11 Best Tents With Stove Jack: 2022 Reviews

11 Best Tents With Stove Jack: 2022 Reviews
Pavlo Lysyy September 21, 2022 7 mins read time

You enjoy winter camping or like to relax in the open air with comfort? Then tents with a stove jack are for you. Campers will easily stay warm, cook, and keep their gear dry in cold and rainy weather with this proper accommodation.

Having a stove jack inside the shelter, you will benefit from an incredible trip. Let’s explore the list of top stove jack tents and their detailed characteristics to make the right choice!


What Is a Tent With Stove Jack?

A tent with a stove jack is a portable accommodation equipped with a stove and a ventilation hole for cooking. Having a stove in your tent has many benefits as it’s easy to prepare meals and boil water in any weather. Besides, you will stay warm when camping in cold places. It’s safe to put a stove inside your shelter to keep heat and vent smoke out through fire and heat-resistant holes.

There are many good stove jack shelters on the market, which makes it challenging to choose the best item for you. You should consider material (canvas or synthetic tents), style (cabin, bell-shaped, and dome-style tents), frame (instant, framed, and single-pole tents), and stove lack design (there may be one or two stove pipe jacks on the roof or the side walls that keep heat).

11 High-Quality Stove Jack Tents

If you look for a top-notch shelter with a stove jack but get lost in a variety of options , check out the list of the best tents that will allow you to light a fire and go camping comfortably.

#1 Cabela’s Ultimate Alaknak 12’x20′ Outfitter

The Ultimate Alaknak cabin-style tent from Cabela’s has eight windows and two huge doors. This spacious shelter has a wood-burning stove for keeping heat inside in the coldest weather. There is one room with a 22.3 m² inner area. You can go camping with your friends and family and not worry about space. There are multiple vent holes: windows, above the doors, and on the roof. The shelter comes with E-cable ports, guy ropes, and a repair kit.

It can accommodate many people, so consider its weight if you want to carry it to different places. There are lots of massive poles, and its overall weight is 48 kilograms. It is made of 300D polyester oxford with a 3000 mm waterproof coating. A pipe jack is integrated into the roof.

#2 All-Season with Stove Jack "UP-2-mini"

If you are searching for a durable and reliable shelter for 1-3 people, a UP-2-mini all-season tent with a stove jack is right for you. It’s an excellent solution for comfortable travel in any terrain and environment. Having the umbrella-type frame design, this all-season shelter is easy to set up just in two minutes. Made of water-resistant materials, this portable accommodation will protect you even in heavy rain. There are removable mosquito nets for proper ventilation.

It fits people who enjoy spending time outdoors fishing or hunting. It can accommodate three people in sleeping bags, however in this case the stove wouldn’t fit inside. Moreover, this tent is very easy to carry around as you can fold it into the camping backpack

#3 DANCHEL Cotton Bell

Made of cotton canvas material, this waterproof bell tent ensures an amazing winter travel experience. It offers two stove jacks that enable you to place your stove wherever you see fit. Campers can also use it without a stove jack and cover it with flaps.

This high-quality portable accommodation is completely safe and can resist the highest temperatures. Neither water nor mosquitos will not get inside your tent thanks to good material. Its designers have ensured proper ventilation of this stove jack shelter, building carbon monoxide inside the tent. There are four windows with mesh and four vents on the roof for good airflow. Travelers will feel comfortable and cozy in nature at night due to the door zipper intersection ensuring no gap.

#4 Guide Gear 10 x 12 Wall

Choosing an all-season Guide Gear 10 x 12 Canvas, you will benefit from an integrated pipe jack and a breathable cotton floorless structure. This framed shelter is very tall, with vertical and tall walls.

This one-room camping accommodation has a very simple structure: one zippered door and one small window. It doesn’t have a floor, but you can order it separately. A wood-burning stove inside the shelter has a 13 cm opening, and it is 61 cm from the wall.

The fabric is a fire-retardant cotton canvas. You will not have any issues with condensation or ventilation due to a breathable cotton canvas. It has a huge packed size and a heavy structure, weighing 24.2 kilograms.

#5 WINTENT 4 Season Waterproof Teepee

The all-season Wintent Teepe is a great solution for a comfortable trip for a group of four people. It has enough space with a full inner mesh. If you use the tent without inner mesh, it has an extra tarp as the floor. The freestanding shelter is made of waterproof fabric with taped seams.

The equipped stove jack makes it easy to set up the shelter, which is perfect for inexperienced campers. It has a small package size and is lightweight, weighing only 8.5 kilograms. An interior mesh protects from bugs. It is weather resistant, thanks to the 300D oxford fabric.

Wintent is a cost-effective solution for travelers seeking comfortable camping in cold weather. Light, waterproof, and roomy shelter will fit your friends or family, your belongings, and a stove jack.

#6 Guide Gear Base

Made of synthetic material, this impressive 4 season tent comes with a stove jack. The bell-shaped shelter has a huge porch with a removable floor, five windows, and two awnings. It’s very tall, with a peak height of three meters. The inner 14.3 m² floored area and 427 cm diameter make it spacious enough to fit up to 7-8 people.

It has a wood-burning shelter stove inside and a large, fire-retardant panel. You can use a stove in cold weather or light a fire to cook when it’s warm as the portable accommodation is nicely ventilated. There are numerous windows with mesh and a series of top vents.

#7 OneTigris TEGIMEN Hammock

The OneTigris TEGIMEN Hammock is a 4-season shelter with many benefits. If you like sleeping in hammocks, do not hesitate to buy this great single-layer shelter without a floor. A wood-burning stove and two pipe jacks ensures a wonderful camping experience in any weather.

It is made of durable 70D nylon material with a 3000 mm waterproof rating. The portable accommodation has a stealthy color and a nicely designed carry bag. A skirt around its base prevents cold drafts.

Unfortunately, there are no vents or windows, and when opening the tent, you will not get protected from mosquitoes because of the lack of mash. This shelter is easy to transport and is lightweight, weighing only 3.1 kilograms.

#8 UNISTRENGH Cotton Canvas 6M Bell

The cotton canvas UNISTRENGH shelter is a wonderful solution for winter camping and outdoor Christmas partying. This big bell portable accommodation can fit 6-8 people with comfort. It’s extremely waterproof, safe, and breathable. Durable fabric can withstand winds and snow.

This beautiful and practical shelter comes with a stove pipe vent that can be covered by straps if needed. A white net on windows and a door ensure proper ventilation and insect protection. You can pack it in a small bag and carry it anywhere you want.

#9 Robens Prospector 12 Person

The Robens Prospector cabin-type portable accommodation is an excellent choice for a family trip. You will have a house in nature with vertical side walls and a 13.6 m² inner area. The ventilation is perfect thanks to four triangular openings on the back and the front, as well as two long side windows.

The polycotton fabric ensures great waterproofing and durability. The shelter comes with a pipe jack on the roof that enables campers to use a wood-burning tent stove inside. This is an excellent option for all seasons. The shelter is heavy and has a substantial size when packed.

#10 Stout Bell

A good-looking shelter is convenient for all seasons and has a single pole construction, one door, and four windows. It is spacious enough to fit 6 – 8 people. This cotton canvas portable accommodation is durable and waterproof. Mesh on the walls and windows ensures complete protection from insects.

A wood-burning stove helps to keep warmth in cold weather, but you can also cover it with Velcro when not in use. The shelter is heavy, weighing 43 kilograms, and it can easily be packed in your car for comfortable transportation.

#11 Happybuy Bell

This all-season shelter is an excellent solution for family camping. It can fit up to five people ensuring comfortable sleep. Durable materials will protect you from harsh weather, insects, and moisture. This portable accommodation is well-breathable even if there are many people inside. Mesh windows and doors ensure fresh air circulation.

You should buy a stove and a chimney and easily put them in a tent. There is a hole on the sidewalls for that. It is simple and fast to carry and assemble. Do not wait to buy this cost-effective accommodation and enjoy your trips in the open air.

Final Thoughts

Going camping in winter with a stove jack tent is extremely comfortable. You will stay warm and dry in any weather and enjoy a hot meal and tea inside your shelter. But before you get this portable accommodation for your next trip, consider it’s made of anti-flammable materials. You should keep the spark arrestor clean, ventilate your shelter well, and always carry a fire extinguisher. Be cautious and enjoy your incredible trip.



🏕  Should Camping Tent With Stove Jacks Be Free-Standing or Not?

If you go on a trip in warm weather, the shelter type doesn’t play a huge role. But when going camping in winter when the ground is frozen, the tent must be staked properly. In this case, do not choose bell-shaped stove jack shelters but rather pay attention to freestanding framed shelters.

📦  What Are Wood Stove Accessories?

Buying a furnace jack shelter, consider there should be a spark arrestor that protects the fabric from burn holes. The wood grate allows air circulation, and a pipe damper controls the flow of air up the pipe. A water heater and a warming tray would be a plus.

💡  What Are Wall Tent Options?

When you choose a wall shelter, pay attention that it has an internal frame, a furnace jack inside, extra doors or windows for good ventilation, rain fly, zipper corners, screen door flaps, and fireproof mats.



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How could you not mention tents made by Nortent of Norway, or RBM of Canada?
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UP-2 mini is a must have!!! I am so happy with mine

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These reviews are v accurate!

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Don’t underestimate the importance of a spar arrestor..

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UP series all the way!

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