9 Best Hot Tents for Winter Camping with Stove Jacks in 2022

9 Best Hot Tents for Winter Camping with Stove Jacks in 2022
Pavlo Lysyy May 02, 2022 10 mins read time

Shelters come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. Besides, they are categorized according to seasonal use. There are so called “hot” or “winter” tents, which are intended for use during cold seasons. They are made of materials, use technologies, and come with features that help campers stay warm inside even when it gets freezing cold outside.

Particularly, hot tents feature a “stove jack” – a hole in the top or wall, through which the smoke pipe is run outside. Besides, they should be made of high-quality materials that ensure protection against cold, rain, and snow and ensure effective insulation. The fireplace area should be equipped with a heat-resistant mat. Finally, there must be an effective ventilation system.

What is so special about camping out in winter?

There are some points to remember, and safety is number one. Can you imagine your canvas collapsing when the fire is burning hot? Sounds disturbing, doesn’t it? Here are some tips that should help you avoid unpleasant or tragic incidents:

  1. Pitch it on a level and flat spot. This is crucial because you are going to burn the oven, so you must be sure that the whole structure is stable.
  2. Choose a place that is protected against winds and where heavy snow is less likely to overload the canopy.
  3. Install the oven properly and make sure that the stove jack holds the pipe tight. Use a fire-resistant mat in the stove area.
  4. Use a ground mat. It will create a barrier between you and the ground or snow.

Safety is above all!

So long as keeping yourself and your companions warm in winter implies the use of a wood burning stove, you must be incredibly careful. There are two biggest dangers of using it inside: fire and carbon monoxide.

To avoid the danger, do the following:

  1. Use a high-quality oven.
  2. Be sure the flue pipe is fixed properly in the jack.
  3. Be sure the oven is perfectly clean and there is no soot in the flue pipe.
  4. Burn it as required by the user manual instructions and precautions.
  5. Place the oven safely away from the walls and place it on a fire-resistant mat.
  6. Put away all inflammable objects and substances.
  7. Check all vent holes and provide sufficient aeration.
  8. Do not let young children use it.
  9. Do not leave the burning fire or glowing coals unattended.
  10. Do not fall asleep when it is burning without having someone to stay and watch.

How do I choose the best winter canopy?

There is a variety of such products on the market. They differ in shape and size and can accommodate a certain number of people. This post describes several examples, and it should help you pick a shelter that suits your plans, tastes, desires, and goals.


RBM Hot Tent UP-5

This is part of the famous lineup of signature winter shelters for hikers, hunters, and fishermen. Although the price looks intimidating, the product is really worth it.

One of the reasons why it is so expensive is that it comes with a $600 wood burning stove. It is made of high-quality stainless steel and features ceramic glass walls that ensure effective heat exchange.

The canvas is made of strong and waterproof polyurethane (PU) Oxford fabric. There are two layers of it: Oxford 300 PU 4000 – the outer layer, and Oxford 210 PU 2000 – the inner layer, which is a little thinner. The layer of air between these prevents condensation and improves isolation, keeping you warm even on a very freezing day.

UP-5 is a medium-sized canopy. It can accommodate up to four people on camp beds and up to eight people in sleeping bags. The umbrella-type corrosion-resistant metal frame makes it very quick and easy to set up.

UP-5 features a hinged door and windows equipped with mosquito nets. The stove jack has a stainless-steel ring, and the stove area is equipped with a fire-resistant mat. The door, windows, and a vent hole (also equipped with mosquito net) provide effective ventilation and keep the inside safe when the fire is burning.

The zippered floor is attached to the walls slightly above the ground level. This helps prevent snakes and insects from crawling inside.

The biggest downside of this product is its high price, but everyone who has purchased it says that it is really worth it.

OneTigris Smokey Ultra-Light Hot Tent

This canopy is great for solo travelers, as it accommodates one to two people. OneTigris Smokey has a cone-like shape. The canopy is made of 20D silnylon, which is well-known for its exceptional hydrostatic properties. For this reason, it is second to none in protecting you against heavy rain.

OneTigris Smokey is small and therefore lightweight. It comes with a foldable stove jack and high-quality zippers that rule out any possibility of leaks. 

It is good for those who travel alone or in couples because it is lightweight and easy to pitch. All you have to carry is an aluminum pole, guy lines, and several pegs.

The most attractive thing about it is the price/quality ratio: it is not costly, although it is made of high-quality materials.

The downside is that the package does not include an oven. Second, there are no larger modifications that could accommodate a whole family or team.


Playdo Camp Bell Hot Tent with a Stove Jack

This product gets its name from its bell-like appearance. There are several size options capable of accommodating six to ten people. Its canvas is made of 300 GSM cotton with waterproof coating. Cotton has great insulting properties compared to synthetic fabric, and the coating ensures durability and protection against rainfall, snow, and winds. The coating prevents soaking and molds, thus increasing the fabric’s life.

There is a chimney pipe opening on the top, which you can close when you are not using a stove. The shelter comes with a device (a stove jack) that can safely fix the pipe in the opening. There are several netted openings in the top that provide effective cross ventilation. Playdo Camp Bell is good for both winter and summer hiking: if it gets really hot inside, you can roll up the walls and let in cooler air.

The floor is made of high-quality and waterproof PVC material. It is rigidly attached to the walls and protects the inside against snow.

Although Playdo Camp Bell is highly waterproof and protects you against rain, it may fail to handle a heavy snowfall. These shelters are great for brief family camping trips. You just need to find a good spot, set it up, and have fun with your friends or loved ones.

OneTigris Iron Wall Tent

This is just another ultra-light hot tent for those who appreciate winter camping alone or with their soul mates. This shelter has one distinctive feature – a layer of mesh that covers half of the inside. The mesh protects the inside against insects and makes OneTigris Iron Wall good for summer camping as well.

The canopy gets its name from its metal color. It is made of highly waterproof 20D silnylon and therefore provides a hundred-per-cent protection against heavy rain. It features best-quality zippers that are durable and never leak.

The one-pole structure helps it withstand gusty winter winds. For the same reason, OneTigris is extremely easy to install: all you need to do is prepare a mat, set the pole, the pegs, and tighten the guy-lines.

There is a folding flue pipe opening on the top, but the package does not include a stove jack: you are going to have to buy it separately.


Danchel Canvas Bell Hot Tent

Danchel is really hot because it has two flue pipe jacks. Yes, it takes two fireplaces to heat it on a frigid day because it is huge. Besides, it is one of the best-looking shelters today’s market can offer.

The two pipe jacks feature heat-resistant strips that prevent damage to the canvas. Besides, they have rain flaps, so you can seal one of the pipe holes if you think one fireplace will be enough. You can use either an industrial or a wood stove with Danchel.

The entire canvas is made of a highly hydrostatic (1500 mm) cotton fabric. The bathtub-type floor is made of a synthetic fabric. Together, these features ensure highly effective protection against heavy snow, rainfall, and wind. There are four small, meshed vents at the top and four windows that ensure good air circulation and keep the air inside fresh in any weather.

Danchel provides a good amount of space and can fit up to eight people. Therefore, it is a great option for families and those who appreciate long camping trips with friends. Some users say that Danchel is great for some social events as well.

Even though the canopy is relatively large, it is easy to set up even for one person. The downsides are poor transportability due to heavy weight, and poor-quality zippers.

Pomoly Hex TeePee Hot Tent for Cold Weather

Pomoly Hex looks small, but it is not. It is not big either. It can accommodate up to four people without a wood oven, and up top two people with it. The canopy is eight feet tall, so it allows even a tall person to stand up without bending. The package does include a stove jack, so you do not need to buy one.

The canopy is made of waterproof 300D Oxford fabric, its inner side is coated with silver. The coating reflects the light and thus prevents heat from escaping from the inside. The material is good at protecting you against wind, snow, and rain.

Pomoly Hex is compact and easy to install. Besides, it is not expensive at all. It is great for small groups and families. If set up properly and in the right spot, it can provide you a lot of comfort during your camping trip.

Another big advantage is that it is sturdy and durable. Many campers say it is more reliable than many other teepee-type shelters.

The biggest disadvantage is that there are no larger modifications, and delivery takes quite a bit of time.

White Duck Canvas Wall Tent with Stove Jack

This one is medium size to large (there are several size options), so it is good not only for winter camping but for social gatherings as well. It is designed to withstand unfavorable weather conditions, as it comes with a strong metal frame that includes aluminum poles and powdered metal brackets.

The canvas is made of waterproof and UV-proof material. There is a pre-installed stove jack pipe with a flap cover. The structure is eight feet tall at the center and five feet tall near the walls. The shelter has meshed triangular windows with PVC covers. The door has a mesh too. All stitches are strong and waterproof, and there are durable military-quality zippers.

White Duck comes in four size options accommodating four, six, eight, and ten people, so the lineup satisfies the needs of both solo and group campers. You can choose the most suitable version you can afford and appreciate.

Along with advantages, this hot tent has some weaknesses: it is very heavyweight (even the smallest version) and hence not good for hiking. Second, you cannot pitch it single-handedly. Finally, not everyone can afford it.


Robens Klondike Hot Tent

Robens Klondike has a canopy that is made of a very sturdy type of fabric. Though it is not the biggest one, it keeps cold, snow, and rain out of your tent. Once pitched, it will stand rock-solid.

The fabric is known as HydroTax Polycotton, a mix of polyester and cotton (2:3). It is strong, durable, fire-resistant, and waterproof. Finally, it is very lightweight, so Robens Klondike is much easier to transport than other ones in this size category. Robens Klondike is one of the best winter shelters because the canvas is notoriously waterproof, resistant to heavy snow and strong gales. You can safely hide away from a blizzard and stay warm.

This outdoor residence features a flue pipe jack, but the package does not include an oven. It is recommended to use a fuel stove in Robens Klondike.

The canopy has two vent holes on the top and two netted windows that help maintain air circulation. Camping with this shelter will be safe. Robens Klondike can be used in summer as well. The high-quality HydroTax Polycotton canvas prevents excessive condensation.

It comes with a one-pole frame with guy lines attached to pegs. The canopy offers enough space to accommodate six people without a fireplace and up to three people with a fireplace. The downside is that there is only one size option.

Stout Bell Tent

This one is quite affordable and compact, so it is a dream for those who appreciate winter camping. The shelter comes in two versions: Pro and Ultimate. They have some minor differences.

The canopy is made of 100% waterproof cotton. It accommodates six to eight persons. The fabric ensures effective protection against harsh weather and mitigates condensation inside. There is a standard smoke pipe jack, as well as four windows and a door, which make up an effective ventilation system.

There is a zippered waterproof PVC groundsheet, which makes the floor impenetrable to water. In the Pro version, the groundsheet comes with a mesh. The canopy is well stitched, and the seams are strong and last a lifetime, as do the metal zippers.

Some winter tents come with net walls, which you can use in summer as well to keep the interior insect-free. It is zipped to the walls and the ceiling. There are cable ports, through which you can run cables, connect them to a car battery, and fix a lamp in your tent.

The biggest weak spot of this product is its heavy weight. For this reason, it is not the right thing for backpackers. In general, it is great for those, who travel in groups. It is particularly good at protecting you against winter cold and snow.

How do I Choose the Best Hot Tent for Camping?

As mentioned above, a hot tent is one that is designed for use in winter and features a flue pipe hole or a stove jack. We have discussed several products from the most recognized brands. You can choose one that suits your needs, and you should pick one that is really worth the price you want to pay for it. There are some common basic criteria of choice, such as:

  1. Waterproofness, fire-resistance, and quality: Because protecting you against water and keeping you warm and safe in winter are the number-ones, check your future outdoor residence for these parameters first. It depends on the quality of the fabric. Please choose the best quality waterproof canopy you can afford!
  2. Quality of the frame: Your shelter should stand solid in any weather and withstand fierce winds and snow. You don’t want the top to come right down on your head in the middle of the night, do you? Make sure it comes with a frame that is made of high-quality, durable and rust-proof alloy.
  3. Weight and size: This depends on how big a team you are going to bring along. If you are camping alone or with your loved one, a small winter shelter will be enough. If you have a large family where everyone appreciates a stay in the wilderness, buy a larger one.

Ease of use: Easy handling is what customers appreciate today. Most high-quality canopies feature ergonomic frames that are quite easy to assemble for one or two persons.



🏕  What is a “hot tent”?

A hot tent is one that has an opening in the wall or ceiling, through which a stovepipe is inserted to drive the smoke outside. These shelters are intended for use in winter, so they should be made of waterproof and heat-resistant fabric.

📦  Are tent stoves safe?

High-quality products from renowned and pre-vetted brands are safe and effective. However, safety implies strict following of user guides and taking standard precautions. It takes a bit of skill and experience to keep the inside warm on a chilly day.

💡  Do all winter shelters come with stove jacks (flashings)?

No. Some brands do include this item in the package, while others do not. There are lots of flashing types available in the market, so you can choose one that will suit your canopy. Finding a good flashing is not a problem.


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