Best winter tent camping in Texas in 2022

Best winter tent camping in Texas in 2022
Pavlo Lysyy May 02, 2022 4 mins read time

The best winter tent camping in Texas in 2022: 9 places that will fascinate you in cold weather

Texas is one of the most notable places for winter holiday in the United States. This area is visited by camping enthusiasts plenty of times during the cold season throughout the year.

There are plenty of places where people can have a great camping vacation in Winter 2022. You'll go through the unforgettable experience and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the state's major attractions.

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Guadalupe River, New Braunfels

It’s one of the most famous places in Texas where visitors come every winter. Of course, it is possible to come here year-round, but it is much more beautiful during the cold season. Snow and frost can be found in the high mountains of the national park. It is also possible to climb the Guadalupe Peak when the weather is favorable, so the tourists can feel great emotions.

Camping enthusiasts will enjoy not only the beautiful natural scenery, but also the sight of wildlife, fishing, horseback riding and boating on the river which flows through the island.

McKinney Falls State Park, Austin

This national park is worth being loved by visitors. The area, which is available year-round, is home to a variety of flora and fauna, making it a great choice for camping in Texas. You will see a waterfall with several short trails. You can follow them to see the rest of the attractions, which are always available since the area is open during the whole year.

best tent camping in texas

Garner, Concan

For winter camping in Texas, you can also choose Garner National Park in Concan. This place is open to visitors all year round and is famous for its attractions. Visitors will find clear rivers and beaches, specially equipped for swimming in this area. There are hiking trails which are great for walking.

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Enchanted Rock, Fredericksburg

This is a very scenic national park in the United States. This area will appeal to those who like spending their leisure time in nature year-round. Fans of camping will not be disappointed as there are enough interesting activities in winter, so that each visitor will be satisfied with the trip. A voyage through the ancient Indian Territory of Texas and the enchanted rocks will not leave anyone indifferent.

Travelers can also see an impressive rock of pink hard granite. If you climb it, you will be struck by the fascinating panorama of the surrounding hills. Here you can wander around the rocks  and hike. Camping here is widespread as well, and it's a good place to visit during the year.

Big Bend

An entertaining place where every visitor can walk in the desert, go canoeing and learn more about the indigenous people. All year round tourists have access to beautiful landscapes of neighboring Mexico and the Chicos basin. Nature lovers will appreciate the wildlife of the region, huge rocks and a flowing river.

In winter you can observe snow at the height of 3500 feet above the park. Camping lovers will get plenty of impressions from contemplating the snow-capped mountains of Texas during the entire weekend.

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Inks Lake

This Great national park is suitable for those who prefer water sports. You can go boating or kayaking there, which appeals to many visitors. Fishing here is available all year-round and the wonderful scenery will make your camping unforgettable. The presence of trails will allow cyclists to enjoy the inexpressible view of nature and fresh air. Winter here attracts with plenty of beautiful scenic views, which are a pleasure to admire during the whole vacation.

Guadalupe Mountains

All year round this national park offers great opportunities for visitors who prefer hiking. Tourists will get aesthetic satisfaction from contemplating the great winter or summer landscapes. If you like fresh air, you can spend some days and nights among the beautiful hills and nature.

Mustang Island

It is worth visiting this national park a plenty of times just for horseback riding. However, there are also many wild beaches in this area, which create a great atmosphere for camping enthusiasts.

This area is characterized by the abundance of fauna, from rodents to birds. There are also plenty of sites for picnics, swimming, biking and boating on the water.

best places to camp in the winter

Big Thicket

The main attraction of this area, which appeals to many travelers, is the abundance of vegetation and wildlife. Each visitor is invited to wander and spend the night under the enchanting crowns of the trees during the whole year.

There are plenty of cactuses, pine trees, swamps, and hills on more than 100,000 acres. This area is called the Ark of America.



🏕  Is it true that camping is good in any Texas national park?

  • Yes, because any national park offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. Every visitor will find everything to make their vacation unforgettable. Tourists can enjoy nature, walk, or go boating. There are many beaches. The presence of such infrastructure makes a vacation in national parks memorable. Many people visit them every year.

📦  Is it possible to visit any Texas camping park all year round?

  • Yes, Texas national parks are open year-round. In summer, fall, winter, and spring, visitors will always find something to do. There are plenty of seasonally appropriate activities available. It is possible to walk, ride bicycles, canoe, or simply admire nature.

💡  What is special about camping in a Texas national park in winter?

  • During the cold season, Texas national parks are famous for their beautiful snow-covered scenery. Visitors can also have a great time picnicking, hiking, and indulging in other activities.


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Camping in Texas is a dream

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All these campsites are great for all-season camping

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Whenever I am looking for a new camping spot, I always read your articles

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McKinney Falls State Park is my favorite campsite!

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I didn’t even know Texas is this beautiful

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