Fireproof Tent: What Is It and How To Find One?

Fireproof Tent: What Is It and How To Find One?
Pavlo Lysyy November 02, 2023 5 mins read time

Camping is a beloved outdoor activity that allows us to connect with nature, unwind, and escape the hustle and bustle of the daily routine. However, with the joys of camping come the responsibilities of ensuring safety in the wilderness. One critical aspect of camping safety is protecting yourself from hazards, which is where fireproof havens come into play.

In this article, we'll delve into what fireproof tents are, who needs them, the dangers while camping, the significance of fire retardants, the CPAI-84 flammability standard in the US, how to check if your shelter has been treated with fire retardant, safety precautions to take while camping, and final takeaways to keep in mind when embarking on your next camping adventure.


What is a Fireproof Tent?

A fireproof shelter, also known as a fire-resistant tent, is a specialized camping shelter designed to withstand exposure to flames and high temperatures.

These models are constructed using fire-resistant materials and are often treated with fire retardants to enhance their resistance. The primary purpose of such a haven is to provide a safe refuge in case of a camping-related fire incident, offering campers precious time to escape the danger.

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Who needs fireproof tents and what are the fire dangers while camping?

Fireproof designs are a vital consideration for anyone who enjoys camping, especially in areas prone to wildfires or where campfires are a common activity.

The dangers while camping can be significant, including:

1. Wildfires

Campers near forests, dry grasslands, or wilderness areas are at risk of wildfires, which can spread rapidly and pose a severe threat.

2. Campfires

Even controlled campfires can get out of hand if not properly managed, potentially leading to accomodation fires. This is especially true for windy days and dry hot environments.

3. Cooking

Cooking stoves, lanterns, and other camping equipment can malfunction, causing fires inside the haven.

4. Human Error

Accidental mishaps, such as knocking over a lantern or forgetting to extinguish a candle, can result in shelter fires.

Considering these risks, anyone who ventures into the great outdoors should contemplate the advantages of fireproof models.

What is a Fire Retardant?

A fire retardant is a substance or treatment applied to materials to reduce their flammability. In the context of tents, fire retardants are used to make shelter’s fabrics and materials less susceptible to catching fire.

These treatments work by delaying the ignition of the material and slowing the spread of flames if a fire does occur.

What is Flammability Standard CPAI-84 in the US?

The CPAI-84 standard is a flammability standard set in the United States to assess the fire resistance of camping tents. Models that meet this standard have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand exposure to open flames without igniting or spreading flames. During testing, a flame is applied to the material for several seconds, typically around 4 seconds, and the damage caused by the flame should not exceed 255 mm in size.

Camping accommodations must adhere to the CPAI-84 standards, which is considered a voluntary specification in most countries. However, there are exceptions, with certain U.S. states enacting local laws mandating compliance with the CPAI-84 flammability standard. These states include California, New York, New Jersey, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Minnesota, among potentially others.

When shopping for a fireproof haven, you can check if it complies with the CPAI-84 standard, as this certification is a reliable indicator of the product's fire-resistant properties.

How to check if your tent has been treated with fire retardant?

There are three main ways to determine if your item has been treated with a retardant.

1. Check the label on your product

2. Read the manual that comes along with the item

Consult the tent's user manual or documentation that came with it. Manufacturers often provide information about fire-resistant treatments.

3. Contact the manufacturer

If you're uncertain, reach out to the manufacturer or retailer for clarification.

Fire retardants used in tents can have varying levels of toxicity depending on the specific chemicals used and their concentrations. While these chemicals are generally designed to reduce the flammability of materials and enhance safety, some concerns exist regarding their potential health and environmental effects.

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Chose Cuboid 2.20 for safe camping without toxic materials

If you're in search of a shelter that offers both warmth and fire safety, consider the Cuboid 2.20 by The RBM Outdoors.

The Cuboid 2.20 is a versatile 4-season shelter designed to shield you from the elements. In the summer, it provides protection from the scorching sun, while in winter, it guards against snow, frost, and biting winds. Thanks to its wood stove, it maintains a comfortable interior temperature even in frigid conditions. We've recorded temperatures exceeding 82°F inside, even when it's a bone-chilling 22°F outside. This makes it a suitable shelter for year-round camping.

The outer layer of this model is crafted from the robust and water-resistant Oxford 300 PU 4000 material, while the inner layer features Oxford 210 PU 2000. The air space between these two layers significantly reduces condensation and effectively traps interior heat.

Safety features are abundant in these items. They include protective metal shields on the stove to mitigate the risk of fire and burns, light-reflecting elements that enhance visibility to drivers and reduce the chances of accidents, and a zippered floor that offers protection against insects and snakes in warm weather, as well as water in rainy conditions, among other benefits.

What are the fire safety precautions while camping?

While a fireproof shelter can provide enhanced protection, safety precautions are still essential:

1. Maintain fire safety and be responsible

Avoid using open flames, candles, or portable heaters inside the accommodation. If you must use a camp stove, do it responsibly or pick the safe and high-quality stoves.

2. Proper ventilation

Ensure adequate ventilation to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide buildup.

3. Emergency plan

Have an evacuation plan in case of a fire.

4. Bring extinguishers and first aid

Keep an extinguisher and a well-stocked first-aid kit in your camp.

5. Never smoke inside

Strictly prohibit smoking inside the living space.

Let’s sum up!

A fireproof tent is a valuable addition to your camping gear, especially if you frequent areas prone to wildfires or engage in activities that involve open flames. To ensure your safety, choose an item that complies with the CPAI-84 standard and has been treated with fire retardants.

Remember to follow safety precautions, avoid hazards, and be prepared for emergencies. With the right precautions and a high-quality shelter, you can enjoy your camping adventures with added peace of mind, knowing you have a secure refuge in case of fire-related incidents.


🏕  How can I check if my fireproof tent has been treated with fire retardant?

You can check by looking for labels or tags on the item indicating the use of fire-resistant chemicals. You can also consult the user manual or contact the manufacturer for clarification.

📦  What safety precautions should I take in a tent?

Safety precautions in a fireproof haven include avoiding open flames, candles, or portable heaters inside the living space, ensuring proper ventilation, keeping fire extinguishers and first-aid kits on hand, and prohibiting smoking inside.

💡  Are fire retardants toxic?

Fire retardants used in fireproof tents can have varying levels of toxicity depending on the specific chemicals used and their concentrations. Some fire retardants may pose health and environmental risks, so it's important to follow safety guidelines and choose items that meet recognized safety standards.



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