When should you use an extreme tent?

When should you use an extreme tent?
Pavlo Lysyy November 02, 2023 5 mins read time

Camping means comfort. It does not matter much where exactly you rest or do your favorite activities: in an equipped camp or in a forest glade, the main thing is a comfortable, roomy, cozy camping house. You should know how to choose the right extreme tent to live in nature and enjoy the coziness of home.

It is important to decide first what season you need to buy an extreme tent for. There is no point in overpaying for an insulated construction if you plan to go camping only in the summer. Based on the purpose of application, you should choose a specific model - straight shape or some other.

Tent for extreme conditions is a must for any mountain climbing, winter camping or high-altitude expedition. It is windproof, durable, reliable and provides comfortable rest in the harshest weather.


Features of models

The characteristics of different models depend on the purpose. Products that are taken on an expedition are designed for use in the base camp during high-altitude ascents. The best representatives of extreme tent for mountaineering have more weight, but are able to resist temperatures down to -50 C and withstand under a two-meter layer of snow on the roof. There are other models and requirements for them:

  1. Assault tents - such extreme tents are small, designed for 2-3 people, often single-layer. They protect from strong wind and snow, but are not the best option when it rains. Waterproofness is not necessary for serious heights - it does not rain there. However, the weight is important, and it should be minimal.
  2. There are slightly different requirements for temporary shelters for winter hiking and mountaineering. The risk of rain even in winter is high at low altitudes, so good waterproofness is necessary. It is desirable to have a spacious vestibule - there you can comfortably cook without going outside in bad weather.
  3. Models designed for going on an expedition in low temperatures should have aluminum arcs - they do not break in the cold. When buying, it is worth paying attention to the seams - they should be glued or welded, it is also important to have good ventilation. It is good if the mountain extreme tent will be brightly colored - it is easy to notice it in bad weather.

If it is difficult to choose a product on your own, you should contact experts who will help you choose a design based on the conditions of your climb or mountain hike and show you how to install it.

Advantages of use

Extreme tents are designed for the most demanding environments (assault climbs, base alpine camp). The range of products is characterized by the following:

  • high reliability;
  • easy assembly;
  • small footprint;
  • resistance to significant wind and snow loads;
  • high-quality materials;
  • advanced technologies used in production.

You should give preference to the one that suits your needs: a lightweight model, bivy sack, or, conversely, reinforced for extreme wind loads and low temperatures. The one-person single-layer tent is especially popular among professionals. Thought-out construction for organizing self-insurance inside, the ability to install close to stone walls, the chance to use it in extreme situations, affordable price, straight walls - all this has made it a bestseller among extreme recreation enthusiasts.

Model review

The product with canopy is in demand among extreme sports enthusiasts. It is made of professional powder-coated steel material, looks attractive and is resistant to rust. It has a sturdy truss construction, heavy-duty connectors and a one push button system.

The canopy model has a pop-up design. In addition, its frame is made of aluminum material, so it is easy to install it. 1 or 2 people can handle this task. By the way, the pop up design is classified as mobile. It can be quickly assembled and disassembled. The lightness and strength of pop up is achieved by using aluminum and high-tech plastic in the construction. The construction elements of the pop up include stiffening ribs, which make the product even stronger and more resistant to deformation and mechanical damage.

The products from canopy will meet your requirements 100%. The frames are manufactured from high-quality aluminum or powder-coated steel and are individually tested. The rich range of portable structures with straight walls and canopies for outdoor use is designed to meet every need and every budget. Key features of extreme tents include:

  • 1.75-inch hexagonal steel legs, providing a solid foundation for those windy days;
  • height adjustability, indicating availability of one push button connectors with easy slip-on and multiple height options;
  • corner connectors - heavy-duty nylon connectors that provide strength and durability;
  • curved trusses - large rounded steel trusses provide lateral support;
  • steel support plates - heavy-duty steel legs designed to absorb heavy impacts during canopy installation.

The retractable extreme tent 2 Seconds is quick to install. Setup and disassembly with the one push system allows you to move the product from car to camp and back with less effort than ever before.

Best options for use

Extreme tents are reliable shelters where you can stand straight and still feel comfortable. If you prefer steep mountain routes and all-season gear, this is your option. They can be used on a long expedition, in extreme cold or high in the mountains, and can easily withstand gale force winds and heavy snowfall.

Reasons why you should use them:

  • frost protection (down to -40°C);
  • enhanced water resistance due to the special weave of the tent fabric - the material "breathes", providing optimal heat exchange;
  • strong and reliable legs;
  • ergonomic silhouette and well-thought-out construction - the shelter is designed with unfavorable weather conditions on expedition in mind. Blowing wind and snow is minimized by a special skirt located around the perimeter;
  • insignificant weight (within 5 kg even for multi-person models) - except for variations with maximally pumped thermal insulation.

If you choose a model with a retractable canopy, you should pay attention to the presence of one push technology. For example, Crown Shades uses a patented hub system with a central lock, and it makes the installation process easier. This advanced feature allows you to lift the top of the pyramid-shaped canopy frame into place with one push. The hub system is locked in place with a steel rod, and an audible click lets you know it is securely fastened.

It is recommended to take a closer look at a 3 tent. A good representative of this category is an all-season model with a stove jack "Sputnik-3". It is a universal two-layer 3 tent with a four-point aluminum umbrella-type frame. Although it does not have a one push opening, it has strong and stable legs. In this 3 tent, you can shelter from the sun in summer and from snow in winter. It has all the safety features you need, including protective metal shields on the stove to prevent the risk of fire.

Another 3 tent is the "UP-2-mini" all-season tent with stove jack. It can be taken on an expedition and a camping trip, the shelter is lightweight, so it can be installed in remote areas. The 3 tent has a frame made of aircraft alloy, a high-strength material that restores its original shape even after heavy load.


🏕  When is an extreme tent useful?

It is ideal for really tough conditions. It is the best choice for those who prefer an active lifestyle and are used to spending time out of the ordinary in the wilderness, etc. The extreme tents include high-altitude models, which, in turn, are divided into expedition types and assault types.

📦  How does the product differ?

The main detail in each extreme tent is the frame. It should be very rigid, which serves as a guarantee of reliable protection against blowing. The dome must also be taken into account. It should be low, which will reduce resistance in windy weather. The type of opening also plays a part. It is desirable that it was one push.

💡  How to choose?

Decide on the purpose - expedition or mountaineering. It is also worth considering the length of stay, the system of installation, the size of the sites, and the style of climbing.



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