4 season tactical tent

4 season tactical tent
Pavlo Lysyy March 21, 2023 5 mins read time

Every day, more and more people profess a healthy lifestyle and start to enjoy outdoor activities. And for a vacation in nature, you need the appropriate equipment. Here there is no need to save money. Buying a tent and other devices of high quality will provide comfort and safety for people and their belongings. Modern manufacturers make tents from different materials and develop an original design and many additional options to create the most comfortable shelter for 4 seasons. The wide range allows you to choose the best option for your company. Of course, it all depends on what season, for how long, and how many people need a tent. Then let’s study the description of different models and buy the most suitable option.


Classification of tents for outdoor recreation

To choose the right 4-season tent, you need to know the classification of mobile shelters and the features of each type. Let's consider the main ones:

  • for camping;
  • for trekking;
  • for tourism and extreme recreation;
  • universal.

Camping tents are suitable for picnics for 1-3 days. Families usually purchase them. Comfortable, tall, roomy, but heavy models hold 3 to 10 people. They are designed for car transportation and stationary rest during the camping trip. Trekking tactical models are lightweight, compact, and withstand challenging weather conditions. They are easy to assemble and are designed for overnight stays rather than lodging.

The third type is designed for professional extremals. Such shelters are characterized by their compact size. They are equipped with a reinforced frame, good protection from external natural factors, and can be assembled in minutes. Universal models weigh up to 5 kg, have compact dimensions, a height of up to half a meter, and have good protective characteristics. Finally, there is another type of tent – automatic, the device similar to an automatic umbrella.

Their main feature is fragility, so such products should be used with extreme caution so as not to break them.

Materials for the production of modern tactical tents

Considering the camping shelter materials for 4 seasons, it is necessary to distinguish the frame and the fabric part. For the manufacture of the tent frame, the following materials are mainly used:

  • fiberglass;
  • durapol;
  • aluminum.

Modern tents are mainly made from two types of fabrics: polyamide and polyester. To the former belong kapron and nylon, to the latter – polyester and lavsan. These materials are resistant to mechanical damage, impervious to moisture, durable, and indifferent to ultraviolet light. However, they are different in price and design and come in various colors.

The way the threads are woven is also essential; Oxford (the most durable), RipStop, and Taffeta are the most common types of tent materials. Whatever the material, on the inside it is impregnated with a water-repellent composition, and on the outside it has a silicone or polyurethane coating. The bottoms of tactical 4-season tents are usually made from the same material as the outer tent or reinforced polyethylene. The first option is the most popular.

As for zippers to protect the windows and doors of the camping shelter, they are made of metal or durable plastic and are pre-tested for durability.

Description of All-Season Tent with Stove Jack "Sputnik-3"

Universal two-layer 4 season premium tent for a comfortable 1-3 person rest. It is one of the most popular models among buyers. The main features of the tactical tent are:

  • compactness (can easily be converted into a backpack);
  • low weight;
  • umbrella frame type;
  • innovative awning materials: Oxford;
  • installation on any kind of terrain;
  • assembly in 2 minutes;
  • stylish design in the colors of nature;
  • affordable price.

Doors and windows are equipped with removable mosquito nets and secure zippers. In addition, there is a removable waterproof floor and space for the safe installation of a wood stove with a chimney of fireproof material. Several loops inside can be used for drying clothes or placing any belongings.

How to choose the best tactical tent for outdoor activities

If you are just getting ready for a vacation in nature and have the goal of buying a 4 season tent for your company/family, pay attention to these criteria:

  • the brand manufacturer is often the key to a quality, reliable product;
  • type of tent – first, decide what kind of vacation you prefer: camping, in the wilderness, on the shore of a body of water, or a mountain plateau;
  • awning and frame materials, number of layers;
  • the weight and size of the hiking shelter;
  • tent shape;
  • the possibility of quick assemble;
  • availability of additional options;
  • colors and style;
  • price.

A two-layer tactical 4 season model made of waterproof materials with good ventilation, glued seams, and a high degree of protection from the elements and insects will be the best choice if you plan to stationary rest for a long time.

When considering additional options, pay attention to ventilation windows, "skirt," built-in vestibule, reinforced zippers, storm deflectors, canopy over the entrance, and reinforced corners.

The "skirt" can be removable or sewn on. It protects the tent from drafts, insects, and snakes from below. On holidays in the mountains, in winter, and with constant precipitation, such an addition will be indispensable. To prevent the material from tearing in places of strong tension, consider tactical models with reinforced corners – inserts of solid material and additional stitching. Reinforced zippers help protect windows and doors. Storm straps increase the stability of tents in strong gusts of wind, increasing the shelter's tension. Ventilation windows and awnings help regulate air exchange, and tents provide exit protection from precipitation and direct sunlight. Mosquito nets protect against insects found in large numbers in nature.

A vestibule is a must for traveling with a large company or family with children when you need to take many things on a trip and store them somewhere. Such a mini vestibule will protect the interior space from heat, cold, small animals, and insects.

If you are planning to buy a tactical tent for the winter holidays, you should consider having a wood stove to keep everyone warm and comfortable. First, however, it is essential to worry about the safety of this device.

The color and prints of the shelter differ depending on the purpose and seasonality of the model. Summer shelters are lighter in shades of gray, green, sand, brown, and yellow. Bright, visible from afar colors are suitable for extreme recreation and challenging mountain trails. Fishermen and hunters buy 4 season tents with camouflage prints to be as invisible as possible.

These simple tips will help you choose the best tent model for your vacation. You can buy two shelters: lightweight, compact tactical for permanent movement, and largely comfortable, with many additional options for a comfortable holiday in a large group at any time of year. And finally, one more piece of advice – do not save on yourself and your loved ones, do not look for the cheapest options. Buy a quality 4-season model, which will be practical and durable and never disappoint you, even in the most challenging conditions.


🏕  Why is the inside of the 4-season tent Sputnik-3 warm even in winter?

A wood stove with a chimney helps keep you warm even in severely cold weather. In addition, a ventilation valve with a mosquito net facilitates the supply of fresh air to the stove. The standard tactical shelter also includes a fireproof mat designed to be placed under the stove.

📦  What materials is the 4-season tent Sputnik-3 made of?

The outer and inner layers of the tactical shelter are made of innovative Oxford materials, which are durable and waterproof. The inner layer is coated with a special compound that protects against getting wet, and all seams are glued. The all-metal umbrella-type frame is made of B95T1 aircraft alloy.

💡  How many people canSputnik-3 accommodate?

A practical, tactical shelter is designed to comfortably accommodate 1-3 people.




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