Best Collapsible Wood Stoves For Camping

Best Collapsible Wood Stoves For Camping
Pavlo Lysyy November 02, 2023 5 mins read time


Davis Ellis Folding Wood Burning Camp Stove

The first model on our list is a pretty old-school collapsible option. This is a collapsible model that is best suited for campers on a budget or for those who prefer car camping. Made from 18-gauge cold-rolled steel, this collapsible model is one of the heaviest on our list. The model weighs up to 35 lbs. And if you prefer long hiking trips, it's better to look for a lighter option. But since this collapsible piece of gear is made of steel and not titanium, it costs less. The price is only $309, which is the cheapest of all the models on our list. This collapsible model folds down to 1 1/2 inches tall. Unfolded, it offers a sturdy platform for cooking and heating. So if you are a car camping adept who has a limited budget but still wants to be warm during your trips and can cook your meals while camping, this collapsible furniture will be a good option for you.

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Brand: Davis

Weight: 35 lbs.

Size: 14″x14″x23″

Material: 18 gauge cold rolled steel

Price: $309

Winnerwell Fastfold Titanium Stove

The use of ultralight titanium in the construction of this folding model allows it to be as small and lightweight as possible. The total weight of the stove is only four pounds. There are no hardware bits to lose or fumble with when your hands are chilly. In addition, if the top is removed, it may be used effectively as a fire pan that is extremely lightweight for preparing meals. The chimney pipe is crafted from a solitary sheet of titanium that is extremely thin. When stored, it rolls along the breadth, and when forming the pipe, it rolls along the length. It may take some practice before you get the hang of rolling the pipe into the desired shape. However, after the initial burn, the fire will begin to form in the pipe due to the heat it generates. Because of its low weight, this folding model is an excellent option for people who go hiking. In addition, thin titanium can withstand temperatures higher than steel, resulting in a reduction in both weight and packing area. Due to the high efficiency with which this model transmits heat, it can provide warmth to your tent, even in the harshest of environments, and it can keep coals hot for several hours. The fact that this folding model does not contain any glass windows appears to be the only drawback associated with it.

Brand: Winnerwell

Weight: 4 lbs.

Size: 15”x 9”x 7”

Material: Titanium

Price: $469 - $559

Seek Outside Titanium Wood Stove

Just 3.13 pounds is all that this collapsible furniture tip the scales at. This collapsible model is an excellent choice for a journey that involves backpacking. This option is easy to assemble and fold up into a size that is compact enough to be stored in the majority of backpacks when they are not in use. Additionally, the chimney pipe can be rolled up into a cylinder that is approximately one foot in length. Titanium is the primary material used in the construction. As a direct consequence of this fact, this model is an outstanding illustration of light weight, and efficiency. These tents also have good burn characteristics, which will ensure that your shelter remains warm throughout the night. This collapsible model can heat a tent that is compatible with it even when the temperature is relatively low and can hold coals for a very long period as a result of the very efficient qualities of titanium. This model comes in three different sizes: medium, large, and SXL.

Brand: Seek Outside

Weight: 3.125 lbs.

Size: 8″x 8″x 14″

Material: Titanium

Price: $475.25

Luxe 3W Tent Wood Stove (Titanium)

This is a titanium oven, which has the benefit of being incredibly portable. This folding burner for tents weighs in at just 4.01 pounds, making it ideal for backpacking. Nevertheless, despite its small weight, it possesses a view window glass. This camping furniture is built to provide excellent heating performance while at the same time lowering the amount of weight that allows you to easily carry your gear. It is easy to transport due to its folding and small structure, which makes it a perfect companion for camping trips that take place in cold circumstances. Because of this, it is a fantastic investment. The use of titanium in the construction gives durability and a significant capacity to hold heat, at the same time the level of safety is increased thanks to the integration of a spark arrestor. It is the greatest choice for explorers who are searching for a combination of comfort, durability, and a splash of elegance in their gear. When it comes to going on journeys in the great outdoors, it is one of the most suitable options.

Brand: Luxe

Weight: 4.01 lbs.

Size: 3.5″x7.8″x6.6″

Material: Titanium

Price: $365

Medium Wood Stove With Fire-Resistant Glass "Caminus M"

In the world of wood stoves, the Caminus M stands out as a shining example of form meeting function. Beyond its stunning appearance, the Caminus M is a powerhouse when it comes to heating. It efficiently burns wood, creating a pleasant temperature in a minute. All the functions you need for a pleasant cooking experience are included. The spark arrestor shields the tent's outer layer from sparks and heats the cooking area uniformly. But the biggest standout of this model is its uncompromising safety features. The body is built of 0.04"-thick AISI 430 high-tech stainless steel, and the side walls are made from heat-resistant ceramic glass. This glass has better heat emission than ordinary steel and also acts as an extra light source within your shelter. The glass's working temperature can reach 1382° F. Areas of contact between the glass and metal have heat-resistant sealing. Sealing prevents smoke from entering the tent and damaging the glass. Caminus M is outfitted with four metal shields for protection. The lower shield protects the tent floor, while the side shields protect the tent wall behind the furniture.

Brand: RBM Outdoors

Weight: 42 lbs.

Size: 9.84”x19.9”x11.81"

Material: Stainless steel AISI 430, fire-resistant glass - 0.16" thickness

Price: $799

Pomoly T1 Flame Titanium Tent Stove

The use of TA1/GR1 titanium, which is only 1 millimeter thick, makes it portable and lightweight, with a total weight of only 7.9 pounds. This model has a Collapsible function and a glass door. You can sleep through the night without being disturbed by the cold thanks to this folding stove that folds up and can heat your tent in a matter of minutes. As a consequence of this, you will have a restful night's sleep and the energy necessary to go exploring the following day. During the chilly evenings, the view glass will make it possible for you to appreciate the beauty of the fire that is blazing within the stove. In addition, this folding model has a solid foundation thanks to the connecting legs. Additional features of this folding furniture, like a body reinforcement that prevents deformation and flattens the top to heat the bottom of the pot evenly, and an extra BBQ grill used for all kinds of meat and vegetables will also please campers. This folding model can prove to be a dependable companion for you if you plan on going camping or hiking in chilly circumstances.

Brand: Pomoly

Weight: 7.9lbs.

Size: 14.9”x8.7”x7.1”

Material: 1mm Thickness Titanium

Price: $365


🏕  What material are collapsible stoves made from?

Collapsible furniture is made from materials like steel, titanium, or stainless steel. Collapsible models made of steel are suitable for extended trips. Backpackers and those who place a high priority on portability prefer folding options made of titanium. Stainless steel models offer a balance between weight, durability, and heat retention.

📦  Can I use a tent stove in any type of tent?

Not all camping shelters are compatible with such furniture. It's essential to ensure your specific tent model is compatible and has features like stove jacks (openings for pipes) and heat-resistant materials.

💡  Can I cook on folding models, or is it just for heating?

Many folding models are designed for both heating and cooking. They often feature a flat surface or a removable cooktop for preparing meals.



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