Inflatable dome tents

Inflatable dome tents
Pavlo Lysyy June 23, 2023 7 mins read time

It is the most common type of camping shelters. They have lots of strong points. Particularly, they have curved or sloping walls, which improves their aerodynamics and makes them more stable in wind with minimal pegging. Most of them feature two or more inflatable crossbow poles, which support the canopy. Cabin camps catch wind and therefore are more likely to be disrupted.

Another great advantage of dome-style shelters is spaciousness: they are high at the center and have a rectangular floor. This helps campers arrange sleeping places and store equipment without cluttering the inside.

Inflatable tents share this quality with traditional pole shelters. They do well in high wind, and they are easier to set up: there is no need to assemble a metal frame, which would otherwise take quite a bit of time and effort to assemble.

These camps feature a system of beams, which differ in shape, depending on the type and size of the hut. A blowup camp has one or several valves, and it takes several minutes to erect it. All you need to do is connect the hose of the pump to the valve, do the job, and watch the setup process.


Facts about inflatable dome tents

Most blowup shelters are dome- or tunnel-shaped, and they are more limited in size than traditional pole camps. It is hard to find a blowup camp for a solo camper because it is technologically harder to produce blowup beams for a teepee shelter – the type that is more suitable for solo camping.

The best inflatable dome tents are never cheap because the manufacturing process is more complex. The beams are manufactured from more advanced and therefore costlier materials.

Inflated beams are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. If temperature falls, so does the pressure inside, and vice versa. Exposure to a higher temperature right after exposure to low temperature may cause them to burst.

Although punctures are rare, they do happen at times. It is necessary to store these camps safely away from sharp objects and to be very careful when using knives, axes, scissors, piercers, etc. during a trip. Most such camps come with repair kits that include PU glue, adhesive tape, waterproof patches, and an instruction manual on how to repair punctures.

The frame can deflate suddenly. This may be due to a puncture or failure to close the valve properly. Deflation can cause the entire structure to shrink or collapse, especially if it has a single-valve beam frame. To avoid the frustration, please, check the valve(s) and the beams before you start out.

Inflatable dome tents are harder to pack away because it is not easy to remove all air from the frame after deflating it. You have to press hard and roll it to fit in the storage bag. It is a challenging task, especially for a newbie.

Bubble tents

It is a type of dome shelter that is designed for a specific fashion of camping, and it tends to attract glampers. It is great for various outdoor events too. These shelters have a transparent or semi-transparent canopy, so campers can see what is going on around. Some campers find it extremely romantic to stay in a shelter while being able to marvel at the surroundings and sleep under the stars.

Blowup bubble shelters are best suited for use in campgrounds. Their canopies are made of waterproof PVC, which provides protection against insects, wind, and UV radiation. It should be noted that they are not good for campers who put privacy first.

How do I choose the best inflatable dome hut?

A pump-up shelter is a nice option for those who are ready to pay a little higher price for the convenience of not having to hassle with metal poles and ropes. High quality should be your main criterion of choice. If you know something about camping and are familiar with reputed and long-standing brands, check their products and see which one meets your desires, preferences, and budget.

Check their websites and dig information about dome-style shelters. Manufacturers use every chance to share a detailed product description. There you can find all there is to know about these shelters and choose a particular item. Read customer feedback and pay attention to the most vulnerable parts, such as valves, beams, type of canvas, materials, seams, etc.

Think twice why exactly you want to buy a cheap inflatable dome tent. What is your favorite camping style? How big is your family or team? In fact, if you are a backpacker or mountain hiker, a blowup shelter is not the right option for you because of heavy weight. Blowup shelters are good for car camping.

Air camps have both strong and weak spots, and you should remember that a good thing for someone is not necessarily a good thing for you. Now that you know what to expect from a blowup camp, you can use this information to avoid disappointment.

Product examples

Premium Inflatable Tent No Stove Jack Panda Air Medium

RBM is working around the clock designing and producing new sophisticated best-quality camping facilities. The Panda Air Medium is another bright example of the company’s devotion to current quality standards, which are clearly observable in every item it makes.

This blowup camp showcases RBM’s latest and boldest endeavors and achievements. It shows you that it is possible to erect a livable and cozy shelter. It features a single-valve air-beam frame and comes with a hand pump. There is no need to wrangle with poles and rods: all you need to do is connect the hose and do a little physical work. Things will be even easier if you have an electric pump at hand.

The Panda Air Medium is a spacious 3-season shelter with two doors and six windows. The canopy is made of a waterproof 210 gsm T/C fabric. The top consists of two layers, and there is a meshed vent hole, which in combination with the meshed doors and windows creates an effective ventilation.

The shelter has everything that will keep you comfortable in spring, summer, and fall: it will keep you warm and dry on a cool and rainy day, and won’t let you get fried on a hot summer day. You will be okay with an outdoor temperature of 33.8 F.

The Panda Air Medium offers enough space to accommodate four campers in sleeping bags, and up to three campers on folding beds. This shelter should not be used in extreme climates. The product is not cheap.

Heimplanet Original Cave Dome Tent

This inflatable dome tent is famous for its futuristic design and user-friendliness. It is different from the majority of shelters of this type, mainly thanks to the external blowup frame. Another interesting thing about it is that it is made of recycled materials.

The frame has just one valve, so once you finish pumping it, the whole structure rises and takes its original shape immediately. The canopy has four vent holes with covers, so you can keep them closed when it is cool, and open when it gets hot outside.

The shelter offers 54 sq ft of space, and 3.33 ft of headroom. Although it is not the biggest shelter, it has a gear loft, so your equipment won’t clutter the interior. The whole thing weighs 10 lbs, so it can be used for backpacking and hiking. Be sure to peg it down properly, so it won’t get blown off from its place.

The Heimplanet Original is not a cheap shelter. The package does not include a pump. However, the valve is adaptable to various types of pumps. It comes with a repair kit, so you can fix it on site in case you accidentally puncture it.

Moose Outdoors Inflatable Tent

The Moose Outdoors is an excellent shelter for a small family with one or two kids. It is very easy to set up, quite livable for its size, and cheap, selling at less than $100.

The canopy is made of a water- and windproof ripstop fabric that can withstand wing gusts of around 33 mph. It is very easy to set up, and the package includes a repair kit with a set of patches.

Apart from the waterproof canvas, the Moose Outdoors features a sewn-in waterproof groundsheet. It won’t soak even if it rains all day long. There are ventilation holes, which are covered securely enough not to let in a drop of water.

Thanks to the aerodynamic shape, the structure can withstand gusty winds. However, the Moose Outdoors is not intended for use in extreme cold or in heavy snowfalls. It is a 3-season shelter, and it is well suited for camping in spring, summer, and fall. It is possible to camp in winter on a quiet and not so cold day. The shelter’s biggest downsides are lack of headroom: you cannot stand or walk inside it.

Best Quality Items from The Bubble Huts

It is a renowned brand from the USA specializing in designing and manufacturing inflatable bubble tents. The company is one of the biggest sources of best-in-class products for glampers.

The brand offers an attractive minimalist design that will keep any customer satisfied. Glamping in a bubble-style shelter feels like a stay in paradise, as you sit and watch the scenic views around you and do a bit of stargazing in a quiet night.

All shelters are made of high-quality waterproof translucent PVC, which will last a lifetime. These shelters are very easy to install, as all you need to do is attach the hose to the valve and pump it.

The company hires a team of skilled, experienced, and devoted professionals. Years and even decades of backgrounds help them to come up with innovative, eco-friendly, and economically effective solutions and tailor them to ever-changing needs and requirements.

The company takes great care about customer satisfaction and stays in touch with customers to ensure they do not have issues. They have built strong ties with regular campers, glampers, as well as event organizers, hotel owners, retailers, etc. The company does not produce cheap or poor bubble camps. They take great care about every received order and discuss every little detail with every customer.


🏕  Why are inflatable dome tents more expensive than traditional pole shelters?

These tents feature inflatable frames, which hold the entire structure and therefore should be made from best-quality materials. Their production is more complex and therefore costlier. Actually, it is the price you pay for not having to go through the hassle of assembling a metal frame.

📦  Do inflatable dome tents deflate?

Sometimes they do. For the most part, deflation results from punctures, tear and wear, poorly closed or faulty valves, or a pressure drop caused by a sudden temperature drop. Before you go out on a trip, please check the integrity of the frame and valve, and do not expose your dome shelter to frost after inflating it in a warmer place.

💡  What should I pay attention to when choosing a shelter?

Check information about the manufacturer, the product’s characteristics, and user feedback. Buy the best item you can afford!



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