sturdy Kcelarec stove

The compact titanium stove weighs just under 8 pounds in a sleek design. The tent stove kit features a cage located behind the cooking surface. Inside the cell, it is recommended to place stones that will give off heat when heated. Everything one needs to assemble is sold in the kit. A bag for stove storage and transportation is also included in the kit.

Tips for choosing a furnace system

Although price is often the deciding factor, there are other aspects to consider when choosing a tent stove kit. The material from which the stove is made plays an important role. Not only does the longevity of the equipment depend on it, but also the safety of its operation. Solid and reliable materials are titanium, cast iron, and stainless steel.

As you have noticed, furnace equipment can have different sizes and weights. However, when making a choice, you should primarily focus on your goals and the necessary parameters. The size of the tent will influence how powerful a stove option is appropriate.

A spark arrester is a must-have in your stove. It is a small cap that keeps sparks from flying out of the unit. Remember that the tiniest spark can cause a fire. It's also worth paying attention to the length of the chimney. Manufacturers often produce models where buyers can cut off the extra length as needed. However, don't overdo it! The length of the pipe should be long enough to exit through the opening in the tent to a safe distance from the surface of the shelter.

Products coated with paint require pre-firing in an open area. This will prevent the spread of poisonous fumes inside the tent. Once is enough to ensure that the stove does not cause any inconvenience in the future.


Recreation in winter can be as fun as in the warm season. The main thing is to take care of the right tent and heater. Finding your way in the range of portable stoves will be easier if you know what you need to pay attention to during the purchase. We hope that our rating will also help you make a choice and enjoy winter camping with family and friends.


🏕  What does the choice of a tent stove kit depend on?

The choice of stove depends on the following factors: material, size, and budget. Quality materials are titanium, cast iron, and steel. The size of the stove should match the size of the tent.

📦  Are all tents suitable for stove installation?

No, before you buy a tent stove kit, you need to figure out if your shelter is provided for the use of the heater and what diameter of the chimney is suitable. In addition to the hole for the pipe, it is crucial to ensure sufficient ventilation.

💡  What is the difference between a tent stove kit for glamping and camping?

There is no fundamental difference; any stove can be used for these types of recreation. However, on the market, models for glamping are buliker and heavier, so they may not suit every camper’s needs.



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