Сabela’s Hot Tent: Is It Worth the Hype?

Сabela’s Hot Tent: Is It Worth the Hype?
Pavlo Lysyy December 15, 2022 5 mins read time

It seems that there is no camping lover that would not have heard about Cabela’s hot tent - an outfitter of the most comfortable shelters for traveling during frigid temperatures and unexpected weather conditions. This outfitter of home-like tent is a perfect choice for those who love hunting and hiking. It has enough room to house many people, store camping gear, and live in nature in a very comfortable way. But is it as perfect as described? So let’s take a closer look at what Cabelas hunting tents can offer.


Cabela’s Hot Tent: Overview

The most useful and totally essential tool for camping is definitely a tent. This is the equipment that should be chosen carefully as your whole adventure will depend on it. Some customers pay attention to the amount of free space inside the tent, and other campers test the durability of the shelter and its capability to stand extreme weather.

All these features from above are combined in a Cabelas hot tent. Produced from high-quality materials, this snug shelter is endowed with many properties, other tents would never have. So let’s get into details and see what popular Cabelas outfitter tent can provide you with.

Space Inside

Cabelas bestseller is what you need if you have a big company to go camping with. Thanks to its hexagonal design, it can easily house several people, as well asyour hunting gear, stove, and other equipment. You would probably add some cots to sleep on inside the tent, so this may reduce the room.

Cabelas shelter is definitely good for gathering many campers inside so that everyone has free space to rest after a long hunt or hiking. If you are choosing wet weather to travel on, then you can get some gear-drying lines to your tent with ease and it will not make the room look stuffed.


When it comes to camping with many people, a venting side becomes extremely important. And that is what Cabelas outfitter tent can be proud of. Its venting system is very well-organized so you can enjoy summer camping without getting hot and winter hunting without experiencing condensation from the cold outside.

Cabelas camping shelter is a single-wall tent so it will definitely lose some points compared to a venting system of double-walled tents. But here is the solution to it: there are multiple vents in this home-like apartment. The first one is on the top of the tent, then you will find a vent above the door, and three other vents will be placed right in the wall. For more comfort, there are three windows located on the roof and they can also serve for venting purposes.


Cabelas extreme weather tent is perfectly designed to use the stove to keep the shelter warm. Even though the stove itself is sold separately, there is already a position created for it - next to the door. And here is a perfect idea: a tent has zippers to put the stove directly on the ground. In this way, the ashes will not fall on your shelter’s floor.

Although the fact of having a stove inside your tent sounds exclusively good, when heating your shelter you will probably have to supply firewood many times. This is because a single-wall design will not allow you to keep the hot temperature for long inside your tent. But even when reheating your stove over and over again, it will not create a comfy atmosphere under temperatures of -30 degrees.

Setting Up

Cabelas hot tent setup is pretty easy: all you have to do is just stake out the base of your shelter, get the wall poles and pull the construction so that each pole is tied with a rod. The process can be done by one person if you are camping alone but setting up this extreme weather tent would be much easier in a company.

Folding the tent is also trouble-free even though this is a shelter of a big size. However, there is the following pitfall: when setting up this hot tent on the frozen ground the stakes might break. That is why it is always better to have some spare stakes.

Withstanding Different Weather Conditions

Cabelas hot tent is a real wonder for those travelers who are fond of camping under extreme weather conditions. Thanks to the XTC II fabric it is made of, the shelter can repel snow and rain. When camping in summer, you will be protected from ultraviolet, fire, and abrasion.

As for the wind resistance, here the hot tent may not be in the leading position. This shelter will not likely stand severe winds like in Alaska. However, when hunting during moderate winds, the construction will remain firm.

Cabela’s Outfitter Tent: For Whom Is It the Best Option?

Definitely, the hot tent by Cabelas is taking the lead among other examples of camping equipment. Even though in most cases the shelter will be a suitable match, some campers may still consider choosing it. So Cabelas extreme weather tent will suit you if you:

  • Want to get a lot of room. This tent holds much free space inside and it can easily accommodate a small company of 3-4 people, cots, stove, and other camping gear. Inside this shelter, you can put many more things and your space will not become completely cluttered.
  • Look for high-quality materials. Indeed, the hot tent by Cabela’s is made of modern excellent quality materials that make it light and sturdy at the same time. It is made of durable XTC II with three vinyl windows, vents, zippered openings, steel frame, and ground sheet.
  • Travel under extreme weather conditions. Cabelas hot tent will withstand any natural phenomena: wind, rain, snow, freeze, or heat. Thanks to the special design that provides using the stove, this hunting shelter can back you up in many situations.
  • Choose affordable prices. Even though Cabelas outfitter tent is a modern solution for comfortable camping, it is not overpriced. For everything that it offers, the charges are really reasonable.

Cabela’s Hot Tent: Our Verdict

The popularity of Cabelas hunting tent is totally proven. Its multiple features, high-quality materials, and capabilities will turn your camping weekend into a luxurious vacation in nature. You can use it in different seasons of the year, however, it will not stand to severe winds and frigid temperatures. After weighing all the pros and cons, our final decision is that Cabelas hot tent is definitely worth it!

Where to Buy More Tents?

If you are looking for more options for camping and glamping, you can find them among our offerings. This is what we provide:

  • Different kinds of tents for any purpose, season, and design. We have a range of options for you if you are looking for something special or regular.
  • Modern solutions. We have so many tents that provide modern solutions to the actual camping problems. So you can find literally everything you need for your perfect camping trip.
  • Luze quality. Although the price for hot tents are not quite affordable, we offer products of the best quality that would serve you a long time, thus it’s a great investment definitely worth considering.

So don’t hesitate to come to us to make your next trip totally enjoyable with the tents we offer!


🏕  Is Cabelas hot tent suitable for camping with a big company?

Cabelas hunting tent has a lot of room and can house several people. You can easily put several cots, a stove, camping gear, and other equipment inside the shelter and it will not be cluttered. It can definitely comfort your family or friends.

📦  What is special about Cabelas extreme weather tent?

The peculiarity of Cabelas hot tent is in its ability to withstand different weather conditions. With this tent, you can easily go camping while it is raining and snowing. Also, the shelter will remain comfortable while it is hot because of its advanced venting system.

💡  Is Cabelas hot tent affordable?

For all the functions that Cabelas tent is offering, it has a reasonable price. With this shelter, you can turn your camping trip into a comfortable vacation no matter what the weather is.


Colby Callahan

Colby Callahan said:

Definitely worth it

Ilyas O'Sullivan

Ilyas O'Sullivan said:

I love Cabela’s

Darragh Graham

Darragh Graham said:

Never heard of this brand, but now I’m desperate to try it

Ruairi Ashley

Ruairi Ashley said:

What i love most about Cabelas tents is that they are super easy to install, literally takes you a couple of minutes tops!

Ryan Dale

Ryan Dale said:

This is my number 2 choice. After RBM that is!

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