The best 4 season cabin tents for 8 people. Options for ice fishing

The best 4 season cabin tents for 8 people. Options for ice fishing
Pavlo Lysyy June 18, 2023 6 mins read time

Camping means comfort. It does not matter exactly where you are staying. It can be an equipped camp for travelers, a forest meadow, or a site near a river. The main thing is that you should have a comfortable camping house. If you are going on vacation in a large group, you will need an 8 person tent. It is an ideal option for accommodating an impressive number of tourists. However, if you want to be in nature and still feel the comfort of home, it is worth choosing an 8 person tent thoughtfully.


What to look for when choosing a model?

Camping is an excellent opportunity to live in nature with the comforts of home. You cannot be limited in volume and stay in a spacious, cozy 8 person tent. But how to choose it correctly? Here are the main criteria for your search.

Level of comfort

As for camping, first of all, you need to ensure that the 8 person tent is spacious and comfortable. If you are still worried about the weight of the tent, then you can always take a car to get to the campsite. If there are no objective reasons to limit weight, then the reference point for the choice is "the more, the better". And it concerns the following aspects: 

  • space - the inner volume should be such that the whole family, friends, and any company could be comfortably accommodated inside and not bother each other; moreover, you can take an 8 person tent for a group of 6 or 7 people;
  • height - is undoubtedly great when you can walk inside to your full height, and modern camping models allow this, including instants, the height of which can be about 190-200 cm. Some camping gear is even over 2 meters tall; even if you are taller than average, it is easy to find a suitable model;
  • rooms - the described shelters are available with several sleeping compartments, which is ideal for families with children, and large companies;
  • vestibule size - you can organize a dining room, kitchen, walk-in closet, rest room, and in addition, you can take a large tent and make a canopy from the sun and rain; it is convenient to cook under it or to hide in bad weather;
  • entrances - more entrances for multi-person models are always advantageous because there is no risk of waking up your neighbors when you go out at night; in addition, on a hot day, it is easier to optimize ventilation if you open all the entrances because ventilation provides the necessary coolness;
  • ventilation - if you are going to camp in summer, an 8 person tent will need good ventilation; all entrances to the sleeping compartment should be duplicated with mosquito netting, so that insects do not get in.

The outer tent should have convenient ventilation windows that let air in without problems. During rainfall, the water should not leak inside. It is ideal to have the possibility to fold up the canopy without taking it off. Then, when the weather changes, you can quickly lower it and protect the construction from rain.

It is also good when there are many valuable details in an 8 person tent. These are pockets, compartments for storing different things, and curtains on the windows. All this makes life outdoors much more comfortable. In addition, it provides order - things will not lie on the floor, neatly stacked in pockets, and you can find them quickly and easily.


Camping models differ in shape and layout of the interior space. In terms of shape, they are divided into several groups:

  • "half-boxes"
  • dome-shaped, "hemispheres"
  • hipped tents

The second ones are considered the most reliable. They are characterized by wind resistance; they stand without stretching. In general, these are instant models, and it is elementary to install them.

Incredibly spacious design, ample living space, and vast vestibule are all available in the "half-box". Although it is more difficult to install such items, they are suitable if you are not going to the highlands.

The internal layout can also be different. It can include removable partitions when a large interior compartment is divided into rooms. Or internal living modules, when removable modules are attached to the main compartment instead of partitions. The most convenient layout of an 8 person tent is considered to be the one with isolated rooms. No neighbors behind the wall, and each room has its separate entrance. Everyone enjoys comfort and privacy.

Level of reliability

For this kind of an 8 person tent, comfort and reliability are extremely important. A sturdy frame and quality materials guarantee that the equipment will last for many years, and you do not need to change the arcs and seal the cracks regularly.

The basis is the frame. Durability, the ability to withstand strong winds, and rough handling largely depend on it. The arcs of the structure can be made of metal or composite materials. Arcs made of aluminum or its alloys act as the most versatile option. They are lightweight and flexible, and they do not break under strong winds. They can only bend. A steel frame is considered the strongest but also the heaviest.

Such a product, as a rule, is put up for a long time; it must reliably protect from rain and withstand the effects of ultraviolet light. The requirements for the tent are the following:

  • watertightness;
  • the availability of glued seams;
  • the presence of reinforced elements in places that are subject to wear and tear.

It is also essential to have a solid bottom 8 person tent. The greater its water resistance, the better.


Usually the weight of the temporary dwelling is 10 kgs or more. However, you can find models weighing 4 kg and even 20 kg. It will be uncomfortable with a heavy product if you like to go to wild places where the car will not pass. If your car is compact, a voluminous 8 person tent will occupy the entire trunk, and there will be no space left.

What kind of products are available?

There are cabin tents on the market. They are designed to resemble cabins, although they have more space and greater height. Usually, you can set up a cabin quickly and easily. There are plenty of storage pockets and compartments for gear. A cabin often has large windows that offer a fantastic view of the camping area. If necessary, cabins can be zipped up to provide privacy.

Moreover, cabins often come with a built-in rain cover or minimal rain fly. They are designed to fit 4-12 people so that each team member feels comfortable in the cabin.

Another popular option is the instant models. They have telescopic poles. These so-called poles must be pulled out to install the fixture easily. This process is relatively easy; installing the instant model is done by extending the poles and fixing the stakes. There are also instant pop-up specimens that have spring-loaded tent poles. It takes minimal time to set up, too.

If you like ice fishing, you need to choose a special temporary portable housing for it. Here are the essential criteria for selecting a product for ice fishing:

  • the more layers, the better;
  • mandatory ventilation;
  • the easiest and fastest installation.

When choosing, you should also consider the number of loops for wind braces and stakes. In winter, there are often strong gusts of wind in places suitable for ice fishing, so you will definitely have to fix the shelter by the straps. The loops should be made with reinforcing pads or preferably with metal inserts.

All temporary ice fishing shelters are used for day fishing in bad weather conditions or for camping trips of several days for day and night ice fishing.

Which models are the best?

All-season 8 person tent of premium quality with a heater jack "UP-5" is in great demand among consumers. Such a fixture is very spacious; it can easily fit up to 4 people on cots and up to 8 campers in sleeping bags.

Thanks to the design of the umbrella-type structure, you can install it on any terrain in a couple of minutes. In addition, it is the best option for camping in any season. It can be used in various weather conditions, so it is even used for ice fishing.

The tent frame is made of highly durable material, which restores its original shape even after considerable strain. In addition, the outer layer of the tent is made of an innovative and water-resistant material.

Another model worthy of attention is the premium all-season wall tent Hexagon with a stove jack. It provides a real homey feel; the shelter is made in the shape of a hexagon. You can camp in it anywhere and anytime.


🏕  What are the advantages of the 8 person tent?

You can stand upright inside or arrange a kitchen and bedroom, because 8 person tent is a large temporary accommodation with a huge vestibule. The materials they are manufactured from are strong enough, so if such tents are properly installed, even strong wind will not be a problem for tourists.

📦  How to choose such a tent?

When choosing an 8 person tent, you can neglect a lot except for comfort. It is also necessary to evaluate the vestibule and construction and decide on the type - gable, dome-shaped, or tunnel-shaped. It is obligatory to consider the material of the top and bottom.

💡  What models are available on the market?

Different instant models are great for classic car camping. They are also an excellent option for festivals and newcomers to tourism. Such products have different shapes - a dome and a cabin. The latter is ideal for families and large companies. They have straight walls, which make a square shape. 




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