Insulated ice fishing tents

Insulated ice fishing tents
Pavlo Lysyy November 10, 2023 7 mins read time

Ice fishing is both exciting as well as challenging, requiring resilience against the stinging cold while waiting patiently for the right catch. In this frozen environment, where freezing winds howl and temperatures fall, having proper gear can make a difference between a delightful expedition and an unpleasant ordeal. To have a successful trip, winter anglers should bring a lot of equipment. But probably the most crucial is a winter tent. In the end, a good insulated shelter will allow you to stay warm and dry no matter the weather. We've compiled a list of the various winter shelters so you can choose the best one for your needs.


Eskimo Outbreak Series

The Eskimo Outbreak Series is the most recent incarnation of the company's lightweight, insulated, foldable shelters. Eskimo was a pioneer in the sport of fishing. In the latest models of the brand, adding 80g of high loft insulation, Stormshield fabric brings already-insulated shelters up to par against severe weather.

Eskimo models have a larger footprint at the bottom; the ice is less likely to lift such construction; and you'll have more room inside to fish and more room to store all the necessary equipment. Thanks to the high ceiling of this insulated shelter, most people can stand tall inside the shelter.

The storage capacity of these shelters has been improved to the highest possible degree by having storage pockets added, grommets that have been reinforced, heavy-duty structural components installed, and other additions. The 600-denier nylon that was employed in its manufacturing contributed even further to the model's already impressive toughness.

The Outbreak from Eskimo is available for purchase in no fewer than six distinct variations, with prices ranging from $400 to $670 for each. The Outbreak is not the place to look for a temporary shelter, but it is toasty inside, well-built, and impervious to the weather.

ThunderBay Ice Cube Series

ThunderBay is a well-established manufacturer in the world of hunting; no wonder that after a success in hunting, the manufacturer directed its gaze to fishing. And as you may have expected, their debut in the world of insulated winter tents was a huge success. Anglers love it for its portability, simplicity, and sturdiness.

These insulated models come with a long list of convenient features that anglers will find useful. The insulated fabric of the shelter is an extraordinarily durable 300-denier grade, which successfully wards off wind! Windows that have hook-and-loop closures can be simply adjusted and switched out for different ones. Draughts can be avoided with a ceiling height of 80 inches, hub-to-hub dimensions of 90 inches, and extra-wide skirting. As well as a carry bag for shelter and equipment that will allow you to easily transport your canvas and keep your gear organized when you reach fishing grounds, you will also receive six self-tapping ice anchors so that you can be sure that your shelter will be securely fixed and can withstand high winds. This model has a large number of sizes ranging from 1 to 3 persons. But there is one caveat: you can't find insulated models of this series in a 2 persons size. Insulated models of this series come only in a 3 persons size. Costing only $270 for a 3 person model, it's reasonably priced. Fishermen consider this shelter to be well worth the investment.

Clam Nanook XL Thermal Ice Shelter

Models with a flip-over design are lightweight and simple to move. A sled serves as the foundation for these kinds of models. The sled is often constructed of durable plastic or metal, and it is connected to the shelter itself. When you get to your destination, you just flip over the canvas and you’re ready to go, also you can protect the sled from the elements by flipping the canvas so that it covers the sled.

The Clam Nanook is one of the most popular 2 person flip-over models, and it comes as no surprise considering how many convenient features the insulated Clam tent has.

Two built-in chairs provide an incredible level of comfort. Inside this 2 person shelter, you can keep a significant quantity of equipment and gear in the larger tub, which is both secure and easy to reach. Both fishermen can enter and exit Clam Nanook rapidly and without difficulty as a result of the smart access and symmetrical doors. Additionally, there is a sufficient supply of fresh air and an excellent view from the ventilation system of the Clam shelter. In addition, Clam Nanook has 90g of insulation packed into every square meter, so whether or not you use a heater, you'll be nice and warm.

Best Ice Tent for Extreme Conditions: Otter Outdoors XT Pro X-Over Cabin Ice Shelter

To become the owner of the Otter Outdoors XT Pro X-Over, you need to be ready to pay almost $1000. It may seem that the price is a little biting for a 2 person model, but after learning about all the advantages of the Otter XT Pro, you will understand that the price is fully justified.

In several ways, the Otter XT Pro goes above and beyond what is necessary. The shell with the greatest possible denier rating is the ThermalTec 1,200D triple-layer insulated version. With dimensions of 84 inches by 66 inches, the floor space of the Otter XT Pro is rather ample for a shelter designed for 2 persons. This shelter comes with two deluxe padded swivel seats that may be adjusted in several different directions. The installation system is built to allow for quick deployment, and it makes use of extremely sturdy hardware and materials that are resistant to the effects of wind and snow. Simply put, this model is an incredible ice tent to stay in. Otter XT is the one to get if fishing during a blizzard is something you want to do seriously.

The Best Versatile Ice Fishing Tent: RBM Outdoor UP Series

Because of its remarkable design, unique features, and unwavering commitment to quality and usefulness, the RBM Outdoors UP series stands out for ice fishing enthusiasts. The UP model line includes shelters that can accommodate 1 to 5 people. Smaller models of the UP series can accommodate from 1 to 3 persons. While the biggest options can house from 3 persons to 5 persons. The most convenient thing about this shelter is that all models of the "UP" series have a detachable waterproof floor, which is a brilliant feature for those who love winter fishing.

Let's take a closer look at some of the features of these shelters. The UP series is well-known for its superior insulating capabilities. The outside layer is made of a strong, cutting-edge, and water-resistant material called Oxford 300 PU 4000, and the inner layer is made of Oxford 210 PU 2000. Furthermore, the inside layer is treated with a special water-repellent, and all stitches are bonded for maximum water resistance. The air space between the two layers reduces condensation and effectively preserves interior heat. The RBM Outdoors UP series tents were developed with the user's comfort in mind. The tents have an umbrella-style frame design that allows you to set up a tent on any sort of terrain in less than 2 minutes.

The best part is that you may use this outdoor dwelling not only for winter fishing but for any other purpose, such as hunting or camping. A ventilation system with 5-layer windows will allow you to utilize this shelter not only in the winter but also in the warmer months. To have this tent that will be suitable for any occasion, you will have to pay $999–$1899.

Best Budget Ice Fishing Tent: Outsunny Shelter Series

Despite not breaking the bank, this pop-up shelter delivers reliable results. On Amazon, you can get a shelter for 2 persons for $115.

These models are inexpensive, yet they nevertheless have many useful features, making them a good choice for an occasional or novice fisherman. The 300-denier fabric is strong enough to perform the job without being cumbersome. It has high stability; even in winds of 30 miles per hour, it remained stable. It is very impressive for a shack that costs less than $200. Additionally, there are Velcro windows and zipped doors for easy access and exit.

Finding the Best Tent for Ice Fishing


Some winter shelters are not only insulated but also padded with grams of synthetic insulation, as you will see when reading about them. Propper winter tent will have around 90g of insulation per meter.

This may be excessive depending on the task at hand and the surrounding environment. However, a well-insulated canvas can keep you on the lake for far longer than a single-walled uninsulated model when temperatures hit the single digits or negative and the wind picks up.


Visiting a popular fishing spot, you may see more pop-ups than flip-overs. To put it simply, they can be used for many purposes.

They are easy to use, spacious, and ideal for a day spent skating with a group. It is also possible to bring sleeping bags and spend the night on the ice in these larger areas.

Flip-overs are fantastic whether you're fishing by yourself or with a partner. With the sled loaded and ready to go, getting to the lake is a breeze that requires almost no preparation. However, if you want to go out with a large group, flip-over models with sleds will not work because it will be difficult to find a 3 person flip-over shelter.

Additional features

When selecting an ice fishing tent, a range of factors must be considered to ensure a comfortable time in the hard winter circumstances. You should make certain that the model you choose is lightweight so that you can easily transport it to the event. Pay close attention to ventilation; proper airflow is essential to preventing moisture. Look for models with strong frames built of materials such as steel or aluminum that can endure severe snow loads and wind.


🏕  Are all ice fishing tents insulated?

Such shelters are available in a variety of styles to meet the demands of anglers. Some models are specifically designed for cold weather situations and insulated for added warmth. However, certain models are not insulated. This is done to reduce the cost of the shelter.

📦  Can you use an ice fishing tent for other purposes?

Mostly not. These shelters have a specific construction that makes their use for other activities problematic. However, some manufacturers of such shelters still make them so they are suitable for other activities.

💡   Is it difficult to set up an ice fishing tent?

Modern models are generally designed with user-friendliness in mind, and many are relatively simple to set up, especially considering that manufacturers give installation instructions with the shelter.



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