Best 6 Person Tent for All Season Camping

Best 6 Person Tent for All Season Camping
Pavlo Lysyy November 23, 2021 16 mins read time

It is always a daunting task to select a camping tent as a tent plays an important role in any outdoor experience. A reliable and comfortable camping tent serves not only as a secure shelter but also guarantees convenient stay and night rest to feel rejuvenated and get the most of your getaway outdoors. This is particularly true in case of the large six-person tents, which are generally bought for family trips, car camping, or longer camping outings with friends. These tents for camping demand much bigger investment than the smaller backpacker tents and, therefore, require much more consideration. Regardless of the type of your camping (family camping, getaway with friends, team activity, car camping), selecting the right tent for all-season camping is probably one of the most crucial choices you will have to make when it comes to camping.

In this article, you can discover a lot of useful information about choosing the optimal 6-person tent such as what are the principal features of such tents for camping and what to pay attention to when buying them. We`ll also provide some tips on how to pick the best tent and give an overview of the top-grade tents for camping available on the market.


How to Choose the Best Camping Tent For 6 Persons

The choice of the camping tent, especially for 6 people, is a challenging task that requires some time and careful consideration. The bottomline in this search is to analyze thoroughly what you are going to use the tent for, how often, with whom, where, and when. The best 6-person tent for family camping in the summer might not be the ideal pick for 6 students who strive for adventures and want to embark on a new trip in the severe weather conditions. Therefore, think well about the purpose of your 6-person instant tent as well as the surroundings and weather to use a 6-person instant cabin tent. Once it is settled, you can look at what the manufacturers have to offer taking into account your situation and all the helpful tips and overviews collected in this article.

Looking for a Suitable 6-Person Tent?

If you search for a suitable 6-person tent, keep in mind that it's not just about sleeping facilities that it offers. Next to securing a comfortable night rest, a tent actually becomes your home while camping. Thus, it should also have enough storage room, be safe and secure, and practical. 

In order to pick a suitable 6-person tent, please check out the aspects, which one should take into account when choosing such a shelter.

Things to Consider In A 6-Person Tent

6 person tent

There are lots of things that one should take into consideration when selecting the best 6-person camping tent. Those are its size, price, material, and, of course, purpose. Let's have a look at these criteria in detail.

Purpose of a tent

To begin with, carefully analyze what the six-person tent will be used for because this will in essence determine all other characteristics of the tent. Perhaps, you will be camping with your closest friends. In this case, you can go for the best 6-person dome tent, which is simple to pitch. Should you plan lots of family camping or road trips and some car camping during them, then you should consider a spacious cabin tent. In case of the regular backcountry stays, you should opt for light-weight backpacking tents and sacrifice some sleeping comfort over transportation comfort and low weight. However, it is worth saying that when it comes to 6-person tents, they are often designed and purchased for longer stays. This means that most of them are camping tents, and that provides a high level of comfort.

How big is a tent

Dimensions of a tent and room it offers for its tenants are the essential criteria to be taken into account when searching for a six-person tent. Any camping tent essentially means confinement of space, so it is quintessential that the floor area remains comfortable and gives enough of privacy. That's why the camping tent should have enough of a living and storage room, good floor area, and sufficient peak height.

In this regard, it is advisable to consider the size and height of people you are going to camp with. Whatever the technical characteristics of the tent are and however waterproof it is, it will be quite irritating to sleep there and enjoy yourself if you can not stretch your legs there. Therefore, before purchasing a tent, check out its size and area.

To comfortably stand inside of a tent, check that the peak height is taller than yours.

However, the dimensions of a tent and the peak height are not the only parameters which determine how big the six-person tent is. Another important factor in this regard is the form and construction of it because those aspects can significantly impact the amount of interior space and floor area.

Wall tents generally give the feeling of much larger and comfortable tents what is crucial to host 6 people. Should you opt for a dome tent, then only one person would be capable of standing at a time at the place of the biggest peak height.

Another important factor about the size and comfort of a tent in the number of doors. In case of six-person tents, it is recommended to have multiple doors, which will allow people to enter and exit through several gateways. This improves camping experience and comfort and helps to avoid waiting before getting in or out of the tent, especially at night.

Does it have enough storage capacities?

During camping, a tent becomes your home. It is therefore essential to have sufficient storage space in your tent. The key storage spots of a tent are formed by pockets, gear loft, and the hall. Those parts of a tent should be large enough to keep all the camping gear protected and dry.

These areas should be also well connected to the doors to ensure smooth passage in and out. This feature is related to the number of doors because several doors generally mean several (or at least 2) halls. 

Hall or vestibule and gear loft are perfect places to put objects such as shoes, rain ponchos, jackets, and other dirty items of your camping gear. Halls allow you to store the items which you don't want to have inside of a sleeping compartment. This means not only cleaner sleeping rooms but also more comfort, as you won`t need to climb over other people to find and pick your gear. In case of family camping with children, this is very handy too.

Another important component of storage are internal pockets. Just as in any other tent, in the 6-person one pockets keep the vast majority of the crucial items at the tip of your fingers and allow having them without checking sleeping bags or mattresses every time. In general, tents are designed with wall pockets and gear loft. The vast majority of tents have one or two wall pockets next to the seams, which might be exploited as a hanging spot for a gear loft. It is recommended to have at least one pocket per person for easy storage of personal belongings.

Is a tent well-ventilated?

Proper ventilation is the must for any high-quality tent, especially the best 6-person tent. Well-ventilated tent helps maintain comfortable temperatures, low condensation levels as well as reduce unpleasant smells. If the inside temperature is higher than the outside one, the condensation will build up on the rainfly lower side. This situation can take place in any weather (particularly with 3 season tents), even with the best weather protection and screened tents with mesh windows if a tent hosts 6 people.

To have a properly ventilated inner tent, you should go for one which is fitted with large mesh panels at several levels. It is advantageous to have a zip-on fly which can be opened when the weather allows to display the mesh panels, improve airflow, and enjoy looking outside.

Another factor of proper ventilation especially for 3 season tents are prop-open ports above the rainfly, particularly in case of a full-cover rainfly. Besides, it will be beneficial to have ventilating points near the ground level. They enable the influx of cold air at the low level and rising out of warmer air, thus creating circulation. It is worth adding that cross breezes will improve air circulation as compared to one vent. Last but not least, it is recommended to have at least some inches separating the tent body and inner tent and the fly when setting up a tent. Otherwise, the wet rainfly will cause humidity of the tent interior and the gear inside the tent.

Is a tent weatherproof? 

The essential element which ensures weather resistance of any tent is its fly. For camping in wet weather, it is advisable to have a full coverage rainfly, which covers the entire tent wall starting from its peak height and stretches to its floor area and spreads some inches aside from its body, thus, maintaining dry tent area. If you intend to use a tent in drier weather conditions and warm weather, then you can opt not for a full coverage but for a half covering rainfly, which is traditionally mounted on the dome tents. Should you be camping in different weather conditions, it is a smart idea to choose a full cover rainfly to be on the safe side. It is obvious that sleeping in a wet inner tent isn't fun so it's better to avoid it at all costs.

Another important aspect of a weatherproof tent is having the tent`s bottom dry. For the vast majority of tents, this has to do with a ground cloth beneath them. These clothes protect the tent floor and keep things dry. Sometimes, it is needed to buy a ground cloth separately as it is not included in a tent. Some tents have a bathtub ground, which is constructed from sturdy leak-proof fabric that makes the use of a ground cloth unnecessary. This type of tents has the seams attached to the tent floor as well as walls sitted off the ground resembling the small tubes. Therefore, they are less likely to leak as most tents tend to leak at their seams and have a humid tent floor.

An important role in weather protection of any tent is played not only by its design but also by materials it is made of. The vast majority of tents are made from polyester taffeta, nylons, canvas, and vinyl. In general, lots of 6-person tents are made from polyester taffeta, which is an affordable mid-weight material. For the backpacking 6-person tents, which should weigh less, nylon fabric is used.

Both polyester taffeta and nylon aren`t insulating or breathable. Therefore, it is important to take care of the proper ventilation in a 3-season tent to get fresh air therein, especially when camping in warm weather. 4-season tents are sometimes made of cotton canvas which ensures better insulation and averts moisture formation inside a tent.

In order to have a dry tent floor and stay dry inside a tent, its rainfly should have at least 1500 mm. This figure shows how much water can penetrate through the fabric over a certain period.

How easy is it to pitch a tent?

Manufacturers of tents have done a great job to improve the setting-up experience. Modern tents are much simplier in this regard as compared to the tents produced before. Oftentimes contemporary tents include color-coded elements and uncomplicated pole structure which enable pitching and takedown by one person only. If you search for a tent which is simple to put up, then you should check if it is an instant tent that has unified fiberglass poles or aluminium poles, which are linked together and can not be lost.

The vast majority of tents are marked with the approximate pitch time as well as a number of people needed for this. It is always a great idea to check this information to avoid misunderstanding when setting up a tent and having 6 people fighting for it in the evening.

The new fast pitch tents can be put up in a couple of minutes thanks to their pre-locked poles which are simple to pop up.

If you would like to buy an instant tent which is simple to set up but you are not a big fan of fast pitch shelters, you can consider a tent with a small number of guy lines and tent poles that will limit pitching time. One of the possible choices might be a plain freestanding tent, for example, a dome style one or instant cabin tent, which are easy to build up. Arranging guy lines is often quite a time-consuming task and demands knot-tying knowledge and experience. Therefore, when searching for a safe instant cabin tent which is easy to pitch, go for the one with a plain construction and only a few fiberglass poles or aluminium poles.

The Key Features Of A 6-Person Camping Tent

best 4 person tent

The principal features of a 6-person camping tent are closely related with the things one should consider when buying such a tent. Therefore, the previous chapter provides rather useful reading material in this regard.

Next to the last chapter which gives lots of recommendations about the aspects to bear in mind when buying a tent, here we`ll briefly overview even more principal features of such a shelter.

    • Size when packed and weight of the tent. This feature is of utmost importance if you embark on the backpacking trip as you will have to carry the tent. It should not be therefore extremely heavy or take too much space as compared to other camping gear.
  • Time and effort to set up a tent and take it down. Go for the tents which are easy in use, namely simple to pitch and take down. If a tent doesn`t require lots of effort and time for putting it up and down, you would be likely to use it much more frequently than when you had to sweat and stress out about this. For assembling 6-person tents, it is recommended to engage 2 people.
  • Space and peak height inside a tent. Tents are not only the sleeping areas offering weather protection, especially if the weather is not ideal. Therefore, remember that you need additional space or screen room to move inside a tent. The room of a tent should include supplementary shared spaces such as vestibules or screen room.
      • Ventilation, weather (water, sun, and wind) resistance and weather protection, and seasonality. Construction of a tent (aluminum poles or fiberglass poles) and materials it is made of determine this aspect a lot. It is better to select the tent with aluminium poles rather than fiberglass ones because they are sturdier and hold up the wind more efficiently. The tent should be equipped with a rainfly, preferable a full cover one, to keep the moisture out. In case of single-wall tents, a tent body and fly are merged. This is a tempting solution, which facilitates pitching a tent but at the same time constrains flexibility and provokes humidity collection inside of a tent, especially under wet and rainy weather circumstances. Besides, think if you want to buy a 3-season tent or an all-season one.
  • Convenience and comfort. It is unpleasant to spend time in a tiny tent, sleep without stretching legs, and be incapable of standing straight therein. That is why you should mind both vertical space and sufficient peak height and surface of a tent. Additionally, comfortable camping is practically impossible without proper ventilation. It is advisable to have enough storage pockets as well.
  • Ground clothes and footprints. The tent`s floor should be strong and durable. Otherwise, you might want to invest in the supplementary footprint or ground cloth to avert possible damages of your best 6-person tent as well as to improve sleeping comfort.
  • Accessories. Most tent manufacturers sell separate tent elements which can get damaged or lost, for instance tent poles. This enables simple replacement of what is needed to keep on using a tent.

  • Our Comprehensive Reviews of Top 6-Person Tents

    Now, that we have looked at the main aspects of selecting the best 6-person tent and the principal features these tents have, let's check out what are the top picks among them. Needless to say that nowadays there are plenty of various 6-person tents which makes the choice of the best one quite challenging. This article does not focus on popular six-person tents like Kodiak canvas flex bow, Rei kingdom 6, Marmot limestone, Marmot halo core 6 person, or MSR Habitude. But hopefully with our overview of the best 6-person tents, their key features, pros, and cons you will be able to easily make up your mind and purchase your best tent.

     All-Season Premium Outfitter Wall Tent with Stove Jack "Hexagon"

    6 person pop up tent

    Outfitter wall tent “Hexagon” is one of the newest tent designs on the market. It is an all-season tent which can host up to 8 people and has hexagonal shape and near vertical walls. This tent is very spacious and has a surface of 135.63 square feet which equates to a full-fledged apartment room. A medium-tall person can easily stand straight at any place inside this tent.

    This all-season tent offers excellent comfort even with very low temperature. It is also equipped with a wood stove which evenly warms up a tent. Outfitter wall tent “Hexagon” is made of robust water resistant fabric which provides a perfect shelter from heavy rains.

    Key Features

    • fairly large tent (184” long and 83” tall);
    • it weighs 92,16 lbs;
    • has 5 windows and 3 doors;
    • all-weather tent offering good weather protection;
    • made from innovative waterproof Oxford PU4000 fabric;
    • has numerous hinges to hang and dry clothes;
    • windows and doors are fitted with mosquito nets and zippers;
    • is equipped with a wooden stove;
    • has near vertical walls;
    • screen room can be purchased separately;
    • its metal bars are cold and wind resistant;
    • has numerous storage pockets;
    • a brand new tent on the market.


    • offers good protection against all types of weather, both in warm and cold weather;
    • ensures comfortable stay in a wide scope of temperatures, even while it`s -22° F outside the inside temperature is 85°+ F;
    • is easy to install;
    • has near vertical walls;
    • can accommodate bunk beds;
    • has a detachable waterproof floor, which is ideal for the fans of winter fishing.


    • it is not the cheapest tent available on the market but its high-quality will compensate for the expenses in the long run;
    • screen room can be purchased separately.

    Coleman WeatherMaster 6 Screened Tent

    6 person 4 season tent

    Tent Coleman WeatherMaster 6 Screened is a large cabin style shelter with 2 rooms and a screen room. It is quite spacious and one can easily put 2 queen-sized beds there and even freely move around afterwards. Its peak height reaches 6 feet 8 inches in the center, which makes this tent comfortable for tall adults to stand straight.

    This tent has all the design characteristics of the Coleman WeatherTec solutions. Thanks to this, the tent offers reliable shelter and comfortable stay in wind and rainy conditions.

    Main Features:

    • big living surface and substantial floor area;
    • doesn`t require a separate footprint as it goes with 1000 denier polyethylene floor;
    • has welded floors and inverted seams;
    • contains a screen room without the floor;
    • allows prompt setup thanks to color-coded poles and continuous pole sleeves;
    • has both a front hinged and a zipped back door;
    • its frame is resistant against strong winds;
    • its rainfly has fully taped seams, what prevents the leaks;
    • has side windows;
    • has lots of storage pockets.


    • has capacity to customize ventilation;
    • includes numerous internal pockets;
    • has E Port which serves for extension cord connection;
    • includes a spacious carry bag;
    • has waterproof cuffs which shield zips;
    • has a screen room for more space;
    • is fitted with velcro straps which connect the fly with the frame.


    • can be quite challenging to assemble;
    • Some people had leaks in this tent.

    All-Season Premium Outfitter Tent with Stove Jack "Cuboid 4.40".

    4 season 6 person tents

    The flagship tent is now the leader in our entire line of camping tents. By choosing it among other camping tents, you will comfortably spend your leisure time, such as recreation, fishing or even travel. This product really attracts attention because it is strongly protected from many factors, created from really reliable and high-quality materials. All these factors make it comfortable and affordable. There is an opportunity to buy an additional screen room too. Read all the specifications to make sure.

    Key Features:

    • comfortable and large tent measuring 174”x87”x75”;
    • has 4 windows and 2 entrances;
    • designed for 2-6 people;
    • total floor area of 104.41 square feet of space;
    • can be divided into two separate zones ("rooms");
    • has a double oven;
    • made of waterproof and stronger material Oxford PU4000;
    • metal frame which holds up to any type of weather and temperature;
    • all exits have replaceable mosquito nets;
    • reinforced lightning is installed everywhere in the tent;
    • detachable floor protecting from water;
    • screen room can be purchased separately.


    • easy to install, tent from the series up;
    • is fitted with loops for drying things and storing them;
    • the metal frame withstands strong winds and frosts;
    • because of the strengthened lightning, the tent serves well even in strong frosts.


    • On one hand, this tent is quite expensive. Its quality, versatility and the ability to replace some components with new ones makes the awning used for a very long time. Therefore, even if you are not happy with something, you can change some elements, and the awning itself will continue serving for a long time and pay for itself.
    • Enhanced protection does not make the awning very easy to transport, but it justifies itself if you are going to travel in a group.

     Coleman Elite Sundome 6 with LED Light System

    4 season 6 person tents

    Tent Coleman Sundome Elite 6 is a freestanding dome tent for camping with two rooms and resembles Kodiak canvas flex bow. This tent for camping is equipped with integrated LED light. It ensures overhead lighting and eliminates the need to use a torch or a headlamp inside the Coleman Sundome. This dome tent is a great choice for families with small kids. The LED lights are easy to use and are powered by common D batteries or Coleman Power Cartridge.

    Key Features of the Coleman Sundome:

    • floor area measures 12x10 feet and reaches 6 feet height in the middle;
    • central adjustable LED light;
    • sturdy anti-wicking polyester taffeta tent shell;
    • dome tent;
    • is fitted with huge mesh windows and ground vent;
    • has 2 doors (the front one on hinges, the rear one on a zip);
    • is fitted with shock-corded poles which ensure smooth pitching;
    • has a robust 1000 denier floor made of polyethylene, which eliminates the necessity to invest in an apart footprint.


    • is fitted with the overhead light which can go into a night mode;
    • LED light can work for 20 hours and is powered by 8 D batteries;
    • includes room divider;
    • useful inside pockets;


    • because of the numerous mesh windows, the interior of the tent can be quite cold;
    • rainfly doesn't reach far enough to avert rainfall close to the door;

    REI Base Camp 6


    4 season 6 person tents

    REI Co op Base Camp 6 is a freestanding dome tent for cross-functional use under various weather conditions. It ensures convenient stay both at 80 degrees, while keeping you cool, and strong winds thanks to its robust poles. This tent is also well-suited for lower temperatures but it is not the ideal pick for winter camping. So this is rather a 3-season tent. However, this tent is a great choice for camping in the windy areas. It is quite easy to set up even by one person, so can be used even for solo camping or car camping.

    Key Features:

    • 3-4-season tent which can accomodate 6 people;
    • has 2 doors with sturdy fabric for privacy and mesh for airflow;
    • is fitted with full cover stretching rainfly, which is UV resistant;
    • includes numerous storage pockets and loops for storage and internal organization;
    • dome tent;
    • has a total floor area of 84 square feet.


    • is easy to assemble and goes with color coded poles;
    • has plenty of mesh bags and loops for storage;
    • is fitted with numerous vents for outstanding airflow;
    • has excellent rainfly.


    • pitching of this tent requires at least two people;
    • Packing the tent into a bag is quite challenging.

     Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

    6 person 4 season tent

    Browning Camping Big Horn tent is a freestanding cabin tent. This cabin tent has a robust structure which should not be staked to the surface. This 6-person instant cabin tent is one of the best family camping tents. It will not be the best tent for solo camping and it will not be advantageous for carrying it around.

    Key Features:

    • it is a tall cabin tent reaching 87 inches height just like a full-fledged room;
    • total floor dimensions are 150 square feet;
    • mostly single-layer structure except for double-layered ceiling and the openings;
    • has plenty of openings for ventilation;
    • a family tent, which can accommodate up to 8 people or families with up to 4 children;
    • 3-season tent.


    • spacious tent which provides a lot of comfort and has substantial floor area;
    • thanks to its incredible height, this is a good choice for tall people;
    • can be packed in a relatively small bag measuring 30X12 inches.


    • mesh windows do not preserve warmth, so the tent isn't the best choice for camping in the cold weather;
    • the tent structure can not hold a lot of pressure such as snow on the top or winds.

     Eureka Copper Canyon 6

    6 person 4 season tent

    Eureka Copper Canyon 6 has cabin shapes and practically vertical walls. This tent is designed as 3-season tent and can maintain excellent ventilation thanks to 3 mesh vents. This 6-person tent is simple to set up, though, for people who are short this process can be quite challenging. Eureka Copper Canyon is the best tent for families with kids and people who don't want to miss home while camping.

    Key Features:

    • dimensions of floor area are 10X10 feet and 7 feet of the peak height;
    • packed weight is 23 lbs. and 2 oz.;
    • has a sturdy steel and fiberglass poles;
    • is easy to pitch with color-coded marks;
    • is equipped with 2 storage pockets;
    • has 3 big windows and a door with a window;
    • windows might be zipped up for privacy reasons;
    • goes with additional accessories such as 9” steel stakes.


    • has a large bag to conveniently pack and store the tent;
    • is fitted with presealed seams for better waterproofness;
    • has a gear loft and storage pockets for convenient storage;
    • has a convenient peak height;
    • includes E Power gateway located in a zipped compartment.


    • tent isn't divided into rooms;
    • has a door zip which sticks;
    • doesn`t have a vestibule, screen room, or porch.


    Shannon Adams

    Shannon Adams said:

    Even though I often camp solo, I still prefer spacious tents with a lot of room

    Jaidan Dotson

    Jaidan Dotson said:

    Storage space is such an issue. I’m really glad you can now buy vestibules and increase the space within the tent

    Cameron Major

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    Can 8 people actually fit inside a Hexagon? Has anyone tried?

    Hussein Berger

    Hussein Berger said:

    Yes, if you use sleeping bags

    Shahid Best

    Shahid Best said:

    Took me a while to learn how to pitch my tent properly. But RBM have done a great job, their tents are super easy to set up!

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