How to choose a tent for luxury glamping in 4 seasons

How to choose a tent for luxury glamping in 4 seasons
Pavlo Lysyy May 21, 2023 5 mins read time

Outdoor recreation is suitable for everyone. However, breaking away from civilization and remaining without amenities may not please everyone. Glamping is for tourists who want to maintain comfort in nature. In fact, it's camping as we know it, but with an increased level of comfort. The same tents, only inside of them are not sleeping bags but inflatable mattresses. The tent cities that rent out their shelters even offer beds, showers, and toilets.

Such an idea is now popular as a business. However, it is not necessary to rent all the required equipment. If the family or group often goes out into nature, they can buy and use such a shed at their discretion. To do this, it is necessary to understand the types and differences of deluxe structures and how to choose the right one.

There are several shelters suitable for recreation marked deluxe:

  1. Mobile homes. These structures have been known for a long time. The advantage is that it is both a vehicle and a house simultaneously. Inside there is everything you need to feel at home, but, at the same time, in nature. Nevertheless, the maintenance of such dwellings is quite expensive. And it is not always convenient for large groups of people.
  2. Triangular houses. These structures are more often used for stationary tent cities. These are great for business and renting but not for independent tourism.
  3. Tents. These shelters consist of a sturdy frame and a stretched tent. They are mobile and can be moved from one place to another. Some models involve a deck or wooden platform as a base.

Read below to learn what to pay attention to when choosing a luxury tent for glamping.


How to choose a luxury tent?

First of all, the choice of any shelter begins with the size. The more people need to fit inside, the larger the area should be. As for the tent's height, the deluxe models do not have this problem. Therefore, comfortable movement inside is guaranteed.

The next thing that is important to bear in mind is materials. Undoubtedly, designs of this size require only sturdy and reliable parts. The deluxe material cover is also essential. It should provide reliable protection from rain, snow, and sunlight. At the same time, it is crucial that the material is air permeable and does not create a greenhouse effect inside the tent.

The way of installation, the need for decking – all these points should be considered before buying. As for the interior filling of the tent, it all depends on the budget and the tourist's desire. For luxury 4 season tents, it is important to choose models with a firmer bottom, thicker walls, and the presence of a stove or other source of heating.

Year-round glamping shelters must meet higher standards. Caulked seams, quality zippers, windows, and doors are important, especially during the cold season. Moisture and cold air will penetrate primarily through these elements, which can ruin your vacation. Decking awnings are less susceptible to moisture; however, a quality bottom is necessary. It is the most vulnerable place, so a lot depends on its qualities. Often, it does not show cracks or cuts, but this reduces the lifetime of the entire luxury tent for glamping.

Luxury tents glamping options for 4 seasons

One of the most beloved shelters in America and Canada is the All-Season Premium Outfitter Wall Tent with Stove Jack "Pentagon." This model is suitable for glamping for the group of 5 campers. It is a comfortable living unit that can be used in all 4 seasons. The comfort of home in this shelter is guaranteed. Inside, there is enough space for spacious movement. Unlike conventional tents, there is no need to bend your back, and the deluxe design allows you to stand upright at either end of the tent.

The canopy is shaped like a pentagon. This feature allows you to use all the space inside in a useful way. The wood stove will make the shelter warm and cozy even in cold winter. The frame is made of durable alloy used in the construction of aircraft. The material can withstand heavy loads and retain its original shape for a long time. The canopy is made of water-resistant fabric. The tent retains heat and does not form condensation thanks to the air space between the layers.

The manufacturer has taken care of campers' safety. This luxury shelter is equipped with reflective elements for car or snowmobile drivers, and reliable seams and zippers prevent insects or snakes from getting in. The stove is equipped with metal shields that prevent fires.

The Stargazer Wilderness Resource tarp tent is another excellent option for deluxe camping. It is spacious and lightweight. It is made in a stylish design that is not offset by functionality. The bell shape allows you to use all interior space and stand upright anywhere in the shelter. The area allows for up to four single beds. And if you plan to do glamping in a large group, 8 sleeping bags can easily fit inside. A transparent roof is a feature of the luxury canopy. Having settled comfortably before going to sleep, tourists can admire the starry sky. A solid floor, zippers, and mosquito nets on the windows and the entrance provide reliable protection from moisture, insects, or other unwanted wildlife. Thanks to quality materials, using the dwelling at any time of year is possible: it can protect you from rain, snow, or scorching sun.

Not less popular with experienced campers is the luxury 4-season Dream House tent. For large groups, it's just what is needed. It's big and spacious, and eight people can easily sleep inside on cots. The cotton canvas that the canopy is made of is treated with additional protection against the effects of moisture. Experts call this glamping model the most windproof. Despite its large size, it is pretty easy to install, which makes it even more attractive for deluxe camping. The mesh on the windows and doors protects campers from insects. The thick and sturdy bottom offers reliable protection against moisture. So even sleeping in sleeping bags will be enjoyable inside this tent. The base is the most reliable part of the canopy, so its quality affects the service life as a whole.


Glamping is luxury recreation. Comfort and convenience are valued above all else. The disadvantage of all tents for such a vacation is the cost. However, the pricing is understandable. The dimensions, quality, and functionality of deluxe-class shelters can't be cheap. For budget tourism, people will have to sacrifice comfort. It is also worth noting that this equipment is designed for long-term use, not for daily carrying and setting up in a new place. It is worth choosing completely different models with specific parameters for hiking.

However, the high cost of marquees speaks to their quality and durability. If you like to spend a lot of time outdoors, this investment will bring you benefits and pleasure and make a long-awaited vacation comfortable.


🏕  What is the difference between glamping and camping?

In essence, glamping is the same as camping, only with more comfort. Deluxe tents provide almost home-like comfort in the fresh air.

📦  Why are glamping tents expensive?

The pricing of luxury shelters is understandable. A large area requires the use of quality structures and materials. Plus, such shelters are equipped with additional amenities. Elegant design also affects the price increase.

💡  Can deluxe tents be used in 4 seasons?

Luxury tents for recreation, as well as conventional ones, can be summer or four-season. A stove and a chimney indicate the possibility of using the shelter throughout the year. However, the option of installing a stove in the tent should be clarified with the seller because not every model can be equipped with a chimney, and using the furnace may be unsafe.




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