Solo tent

Solo tent
Pavlo Lysyy November 10, 2023 6 mins read time

We go into the area of solo tents in this detailed guide, exploring the top candidates built for the lone explorer. We scoured the market, taking into account variables such as weight, durability, price, weather resistance, and different features like snow skirts or mesh pockets, to show you a selection of the finest outdoor dwellings for solo campers. If you make an informed choice, your outdoor adventures will be safe and comfortable.


Best Three Seasons 1 Person Shelter: Sierra Designs High Route 1 3000

The High Route is a good choice for solo trekkers due to its compact size and low weight. It also provides a pleasant, open, and functional interior. That's because of its novel offset design, the sole drawback of which is that it's not quite as easy to pitch as some of its competitors. But as with anything else, practice makes perfect.

Even though the interior of this solo tent isn't the roomiest, you can still walk around freely and sit up straight. You get an uncommon '1.5' door arrangement. It means that there is the front entrance, which has a full-length zipper, and a smaller, rear door, which has a half-length zipper but still opens into a vestibule. This area is a convenient place to store bulky items like sleeping bags, stoves, and dirty shoes.

The only serious drawback of this model is that the canvas of this shelter is probably too thin to shield you when bad weather strikes hard. It can be too cold inside this model during sub-zero temperatures. This is especially true given that this model lacks a snow skirt. So if you intend to do some winter camping, you'll need another model designed specifically for camping in cold conditions.

The Most Affordable 1 Person Shelter: Wild Country Helm 1

Wild Country is a sub-brand of Terra Nova’s manufacturer, which in turn has a long history of designing, manufacturing, and selling the best lightweight outdoor equipment. Wild Country provides affordable products that adhere to Terra Nova's design and quality requirements.

The Helm 1 is an ample three-season freestanding model. It has a large porch and a tall profile that provides enough headroom, and enough inside space for campers.

Ventilation is provided by mesh panels along the top of the inner and a half midge-proof mesh inner door; protection from rain is provided by a Stormtex flysheet and a robust, long-lasting foundation is ensured by four guy ropes. The inner and outer poles of this solo tent work together to pitch the device rapidly, and its two-pole, freestanding design allows for simple, precise adjustments to your position and angle. The two huge mesh pockets, the ability to fully open the circular internal door to almost 360 degrees, and the color-coded pole sleeves are also excellent extras.

Best Lightweight 1 Person Shelter: Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL1

The Big Agnes Tiger UL1 is ultralight (852g), roomy, waterproof, and filled with useful features like ceiling pockets for excellent storage capacity, a vent on the vestibule door, mini slats in the structured foot-end corners to create more usable space between your feet and the wall, and numerous interior loops for securing gear.

A silicone-treated ripstop nylon with a 1,200mm hydrostatic head rating was used to create the flysheet and groundsheet, while ripstop nylon with polyester mesh was used to create the breathable interior. The poles are made of DAC Featherlite, and all of the seams are taped with a waterproof, solvent-free PU covering.

For this model, Big Agnes uses solution-dyed fabric that decreases fading and consumes fewer resources in its production. Even after staking out the rear corners, the low bathtub flooring will still sag a little because this model is only semi-freestanding and has a single door. A wide mezzanine, multiple pockets in front of the mezzanine, and a pocket on the side provide ample storage space inside the shelter.

Best All-season 1 Person Shelter: All-Season Tent with Stove Jack "UP-2-mini"

If you're planning a solo trip, UP-2-mini is a viable choice to consider. This shelter provides all the comforts of home to make your camping trip stress-free and enjoyable. You won't find a more luxurious camping experience than with this shelter.

The tent's interior will remain dry in even the heaviest downpours thanks to the special, water-resistant Oxford PU4000 material. In addition, a special water-repellent is applied to the inside layer. The interior will remain toasty and dry no matter how harsh the weather outside may be. Shelter’s ease of assembly is a further benefit. A single person can set up this tent in only two minutes on any surface thanks to the lightweight umbrella frame. This model is 106" in diameter and 71" in height.

In severe colds, you will have the opportunity to install a wood stove inside this shelter. It has a smoke pipe hole made from heat-resistant material capable of withstanding temperatures up to 2192°. Also this model has a snow skirt. Snow skirts are intended to provide a barrier between the tent's bottom and the ground. A snow skirt stops the wind from blowing under the tent in snowy situations, keeping the interior dry and toasty. By preventing cold air from entering the interior, a snow skirt helps maintain a more comfortable temperature inside. So you can keep a convenient internal temperature no matter the weather outside. This model allows you to keep a temperature of 85° F or higher inside while it is -22° F outside. On the other hand, to make using this shelter during hot seasons more convenient, it incorporates a ventilation system with 5-layer windows. This will allow airflow to circulate inside the shelter, keeping it cool. So you can use UP-2 mini for any weather.

The combination of these features makes this solo tent an excellent choice for solitary campers who don’t want to spend extra money on different shelters for different seasons.

Best 1 Person Bivy Shelter: Big Sky Wisp Bivy

The word "super bivy" is the most accurate way to describe it. Big Sky has created a shelter that, at first glance, appears to offer all benefits of a bivy bag without any of the standard problems of bivy shelters. In its design, it is comparable to a Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo because it has an extra small pole and it's a bit more lightweight, presumably since it doesn't have the mesh vents around the bottom.

Because of its extremely low weight and small size, it is ideally suited for use on extended hiking trips when the weight distribution of your equipment must be prioritized. In contrast to a bivy bag, this one has a room inside in which you are able to sit and rest, as well as a rather sizable porch in which you are able to store your equipment. Additionally, it is waterproof and windproof.

Best 1 person Tarp Shelter: Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo

Its tarp design is comprised of a single skin of silicon-coated polyester top hanging from a trekking pole. The upper's edge and corners are pinned down to form a hexagonal shape around its base.

With 1.2 meters in height and 2.4 square meters of sleeping space, this design provides a relatively substantial sleeping area. You also get a 0.8-square-meter porch, which gives you plenty of space to cook and organize your gear. However, in certain conditions, such as when it's chilly, damp, and not highly windy, this solo tent gets pretty wet inside.


🏕  Can a 1 person shelter withstand heavy snow?

Not all solo tents are capable of coping with snow loads. The main solo tents' priority is their low weight and often thin materials used in their production. If you want your solo tent to withstand snow, look for a1 person shelter intended for all-season usage.

📦  How much room does one person need in a shelter?

The amount of space required varies depending on personal choice, body size, and the amount of equipment you need to store within. However, as a general rule, you should have at least 20 square feet.

💡   Are 1 person shelters easy to set up?

Yes, such models are generally designed to be simple to set up. Many modern models feature simple pole designs, color-coded setups, and intuitive instructions. Practice setting up your shelter at home before your trip to ensure you are familiar with the process, especially if you're new to camping.



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